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Humble Tip – Man Moves Music Video

Lyrics to Man Moves:

See I grew up in a culture with a vision distorted/
When I hear they definition of a man, I’m like what the world is he snorting/
He gotta be on crack to have a definition like that/
I think he get it from the wack tracks the radio plays back/
Ask him what a man is, after 30 seconds of silence/
Youll see him looking confused, unsure and fairly noncompliant/
See he thinks a man in violent, never plays the violin and used to hearing sirens/
Fresher than trident, profiling, styling, never crying, but homie I don’t buy it/
This youngin got 4 kids, 3 baby mommas and zero jobs/
He 29 and swear he a man cuz he roll hard/
See he moves raw, just purchased a new car/
And that vest covers up his chest like a new brah/
So let me get this straight, you a man just cuz you got a lot of cash/
Oh, not wait, Im sorry, you a man just because you got these chicks on smash/
Nah, you a man, cuz you nice with the hands/
Nah, you a man cuz you load, cock, pull and then the hammer strikes with the blam/
See I hear you shaking your head like, this younging on some other stuff/
Im on some other stuff? Have you seen what lil 8 year olds imitate because they think its tough/
Have you seen your lil cuzzin quoting your favorite rappers lyrics/
To you it’s a song, but these youngins tryna live it/
And yes I’m livid, if I see one more dude, afraid to be himself/
Following the crowd in hopes hes accepted by someone else/
Imma snatch him by the neck and grab my belt/
And go old school he gone have to call social services for help/
I never hear them say a man is responsible/
A man never makes excuses, what the world you tryna do?/
Oh hold up, See I am on to you/
You don’t take ownership because you scared of taking on the truth/
Dad wasn’t in the home, you aint have an example/
That a man lights the way, sort of like a lamp dude/
See a man is the leader, you can tell by his devotion/
A man provides in every way, even in emotions/
A man id the boldest lion you will every see/
But simultaneously he displays humility/
He instructs and he submits, I give it all to the King/
Cuz when it come to manhood, Jesus was the realest thing/
Nahmeen, you don’t know what I mean/
A man is patient, never content with ignorance/
And he sees petty quarrels as just that. Petty and a hindrance/
A man don’t have to promise, cuz he always honors all words that are his/
And if he’s married, he’s faithful, cuz that’s what he promised his rib/
So if you feeling offended its prolly cuz this applies to you. But you can change the channel/
This is addressed to you and delivered to you. This track is the stamp dude.
I say it proudly, that breath of life got me fresher than canned food/
And while these lil boys run around in circles, umma be making man moves.


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