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Woop woop, that’s the sound of the police.  Someone please call 911.  In 2000, the Cross Movement called it a Human Emergency.  Its ten years later and we‘re still in a state of emergency.  Question, if you own your own successful business and you talk about it in your music, is it braggin’ or is it the God in you?  Tune in to this episode of Honor & Glory Radio as Kee Kee Ross addresses the naysayers and those who say she’s trying to go secular.  This is truly a discussion amongst friends that you don’t wanna miss!  It’s ministry, music & more!

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Honor & Glory Radio – Kee Kee Ross 08/14/10

Honor & Glory Radio Show List

**Honor & Glory Radio Intro

  1. Gauge – Best Friend   
  2. Men of Standard feat. Baby Dubb – Everybody   

**Honor & Glory Radio Shout-outs

  1. K-Drama – Slim Down
  2. Forever Jones – He Wants It All

**Y.M.O. City News

–Commercial Break

  1. Angelica Tucker – Rebuild
  2. Lynette White – How Great Thou Art
  3. Giano – Beautiful World
  4. Corey Red – Crashin’ Da Party    

**God Got Jokes Too Comedy

**Honor & Glory Radio Birthday Shout-outs

–Commercial Break

**Kee Kee Ross Interview

**Your Place In The Kingdom w/Pastor Calvin Tibbs

  1.  Willie Will – Goin’ For Mine

**Honor & Glory Radio Wrap-up

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