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LAKELAND, FL. April 20, 2010. La Familia Muzik. La Familia Muzik’s latest album installment, Greetings Earthlings, crash lands tomorrow (April 20, 2010) across the globe via and digital retail outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and more.

Greetings Earthlings can be purchased in two formats. The hardcopy format features an exclusive 2-disc release that features 23 tracks including remix/remasters of fan-favorite songs from past La Familia Muzik releases. Available exclusively at or at live performance events, the Greetings Earthlings hardcopy edition offers the best of the La Familia Muzik audio experience since the indie label’s inception in January 2006.

In its digital format, Greetings Earthlings unlocks the first disc of the hardcopy edition which features 15 all-new tracks and introduces new artists Adam Gilley and G-86 alongside La Familia Muzik mainstays Foolish, Ryan Horton, and SYD.

Showcasing the G-Styles produced lead single, “I Give It To You” in addition to production by Adam Gilley, Big D, Don Tony, Foolish, and Verse, the artists of La Familia Muzik have concoted an extremely eclectic and unique sound. The features of Lisa McClendon, Cheno Lyfe, D-M.A.U.B., Gammage, K-Drama, GL, Kenny Semien, an d Becky Janssen provide perfect compliments to the L.F.M. artists in each song.

“For us, this album is about pushing ourselves, not changing the game or transforming the genre. We just wanted to make music that we love and expresses who we are, and without a doubt each artist on the project did that. In that sense, this album is already a success,” states Foolish, co-owner of La Familia Muzik. “This is definitely an album that can’t be boxed into one stereotypical genre. Some might love it, some might hate it, but Greetings Earthlings speaks volumes about who we are and the direction we’re heading, and we’re launching in that direction with no apologies.”

With the release of the album, the label looks ahead to launching its annual summer tour and fully incorporating a live 4-piece band (bass, keys, drums, DJ) into their signature high-energy performance sets. For booking opportunities, interested parties can call 863-816-7064 or email

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