The 5th Element of Hip Hop – Knowledge and The Impact of It on Our Faith

Hey family! Welcome to the final sermon in Pastah J’s 50 Years of Hip Hop and Lawndale Christian Community Church, 45 Years of Loving God and Loving People titled “The Missing Element.” This episode explores and emphasizes the crucial role of knowledge—not just as a concept, but as the fifth element of hip hop.

Hip Hop and Faith: A Synergetic Relationship

Pastah J, who is not only a leader in his community but also deeply versed in the nuances of hip hop culture. He delivers a sermon that sheds light on the significance of knowledge within hip hop and how it intertwines with our faith.

Leveraging Privilege for Good

One of the most compelling points Pastah J brought up was the concept of using privilege for the glory of God. Drawing parallels to the apostle Paul, he illustrated how we can leverage our privileges for the benefit of others and the advancement of God’s kingdom. This is a powerful reminder that our advantages in life are indeed a gift and should not be used selfishly but used as tools to uplift those around us.

Addressing Ignorance with Compassion

The sermon also touched on the need to address ignorance, not with disdain but with compassion and understanding. This approach mirrors the apostle Paul’s method of sharing knowledge with those uninformed about the one true God. It’s a call to action for all of us to educate and empower others with patience and empathy.

The Significance of God’s Concern in Human Affairs

During the episode, Pastah J eloquently spoke about God’s concern for human affairs and the purpose derived from having a relationship with Him. He drew an interesting parallel between the roles of the DJ and the emcee in hip hop culture and the concept of purpose in our lives, suggesting that just as these figures create purpose within the music, our connection with God anchors the purpose in our lives.

The Story of Belshazzar and God’s Love

Referencing the biblical story of Belshazzar, Pastah J highlighted how God’s love is present even when we stray. The writing on the wall in this story is not just a warning but a symbol of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us.

A Kingdom State of Mind

The idea of a kingdom state of mind was another profound topic we delved into. Recognizing God’s sovereignty and embracing His authority is a transformative experience that aligns our perspective with something greater than ourselves.

Quoting Philosophers to Convey God’s Message

Pastah J didn’t shy away from intellectual engagement. He introduced the idea of quoting Greek philosophers like Epimenides and Aratus to convey the message of God’s sovereignty. This approach not only demonstrates the universal acknowledgment of God’s presence but also challenges us to deepen our understanding of Him.

The Distinction Between Knowing and Worshiping

The distinction between knowing about God and worshiping Him was a pivotal point in our discussion. Pastah J used philosophical references to challenge our understanding and to emphasize the superiority of the Christian God.

The Urgency of Repentance and Recognition of God’s Authority

As the sermon progressed, Pastah J stressed the importance of repentance and recognizing God’s authority. He skillfully wove together biblical references and quotes from hip hop artists to illustrate the contemporary relevance of these messages.

The Transformative Power of Faith

The call to praise and worship God was passionate and clear. Pastah J encourages us to recognize the missing element as the knowledge of Jesus Christ and to embrace the transformative power of faith in our lives.

Embracing the Missing Element in Our Lives

In conclusion, Pastah J reiterated the transformative impact of knowing Jesus and the role of God as the ultimate sovereign. He shared a verse from a song he collaborated on, further reinforcing the message of God’s supremacy and the need for faith.

This episode was not just a sermon but a call to action—a reminder that knowledge is power, and when combined with faith, it can be the catalyst for profound change in our lives and communities.

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The series overview (00:00:00) Introduction to the sermon series “The Missing Element” and its focus on the intersection of hip hop culture and faith.

The Missing Element (00:01:00) Summary of the previous weeks’ topics and an introduction to the main topic of the sermon, the fifth element of hip hop.

The Importance of Knowledge (00:17:26) Discussion of the fifth element of hip hop as knowledge, and the importance of dropping knowledge to address ignorance. Paul’s sermon in Acts 17 is used as an example of dropping knowledge.

Using Privilege for the Glory of God (00:08:35) Exploration of how Paul used his privilege, including dual citizenship and education, for the glory of God, and the encouragement for listeners to use their privilege for the same purpose.

The concern for humanity (00:22:16) God’s concern for human affairs and the purpose of humanity.

The writing on the wall (00:22:57) God’s efforts to get humanity’s attention and the love of God.

The kingdom state of mind (00:25:55) The concept of worshiping idols and the hip hop connection.

Quoting Greek philosophers (00:28:43) Paul’s use of quotes from Greek philosophers to communicate with intellectuals.

The opportunity to celebrate (00:31:57) The need to end ignorance and the call for repentance.

The missing element (00:38:13) The importance of knowing Jesus Christ as the fifth element.

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