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Judah Priest

Judah Priest

Several weeks back I ran into my man DaShawn Brown (pka Judah Priest).  It was  really good to see him as our relationship goes back at least 12 or so years, but we’ve not been as connected and able to hang out over the last few years.

After doing the normal updates with each other (you know – the family, work, ministry, etc.), he let me know that he had a new CD about to drop.  Yooooo!!!!!!  I was madd happy to hear this!

You have to understand, this dude is like a little brother to me.   Over the years we’ve spent many a weekend on the road, up and down the NJ Turnpike or I-95, ministering together, whether large churches, youth camps,  storefronts, whatever.  Those were the days  – – me, B.E.R.I.D.O.X., Priest, 39lashez, Carriers of the Cross and on and on.  (Ok, I’m back from reminiscing)!

For me, to hear he was coming back was less about the music and more about what that meant in terms of what was going on in his life.   I can’t begin to do this justice, you have to check out the show for yourself as my man shares his heart – – -and share it ALL – -within a reasonable amount of time :).

Go ahead and blast me on that as I know the dialogue segments were MADD long.  But you know what, they needed to be.   See, this is just the kind of stuff we need to be talking about – what is going on in the lives of people.   Please don’t misinterpret me – – the songs we all love to listen to tell many a story we need to hear.  But man, when a cat can just step away from all of that, the beats, writing lyrics to ensure that pace, rhythm and lyrically flow doesn’t compromise the message and JUST TALK.   Fam, he can just unload his heart, and be just that much more unhibited for a minute – – – even if just a minute.

Go to the HolyCultureRadio section of the site to check out the show and the interview.

– Trig

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