Faith, Marriage and Music with Spencer Kane

Hey family! In this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening conversation with Spencer Kane. A multi-talented artist and member of the supergroup Anthem Lights, Spencer shared his journey of fame, faith, and dealing with anxiety. In our real talk segment, we discuss the prenup and marriage from a biblical perspective.

The Rise to Fame: Social Media and Talent

Spencer attributes his rise to fame to the power of social media, which he has effectively used as a marketing tool for his music. He recalled his early recognition of his singing talent, which eventually led him to pursue a career in music. Over the years, he has honed his skills and found his unique artistic style.

Personalizing Faith: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Spencer emphasized the importance of personalizing his relationship with God. He believes that simply following the faith handed down from his parents was not enough. He has actively sought to deepen his connection with God, finding solace and guidance in his faith during challenging times.

Dealing with Anxiety: The Importance of Self-Care

Spencer opened up about his struggles with anxiety and the importance of self-care. He credits therapy, life coaching, and good mentors for helping him navigate through challenging times. He also highlighted the value of open communication and community in maintaining balance in his life.

Balancing Act: Solo Career, Group Dynamics, and Marriage

When asked about balancing his solo career, being part of Anthem Lights, and his new marriage, Spencer admitted that he doesn’t handle it all perfectly. However, he expressed gratitude for the grace and understanding he receives from his wife and friends. He finds writing to-do lists helpful in staying focused and organized.

The Dynamics within Anthem Lights

Spencer discussed the dynamics within Anthem Lights, where each member has their own strengths and responsibilities. They work together as a team, with no selfishness or competition, and their goal is to support each other and keep moving forward. They are currently working on a CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) record, with one song already released called “God Gave Me Freedom.”

The Power of Music and Authenticity in Storytelling

Spencer believes that music is emotional and authentic, and it should be treated as a testimony. He emphasized the need for vulnerability in music and the freedom to talk about personal struggles and experiences. He also mentioned the pressure that worship and gospel artists face to maintain a certain image, even though they may be dealing with personal challenges behind the scenes.

A Biblical Perspective on Prenuptial Agreements

In our real talk segment, we introduced a biblical perspective on prenuptial agreements, emphasizing the importance of love and trust in a marriage. Do some people enter into prenuptial agreements out of lust or a desire for power and success, rather than genuine love for their partner?

Trusting God and Letting Go

We discussed the idea of trusting God and not losing faith if a marriage fails. We explored the idea that if someone is not meant to be their spouse, God will show them and guide them to someone better. We encourage a mentality of starting over and not holding onto things from past relationships.

Wrapping Up: Appreciation and Encouragement

As we wrapped up the episode, we expressed our appreciation for Spencer Kane and his insights on marriage and communication. This episode was a reminder of the power of music, the importance of authenticity, and the role of faith in navigating life’s challenges. Remember to turn your negatives into positives and Jesus is always the answer. God bless.

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Spencer pictured with his wife
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Spencer Kane picture with his team at the 2023 Dove Awards Celebrity Basketball Game
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Spencer’s Early Fame (00:02:01) Spencer talks about his experience with social media and utilizing it to market his music and gain recognition.

Recognizing His Talents (00:03:28) Spencer discusses how he discovered his singing talent and his journey as an artist, including partnering with a label and honing his skills.

Faith Journey and Dealing with Anxiety (00:05:24) Spencer shares his personal faith journey, including the importance of developing a personal relationship with God and dealing with anxiety through spiritual practices and personal growth.

Anxiety and Dealing with Overwhelming Emotions (00:07:39) Spencer discusses his struggle with anxiety and how he manages it through therapy, life coaching, and intentional actions such as prayer and removing distractions.

Balancing Multiple Roles and Seeking Help (00:09:38) Spencer talks about the challenges of balancing his solo career, being part of a group, and being newly married. He emphasizes the importance of communication, vulnerability, and asking for help when needed.

Communication and Growth in Marriage (00:11:22) Spencer shares how communication with his wife has evolved in their marriage, including the ability to apologize, listen, and understand each other. He highlights the importance of healthy communication in various aspects of life.

The evolution of Anthem Lights (00:15:51) Spencer Kane discusses the roles and dynamics within the group Anthem Lights and their transition from covers to original music.

Working on a new album (00:16:35) Spencer talks about the process of creating their upcoming album, including funding from fans and the shift towards a more original approach.

Spencer Kane’s musical journey (00:18:46) Spencer reflects on his musical style, the challenges he faced in finding his identity, and the fusion of genres in his music.

The vulnerability of artists (00:23:52) Discussion on the importance of artists being vulnerable in their music and how it can lead to more openness and freedom.

The facade in the music industry (00:24:43) Discussion about the facade that artists often have to put up in the music industry and the pressure to conform to certain expectations.

The healing power of sharing struggles (00:25:27) Emphasizing the healing effect of artists talking about their personal struggles and how it can resonate with listeners.

Love and Marriage (00:32:45) Discussion on the concept of love and marriage, referencing 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and the importance of trust in love.

Prenuptial Agreements (00:33:30) The conversation explores the idea of prenuptial agreements and how they can sometimes stem from lust or a desire for power and success.

Starting Over (00:36:55) The discussion emphasizes the importance of trusting in God and being willing to start over if a relationship doesn’t work out, without clinging to material possessions or past attachments.

The importance of trusting God in marriage (00:41:26) Conversation about the belief that putting a prenup on something shows a lack of trust in God’s provision.

The selfishness of prenuptial contracts (00:42:19) We discuss how prenuptial contracts indicate a lack of trust and a willingness to consider divorce as an option.

Spencer Kane’s rise to fame and his faith-based music (00:43:04) We express admiration for Spencer Kane’s talent and success in the music industry, particularly his faith-based R&B music.