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Isaac Mather shares his fight with disabilities

Isaac Mather recently shared his story and challenges with mental disabilities through a powerful song, which hopefully brings awareness and understanding to many.

Disabilities are real and all around us. According to the CDC, 61 million adults in the United States alone, or 1 in 4. That is 26% of the population – – or 1 in 4. Just let that settle in for a moment the next time you're in church, walking through the grocery store, workout in the gym, or are just stuck in a traffic jam. Count off the people, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, and know that within that count, someone likely has a disability.

As I told Isaac in my YouTube comments, “This one hit me for real.”

It could be because I have a family member with a mental illness that causes them to avoid public interaction.  Having watched this family member’s journey while trying to assist in some small way, I have some understanding of this.  One thing is for sure – – we can never honestly know what the other person is feeling.

Isaac Mather shares his disabilities and the pain of public reaction in Bury Myself.

First and foremost, to Isaac and those wrestling with this, or anything that makes you feel “less than.”   Know that God loves you, and many support you (sometimes we need to find our tribe).  Take care of your mental health and be encouraged to be the blessing to others that you are called to be.  Isaac, you are making a difference through song, no doubt!

Second, the fact is, most of us wrestle with something that makes us feel inadequate – – some are visible, and some lesser so.  Bottomline – – treat your brother and sister as yourself whenever you can.  You don’t have to know all sixty-six books of the bible to do that – – you just need to be kind.



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November 17, 2022
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