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Kingdom Choice Awards 2022 on Broadway Recap

The Kingdom Choice Awards, 2022, Broadway edition, went down this past weekend, and as we knew it would be, it was not to be missed. This was Christian Hip Hop Community, Entertainment, Art, and all the above, at its finest. Salute to Marcus Hall and his team for doing things in the spirit of excellence.

Kingdom Choice Awards

From the entrance of the building forward, things were set – security, sound, red carpet, etc.

Brinson and Oatmeal were there, bringing that Duval energy as always.

In a word, when F.LO.G.I.C. took the stage, I would say, “captivating.” Their energy, choreography, and diversity of styles within their music took the event to another level. They won the “Up Next Artist” award and then just took the stage like none other.

As XayHill was beginning to start his set, there was something out of synch with the sound … not a problem at all – Xay is about that worship, so he took the opportunity to just start praising the Lord – – and there were no objections.

Miles Minnick's energy on stage was straight-up infectious.

It is always a blessing to see Emanuel (formerly, and I guess still for a time, known as Da T.R.U.TH.) He is an artist's artist, IMHO. He is studying the word and the craft, never settling for ok, good, or excellent, but getting better all the time. As we all know, he recently changed his name to Emanuel, and when he took the stage, you felt freedom in him.

Th3 Saga's set had me tracking him down to ensure we got the tracks for radio – – enough said! While he is known for ripping things up in battles, do not sleep on his songs.

Brea Miles took the stage with Hee Sun Lee and the legendary Mahogany Jones, dropping their song Me. Da Fixx Radio Show with DJ Focus and Dice Gamble (a tremendous MC in her own right) won the podcast/radio show of the year. It was quite a night for the ladies in Christian Hip Hop.

Richard Dauphin, played several roles throughout the evening, but also took the stage to perform with the talented @cocambell.

You could hear George Rose's work throughout the night as he provided the soundtrack for many of the artists in the room. However, he took home an award as an artist himself and took the stage as well, delivering a high-energy set.

It was a blessing to catch up with so many folks, such as The Ambassador, who received an honorary award, and, as you would expect, delivered a brief but impactful word. He followed that up with a new song from his upcoming project, The Invitation.

Bizzle x Datin represented God Over Money in classic style. They won an award for the God Over Money project. Later, Datin took the stage with the lyricism and precision that we all know him for, finishing his set with the classic Hallelujah all Day!

There are so many moments to try to capture from this experience, but the ending was so special. As Ritchie Righteous wrapped up what I would call “I AM BACK NEW YORK,” set, complete with band. Oh yeah, and his son joined him on stage! He wound it down with some special words to Marcus Hall. Brinson walked out with all of the staff and a few of the sponsors and presented Marcus with a special award. (see clip 8 below).

The Kingdom Choice Awards Winners by Category

  • Male Rap Artist – nobigdyl.
  • Female Rap Artist – Wande
  • Rap Album – The End, Trip Lee
  • Rap Single – ‘Rolled the Stone Away' – Mike Teezy
  • Hip Hop Lyricist – J. Monty
  • Hip Hop Collaboration single – ‘Payback' – God Over Money
  • Urban Gospel Singer/Group – Co Campbell
  • Up Next artist – F.L.O.G.I.C
  • Urban Singer Single – ‘Hands' – Aaron Cole
  • Music Video – ‘Know Bout It' – Wande & Porsha Love
  • Breakthrough Artist – George Rose
  • Radio/Podcast Show – Da Fixx

The Kingdom Choice Awards provided a special moment for Christian Hip Hop this year, and it can only go up from year.


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