A Candid Conversation on Church Culture and Gospel Music

DJ Focus recently had the pleasure of engaging in a deep and insightful conversation with Ariel Fitz-Patrick, a Christian Influencer that resonates with passion and clarity on matters of faith, music, and personal growth. And we can’t wait to share with you the essence of our discussion, the lessons we discovered, and the insights that could very well change the way we approach our spiritual and daily lives.

The State of the Church and the Gospel in 2023

The conversation began with a critical look at the contemporary church culture. Ariel brought to light a concern that has been troubling many believers: the persistence of legalism within the church. She pointed out that despite being in the year 2023, many congregations still cling to man-made formulas to connect with the divine, often neglecting the powerful role of the Holy Spirit. This, she believes, is a misstep, as today’s generation craves authenticity and a genuine understanding of who God is.

Bridging the Generational Divide in Ministry

A significant portion of our dialogue revolved around the noticeable disconnect between the younger and older leaders in ministries across the globe. We both agreed on the necessity of fostering open-mindedness and discerning the fine line between human traditions and the unchanging word of God. It’s clear that for the church to progress and remain relevant, there must be a willingness to embrace change and move with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, rather than the rigid structures of religion.

The Power of Music and Collaboration

Ariel’s enthusiasm was palpable as she spoke about her upcoming music projects. She shared her aspiration to work with artists like Jonathan McReynolds, whose work has been a beacon of inspiration for her. Ariel’s unique musical style—a blend of gospel, R&B, and poetry—is a testament to her commitment to staying true to her artistry while delivering a powerful message.

Embracing the Festive Spirit

As we delved into lighter topics, Ariel expressed her excitement about participating in her church’s Christmas programs and the release of new Christmas music. The holiday season, with its spirit of joy and giving, offers a special opportunity for artists like Ariel to spread cheer and hope through their talents.

The Virtues of Consistency and Discipline

Reflecting on his own experiences, Focus shared the importance of consistency and discipline in leading a holy lifestyle. His journey with Da Fixx has taught him that hard work and a steadfast approach can have a profound impact on others. He drew parallels with biblical principles of diligence and the responsibility of providing for one’s family.

Dice Gamble resonated with these sentiments, citing her upbringing and the examples set by her family. She underscored the biblical teachings on hard work and the pursuit of wealth through diligence, emphasizing that these values are as relevant today as they have ever been.

Conclusion: A Call for Open-mindedness, Consistency, and Diligence

Their conversation was more than just an exchange of thoughts; it was a call to action for believers and leaders alike. The church must adapt, embrace authenticity, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. In our personal lives, we must uphold the virtues of consistency and diligence, not just in our spiritual pursuits but in all our endeavors.

As they wrapped up their discussion, it was clear that the insights they shared were not just for their own reflection but for anyone seeking to deepen their faith and impact the world positively. Whether through music, ministry, or our daily routines, the message is the same: be real, be consistent, and let the Spirit move you.

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DJ Focus Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the podcast and a brief welcome message from DJ Focus.

Ariel Fitzpatrick’s Music Journey (00:00:21) Ariel Fitzpatrick discusses her music journey, including her latest single “God’s Love” and her signing with Motown Gospel.

DJ Focus’s Spiritual Message (00:01:31) DJ Focus shares a spiritual message about facing trials and the importance of consistency in life.

Ariel Fitzpatrick’s Signing to Motown Gospel (00:05:08) Ariel Fitzpatrick discusses her signing to Motown Gospel and the process leading up to it.

Ariel Fitzpatrick’s Song “God’s Love” (00:07:16) Ariel Fitzpatrick shares the inspiration behind her song “God’s Love” and the emotional journey of creating it.

Ariel Fitzpatrick’s Reservation with Music (00:09:32) Ariel Fitzpatrick opens up about her initial reservation in sharing her music and her personal struggles with shyness.

State of the Church and Gospel (00:14:37) Ariel Fitzpatrick provides her perspective on the current state of the church and the gospel, emphasizing the need for authenticity and realness.

Disconnect between young and old leaders (00:17:43) Discussion on the communication gap and disconnect between young and old leaders in ministries worldwide.

Crossing over with urban gospel music (00:18:41) Exploring the impact and reach of urban R&B and gospel music, breaking the stigma of traditional gospel music.

Future music projects (00:20:06) Ariel Fitzpatrick discusses plans for releasing more music and potential collaborations with other artists.

Influence of Jonathan Mcreynolds (00:21:04) Ariel Fitzpatrick’s admiration for Jonathan Mcreynolds and his influence on her music style and message.

Holiday plans and upcoming Christmas music (00:22:52) Discussion about family time during the holidays and the release of upcoming Christmas music.

Consistency and discipline in living a holy lifestyle (00:24:06) An in-depth conversation about the importance of consistency and discipline in living a holy lifestyle, including personal experiences and biblical references.

Drive and work ethic (00:31:25) Ariel Fitzpatrick and DJ Focus discuss their drive and work ethic, emphasizing the importance of diligence and consistency in their lives.

The importance of consistency (00:35:46) Dice emphasizes the importance of being consistent in faith and discipline, and the rewards it brings.

Using reminders and booking apps (00:37:13) Focus discusses the benefits of setting reminders and using booking apps to stay organized and consistent.

Rewarding yourself for completing tasks (00:39:06) Dice talks about the importance of rewarding oneself after completing a small task, highlighting the value of self-motivation.

Embracing mistakes and learning from them (00:42:23) Dice and Focus encourage embracing mistakes as learning opportunities and persevering through challenges.

Motivational tools and staying connected to faith (00:44:08) Emphasizing the use of motivational tools and staying connected to faith to maintain consistency and perseverance.

Setting goals and accountability (00:44:54) Setting goals, writing them down, and finding an accountability partner to stay on track.

Consistency in faith and work (00:46:26) Reflecting on the consistency of God and the importance of maintaining faithfulness and consistency in work and life.

Grammy nominations and recognition (00:48:37) Focus shares the nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards, recognizing artists in the gospel and Christian hip-hop genres.