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introducing-ej-200-christianhiphoprapaudioleakmp3Introducing CJ Emulous, check out this bio and audio leak “He’s Sovereign.”

“He’s Sovereign” by CJ Emulous

Let us know if its HOT or NOT!!!

CJ Emulous Bio: I was raised in the church, but strayed because of my lacking to understand the significance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. I went full on for the enemy and was involved in everything Satan stands for. When I was 20 years old, I was incarcerated into federal prison for shipping drugs to Hawaii and selling them along with guns. I was looking at a 10-12 year sentence with a low of 5 years, which meant I had to do at least 5 years to get out! In prison, I began to study the bible and understood that the wages of my sin was death. I did not want to live the life I was living any longer and told the Lord if I had to do 10-12 years, I deserved it and I wanted to change myself for when I got out. The Lord is truly faithful and honored my heart change. A little less than a year later, I walked straight out of the court room on sentencing day. Even though the “law” said I had to do at least 5 years, even though I pleaded guilty for my crimes, my true Judge, Jesus, said otherwise and poured out His grace on my life for His purpose. Now I am vowed to His will and the youth are my passion. I have led so many astray by the man I used to be, but God has giving me a chance to impact them with my testimony and my ministry of reconciliation.

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