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[listen.] Ziklag Boyz are back with a new single ‘Wired Up’

Dem Ziklag Boyz…Gone for a minute, now they’re back with their new Hot EP, “We Bout Dis Here” released on Tuesday, February 5th 2013

ATL, January 31, 2013: Grammy-nominated rap group hailing from Atlanta, GA, dem Ziklag Boyz are back and making noise with the new single, “Wired Up!” from their most anticipated EP, We Bout Dis Here released on Wired Up! Tuesday February 5th, 2013.

They’ve been gone for a minute, now they’re back with a renewed passion to fulfill the commission given to founder, Tico Hudson, back in 1996 on a hot August night in Southern California. God said to the Ziklag founder, “Through you, multitudes will be ushered into the Kingdom.”

For years, they have impacted thousands of people of all ages world-wide with their unique Hotlanta “Clean” South sound. Their music is family-friendly, full of hope and ferociously krunk! You will not feel the same way after encountering dem Ziklag Boyz. Take it from a Youth Pastor of an Atlanta mega church:

[testimonial company=”Youth Pastor, Word Changers Church International” author=”Minister Michael Owens” ]
“Them Ziklag Boyz! An electrifying life changing live experience! When they hit the stage the atmosphere shifts and the audience is captivated by the powerful presence of their performance! Young and old alike are emerged into inspirational energy coming from the hearts of each member of the crew! They will not disappoint and the audience will be left standing demanding an encore!”

Dem Ziklag Boyz consists of three members: Tico Hudson (also known as Khul Rhema) from Albany, Georgia, Brian Nichols (also known as King E) of Atlanta, Georgia, Matthew Folson (also known as T.A.O.) from Jacksonville, Florida and they are totally amped about Wired Up! Tuesday. This will be their first release since they appeared on the Higher Ground Compilation in 2005.

After Wired Up! Tuesday, dem Ziklag Boyz are looking forward to perpetuating the meaning of their name which has come to mean “the place of pursuing the enemy, overtaking him and recovering all.” In I Samuel 30, that is the place where David recovered all that he had lost. With the support of DJ’s, promoters, fans and supporters from all over the globe dem Ziklag Boyz are hopeful that God will help them get back to the top to reach even more people with the feel-good music they have been anointed to create.

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