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HHP_Front-Cover-SleeveArtist Name: HIP HOP PRIESTHOOD
CD Name: Representin Jesus Christ
Produced by: Themba Simelane
CD Release Date: 27 August 2011

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Record Label: Hip Hop Theology Productions
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hip Hop Priesthood, also known as Themba Simelane is a born again, charismatic and pentecostal Christian minister. Hip Hop Priesthood’s childhood upbringing reflects strict biblical and church adherence by her grandmother, Maria Simelane who has just turned 86. As a result, Hip Hop Priesthood grew to become a mature, responsible husband to Alina and the proud father to the hip hop krumpt dancer, Neo. Married 13 years ago, he still continues to live a happily ever after marriage lifestyle. Graduated with a 3-year-certificate in church leadership and management. He also served as an associate pastor and youth worker in the past. Now using his youth pastoring ministry experience to translate the Bible through hip hop music. Thus making sense of the biblical truth for both the youth and young at heart. Passionate about promoting gospel music industry, he established Gospel Music Magazine as the founder and editor thereof, which distributes directly to gospel music events, concerts etc. Currently attending church @ Rhema South Family Church – the winners of SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards.

Hip Hop Priesthood’s church music dates back to kindergarten years of Sunday School’s worship and praise songs. In the late 1999, Hip Hop Priesthood’s abandoned love for secular hip hop surfaced. Dissatisfied with hedonistic rhymes of self-expression from cyphers (freestyling rappers), and the annoying message of consciousness and the “Me Myself and I” ego, plus swaggger (attitude) from “wannabe famous rap star”.

He therefore visited local Christian music stores such as Cum Books, Gospel Direct in search of availability of Christian rap music. To his suprise, he end up buying CD’s of Christian rappers like KJ52, Know DaVerbs, The Cross Movement, Lil’ Raskul, Bruthas Grimm and many others. The obsession and collection of Christian rap albums extended online. Since then, until now, Hip Hop Priesthood listens and recruits others to this rare and scares stolen art of music. It is also his heart desire to support South African Christian rap artists such as Marlon Van, CJ-Jay (Urban Praise) ,Lecrae, Magolide, Banele, Dany, YMC and a whole lot.

Hip Hop Priesthood aims to be the influencial Christian hip hop artist, producer, composer and the radical youth minister with a cutting edge approach to the deliverance of the gospel to the world at large. He featured the talented sopranos, altos, tenors of Mbulelo, Maria and Ditse in an attempt to showcase and give them a platform for musical growth and exposure. Thank you guys for your effort to put this EP together. Currently recording another hip hop breed (Kingdom Keys) under his label. Watch this space!

This album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Hip Hop Priesthood at his own garage, now known as Hip Hop Theology Studios. The outcome of the album is a blend of anointed lyrics, groovy tunes, soul piercing sermons and all with the message of praise and worship to our Creator. While inviting others to share in our faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

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