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Christian rock musicians are blowing up and capturing the mainstream market.

Some are obviously Christian while others choose to not proselytize in their music.

Is God cool with that? KJ-52 joins Sean, Cook, and True and chops it up. Listen in…

Ham 116 – Christian rock goes mainstream…is God cool with that?
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-Ham news and talk

Mix Set 1

-Viktory_I wanna go
-Sean Slaughter_Die Daily (DJ Iroc Jesus Ham Blend)
  • Is there a problem with the Christian music industry?
Mix Set 2
-Trip Lee_Inexhaustible
-Mary Mary_Heaven (DJ Iroc Jesus Ham Blend)
-Canton Jones and Canton Jones International_My Year
  • The double standard: Christian Rock and Christian Rap
Mix Set 3
-J Moss_Jump Jump (DJ Iroc Jesus ham Blend)
-A1 and Crane_You got swag
-Corey Red_Im still here
  • Thon em hour – KJ52 sons you on the Christian market

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