A3’s Heaven on Earth and The Biblical Principle Love

Welcome to another uplifting episode of Da Fixx family! In this episode, we were honored to have the young man A3 of the Heaven on Earth Collective in our spiritual detox segment. We discussed his faith, music and mental health journey. In our real talk segment, we’re examining the biblical principle, love and what that looks like in difficult situations.

But first, in the spirit of National Lobster and Crab Day, we also shared our love for seafood, particularly lobster and crab. We joked about the different seasonings and flavors we enjoy with our seafood. It’s not just about the food, but the joy and community that comes with sharing a meal.

We also took a moment to acknowledge National Daughters Day, encouraging parents to celebrate their daughters and show them love. As fathers ourselves, we expressed our love for our own daughters and playfully asked for gifts.

A Conversation with A3 of Heaven on Earth

As mentioned, our special guest for the day was A3, a member of the music collective Heaven on Earth. I introduced him as the “Wu-Tang of Christian hip hop” due to their large number of members (12 in total). A3 shared his faith journey, growing up in the church and feeling limited by the expectations placed on him. However, a friend reading him a passage from the Bible changed his perspective and he realized that he is dead to sin and alive in Christ.

A3 emphasized the importance of freedom in his music and how speaking it out loud helps him understand and embrace his freedom. He also shared his approach to mental health, revealing that he goes to therapy and believes in the importance of having something to look forward to in order to combat depression.

The Power of Love

We transitioned to discussing love and its definition according to the Bible. We referenced 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, which describes love as patient, kind, not envious, not arrogant, not rude, not irritable, and not resentful. We talked about the challenges of showing love, especially when dealing with difficult people or situations.

We emphasized the importance of loving oneself and turning to God for guidance and protection. We encouraged listeners to prioritize self-love and align their actions with God’s word. We concluded by highlighting that God is love and that understanding and practicing love is essential for personal growth and healthy relationships.

Love in Action

DJ Focus shared a story about witnessing some children mistreating a homeless man. He confronted the children and taught them about showing love and compassion to those less fortunate. Dice Gamble then chimed in, discussing the concept of agape love, which is the love of God. She emphasized the importance of showing love and concern for others, especially those who are struggling.

The Impact of Music

We discussed the impact of A3 and the Heaven on Earth Collective on young people’s lives. We expressed our admiration for the group’s fearlessness and the support they are receiving. We acknowledged other individuals and organizations who are actively spreading the gospel and making a positive impact in their communities.

We concluded the segment by encouraging listeners to show love and forgiveness, even to their enemies, and to focus on turning negative situations into positive ones. We signed off, reminding listeners to stay focused on their goals and to remember that Jesus Christ is always the answer.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Hope to see you next episode!

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National Lobster and Crab Day (00:04:01) Discussion about celebrating National Lobster and Crab Day, including favorite seasonings and flavors.

National Daughter’s Day (00:05:03) Conversation about the significance of National Daughter’s Day and the celebration of daughters.

Seafood and its History (00:07:39) Exploration of the history of seafood as slave food and its transformation into a popular and expensive delicacy.

The Fish and the Mission (00:08:37) Speaker 3 talks about the mission of the radio show, which is to expose the culture to positive music centered around Jesus Christ.

Heaven on Earth (00:09:24) Speaker 3 introduces the collective “Heaven on Earth” and compares them to the Wu-Tang Clan in Christian hip hop. They discuss the collective’s music and individual projects.

A3’s Faith Journey (00:11:34) DJ Focus interviews A3 and asks him about his faith journey, growing up in the church, and how he developed his personal relationship with Christ. A3 shares his powerful testimony.

The struggle with mental health (00:18:26) Discussion about the importance of mental health and how it relates to freedom and the battles in one’s mind.

Therapy and finding something to look forward to (00:19:06) A3 shares their experience with therapy and how having something to look forward to can help with depression and negative thoughts.

Making music with a brother and the Texas music scene (00:21:33) A3 talks about their close relationship with their brother and their journey in making music together, as well as the music scene in Texas.

The formation of Heaven on Earth (00:27:39) A3 discusses how the group Heaven on Earth was formed and his initial fears and doubts about his own talent.

Studio sessions and collaboration (00:29:30) A3 talks about the challenges and intentional communication during studio sessions with Heaven on Earth and their approach to collaboration.

Upcoming album and collaborations (00:31:41) A3 shares details about his upcoming album, “Ain’t Going to San Jose,” and mentions some of the intentional collaborations with artists like John Keys and Clutch.

Love is Patient and Kind (00:37:01) Discussion about the true meaning of love according to the Bible and the struggles of showing love to others.

Loving Yourself First (00:39:34) Emphasizing the importance of self-love and prioritizing one’s well-being before loving others.

God is Love (00:42:33) Exploration of the concept that God is the ultimate representation of love and how understanding this can improve personal relationships.

The homeless man and showing love (00:44:09) Discussion about witnessing kids mistreating a homeless man and the importance of showing love and kindness.

Agape love and the church’s role (00:45:40) Exploration of agape love, the love of God, and how the church should take care of the community.

Challenging love and raising kids (00:46:48) Personal story about the challenges of raising children in an environment where they are exposed to conflicting messages about love and the importance of tough love and obedience.

Love and its Different Forms (00:53:12) Discussion on the different aspects of love, including the need to love and accept others despite their faults and disappointments.

The Command to Love (00:55:06) Highlighting various scriptures that emphasize the importance of love and how it is a fundamental aspect of faith.

Loving Yourself and Others (00:57:30) Speaker 4 emphasizes the importance of loving oneself and taking care of one’s own well-being in order to be able to love and treat others well.

The Winning Prescription (01:02:00) Discussion about a music group and their undeniable talent, with a mention of their song “Notre Dame” and the desire to hear it live.

The Fearless Younger Generation (01:02:20) Appreciation for the younger generation’s fearlessness and belief in their ability to change lives through their music, with a mention of Miles Minute and other individuals organizing events to save souls.

Spreading Love and Turning Negatives into Positives (01:03:43) Encouragement to show love, even to enemies, and to focus on turning negative situations into positive ones, with a reminder that Jesus Christ is the answer and kingdom advancement is the goal.