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Justin Martyr – NNSM

Justin Martyr aka Justin-Credible has released the video for his Single “NNSM” which stands for “New Name Same Mission,” the title track for the Deluxe Album out now!

This track explores a portion of Justin's journey, earning his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, changing his name from Justin-Credible to Justin Marty and moving from his hometown of Miami, FL to Atlanta, GA, and then to Chicago, IL to attend the historic Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary.

Justin pays tribute to many of the CHH artists that paved the way and influenced his theology and style of music such as The Cross Movement, The Ambassador, FLAME, Da T.R.U.T.H., Phanatik, and more.

The Deluxe Version of the album is available for free download on his website and there is a condensed retail version as well with select songs from the deluxe album available on all digital platforms and in select stores with physical copies available as well. “NNSM” is the fifth single released for NNSM The Album.


Yo I know I’m not fit or deserving to do this/

but I’m foolish if I don’t spit to give you Godly influence/

rhymes I utter cause brain contusions/praying these words will bring you the same conclusion/

The Bible’s infallible, that’s the main influence/ you deny Christ you’re doing the same as Judas/

lame and stupid, if you keep rejecting God, ain’t in Hell but it seems like you’re aiming to it/

I’m an “Ambassador” check my “Thesis”/

without Jesus not even “Reese’s” can know what Peace is (pieces)/

sin increases, sin diseases, only cure is to obey what the Master teaches/
“Stop the Funeral,” false doctrine we “Chop Chop”/

teaching “Christology,” he’s getting the top spot/

spreading that “Holy Culture,” we will not stop/ fellas you are not thugs, ladies you are not thots/

I spit FLAME’s with DA TRUTH spark a CROSS MOVEMENT/
I’m a PHANATIK for Yeshua we are not losing/

Now I see clear, “Higher Definition”/ perfection, God’s the entire definition/

No matter the rap forum I’ma rap for em/ whether it’s in English or I rap foreign/

Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic I can rap foreign/ or Jamaican Patois ain’t no raps boring/

No matter the plat-for-em (platform), I’ma rap for em/ whether an arena or a packed dorm/

can’t hesitate I bring the facts for em/ not Jermaine Cole, but you can clap for em/
A New Name but the same mission/ new name but the same vision/

my old name ain’t mean a thang/ I picked it when my theology was lame/

stage name was Justin-Credible, but that was just a wordplay/

don’t wanna bring attention to myself, gotta focus on what the word say/

and you know I gotta practice what I preach, cause the world need’s forgiveness in the worst way/

and the only solution is the God Man, who died then he rose on the third day/

Now I go by Justin Martyr/ got my Bachelor’s then my Master’s/

the goal was to become a Young Scholar/ a Musician, a Rapper and a Pastor/

the word Martyr comes from μάρτυς/ means a witness in The Greek/

Ἰησοῦς Χριστός ὁ κύριος [Jesus Christ The Lord], need his grace cause I been weak/

A Martyr is also one who dies for the faith, and that’s the name of a great Church Father/

and if you ain’t willing to die for the cause of Christ, then tell me why even bother/

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August 19, 2020

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