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ham175 Does church youth ministry work? How long do youth stay saved once they leave youth ministry? Sean, Cook, and True discuss….tune in.


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Mix Set 1
1) The Thank You Song – Mr J Madeiros

2) Warning 2011 – Seda

3) Concealing Sorrow – Theory Hazit

PART 1 – Youth ministry is not that effective?

Mix Set 2
1) Humble Tip – Die Gain

2) Kambino – Turn The Cheek

3) Sha Liine – The Glory Of God

4) Dai Lee Ft. KJ-52 – Hard

PART 2 – What’s wrong with youth ministry

Mix Set 3
1) Canton Jones Ft. KJ-52 – I Am

2) Canton Jones – I Bet You Wont

3) Sauce Remix – Outta My Life

PART 3 – How to fix youth ministry

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