Dangerous Jesus: Exploring the Risks of Getting Him Right or Wrong with KB

On this episode of Da Fixx we had the pleasure of interviewing KB, a renowned Christian hip-hop artist, author, and pastor. We delved into a variety of topics, including faith, music, marriage, mental health, and the state of Christian hip-hop. We also discussed his newly released book, “Dangerous Jesus” and the inspiration behind it.

An Exclusive Interview with KB

We were thrilled to have an exclusive interview with KB, a highly respected figure in the Christian hip-hop scene. We covered a range of topics, from his new music and book to his thoughts on marriage, mental health, and the state of Christian hip-hop.

KB’s Unique Sound and Diversity in Music

When asked about the inspiration behind his unique sound, KB explained that it’s a result of collaboration with his team and the diverse community around him. He emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with good company, which strengthens morals, ethics, and passion. Living in diversity, being part of an Afro-Latino family, and a multiethnic, multinational, and multigenerational community, KB is committed to being an influence for Jesus Christ in the fight community. He draws inspiration from various genres of music, including salsa, worship, CCM, gospel, and trap.

Approaching People Who May Not Understand Diversity

KB shared his approach to people who may not understand or live in diversity. He approaches them with patience and sympathy, acknowledging that there may still be blind spots in his own life.

The State of Christian Hip-Hop

Dice expressed concern about up-and-coming Christian rappers and their theology. KB agreed that it should be a concern because their music makes claims about who Jesus is and what he can do. He emphasized the importance of supporting artists who are genuine in their faith and not promoting false theology.

KB’s Debut Book: “Dangerous Jesus”

Our conversation also touched on KB’s debut book, “Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky Than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong.” The book explores the positive and negative aspects of the word “dangerous” when it comes to Jesus.

Collaborations and Influences

KB discussed his collaboration with fellow artist Lecrae and their strong bond as brothers in Christ. He also talked about his song “Glory to Glory” and the influence of gospel music on his upbringing.

KB’s Thoughts on Boxing

KB shared his thoughts on the recent fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford, expressing his belief that Crawford is the best fighter of their generation. He praised Crawford’s skills as a southpaw and orthodox boxer and compared him to Marvin Hagler, a legendary boxer.

KB’s new album, “His Glory Alone 2,” was released on August 11th. Have you listened yet? What are your thoughts on the album? We’d love to hear from you.

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KB on Good Morning America discussing his book Dangerous Jesus
KB on the set of Good Morning America


Faith and Purpose [00:00:00] Discussion about the importance of faith, understanding one’s purpose, and staying motivated in different seasons of life.

Loving and Partnering [00:01:55] Emphasis on the unique love and partnership exhibited by the hosts and their dedication to loving and supporting others in the Christian hip-hop community.

Exclusive Interview with KB [00:04:20] Announcement of an exclusive interview with KB, a renowned Christian hip-hop artist, discussing his music, book, marriage, mental health, and the state of Christian hip-hop.

Building a Strong Community [00:09:27] KB discusses the importance of having a strong community and how it strengthens morals, ethics, and passion.

Living in Diversity [00:10:51] KB talks about living in a diverse environment and how it influences his music, from salsa to worship to trap.

Progress and Challenges in Christian Hip Hop [00:15:27] KB reflects on the progress made in Christian hip hop, but also acknowledges the need for more infrastructure, such as radio stations, promoters, magazines, and labels, to further support the genre.

The state of Christian hip-hop [00:20:06] KB discusses the current state of Christian hip-hop and the need for more support and institutions for Christian artists.

Concerns about theology in Christian rap [00:20:45] Dice Gamble expresses concerns about the theology of up-and-coming Christian rappers and their ability to lead others towards salvation.

Supporting artists with a genuine walk with Jesus [00:23:20] KB talks about the importance of supporting artists who not only make claims about Jesus in their music but also live out their faith and have a genuine walk with Jesus.

God’s Special Plan [00:30:43] KB discusses his mother’s belief in God’s special plan for him and how he never imagined being where he is today.

Making Music with Lecrae [00:31:14] KB talks about the track “Miracles” and the experience of working with Lecrae again.

The Power of Reconciliation [00:31:47] KB reflects on his relationship with Lecrae, highlighting the power of confession, reconciliation, and repentance in maintaining strong relationships.

KB’s new album release [00:42:35] KB announces the release date of his new album “His Glory Alone 2” and shares where to follow him.

Discussion on Christian hip-hop and collaboration [00:43:31] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the importance of unity and collaboration in Christian hip-hop and the need for quality music.

KB’s book “Dangerous Jesus” [00:45:37] Dice Gamble talks about KB’s book “Dangerous Jesus” and its message of embracing Christian rap and unity in the community.

The giveaways and social media platforms [00:51:13] Discussion about the giveaways on social media platforms and the upcoming 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

The importance of getting up early [00:50:36] Encouragement to wake up early to get motivated for the day and to listen to the radio show.

The significance of staying focused and turning negativity into positivity [00:52:49] Encouragement to stay focused on Jesus and to turn negative situations into positive ones for kingdom advancement.