Exploring the Impact of Colonialism & Slavery on the African Diaspora: An Honest Conversation on Identity & Community.

The American Slave, an identity lost.

Are you interested in exploring your identity and sense of community within the African diaspora? As a result of slavery, Africans in the Americas and Carribean have been cut off of much of our culture. In this episode, we dive into the importance of traveling to Africa and the impact it can have on one’s sense of self and community.

Guest, Journalist and MTV correspondent Dometi Pongo shares his experience organizing tour groups for Black Americans to experience Africa and how his upbringing in a pro-Black magnet school in Chicago taught him about his identity. DJ Ruckus also shares his experience of feeling at home in Africa and the importance of seeing oneself reflected in media.

The conversation also touches on the impact of teasing and name-calling within the African diaspora and the need to repair the disconnect between different groups. We discuss the importance of recognizing and embracing African culture as a part of one’s identity, rather than seeing it as separate from Black American culture.

Pastor Phil, DJ Ruckus and Dometi also discuss the sense of safety and respect felt at festivals in Africa, compared to the lack of respect often felt at festivals in America. We attribute this to the ancestral connection, faith, and intertwined connection of the people.

Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of embracing and celebrating one’s identity and culture within the African diaspora, and the impact it can have on one’s sense of self and community. As Dometi Pongo says, “We need to start loving ourselves and each other more.”

So, if you want to learn more about the importance of traveling to Africa and the impact it can have on your sense of identity and community within the African diaspora, give this episode a listen.

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Exploring the Impact of Colonialism and Slavery on the African Diaspora: A Conversation on Identity and Community with Dometi Pongo
Journalist and MTV Correspondent Dometi Pongo

P.S. “We need to start loving ourselves and each other more.” – Dometi Pongi.

More on Dometi Pongo

Dometi Pongo {pronounced dō-meh-TEE} is the host of the hit MTV docuseries True Life Crime and multiple MTV News franchises including its flagship program, “Need to Know,” which provides award-winning analysis of trending news stories. 

Pongo’s work lives at the intersection of pop culture and social justice. 

In addition to hosting red carpet activations for Paramount’s tentpole events (like the Video Music Awards, Grammys, and MTV Movie & TV Awards), the Chicago-born journalist helms a number of Smithsonian Channel programs exploring topics spanning hip-hop, pop culture and American history. 

Pongo regularly joins senior leadership in moderating company-wide discussions on equity in Paramount’s “Courageous Conversations” series led by MTV Entertainment Group President Chris McCarthy. 

His illuminating reporting and perspective can also be heard in his role as contributor to ET Live and Sirius XM’s Karen Hunter Show. 

The award-winning journalist also works as a speaker and multimedia consultant through his firm, Pongo Strategy Group, which helps organizations tell better stories through multimedia. In partnership with Sankofa Ventures, Dometi’s annual group tours of Ghana, West Africa provided more than 70 American travelers from the African diaspora an opportunity to explore their ancestral lineage.

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