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Gallary_Drive=200In promotion of their upcoming debut album, Gallery Drive (Afaar, NomiS, Ifunds, Ruslan of theBREAX) has released their first single and music video “Psycho”.  The track is produced by JKeys (live drums by Tony Royster Jr.) and the music video is shot, directed & edited by Sam Wells. Featuring a concept built around patients and staff overtaking an insane asylum, the dark yet funny storyline illustrates the need to not conform to the world’s standards despite possible ridicule.  Understanding that the wisdom of God is often times labeled foolishness by men, this group fuses elements of battle rap lyricism, catchy hooks, and an uncompromising message of faith.


“Gallery Drive is the super group of tomorrow” consisting of some of San Diego’s best up and coming lyricists Afaar, NomiS, Insufficient Funds (Benjaming Doc, sINAi, TruthBTold), and Ruslan of theBREAX. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album which features production from S1 (Strange Fruit Project), King Karnov, JKeys and more.

The album is available for pre-order on and those who purchase the album will receive an mp3 download of the single “Psycho” and the b-side “They Don’t Know” along with acapella and instrumental versions.

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