Setting Standards and Finding Love: The Power of Personal Growth

Hey family, we’re excited to share with you the highlights of a recent episode of Da Fixx. We discuss everything from culture to music, spiritual detox, and even the Dove Awards. In this episode we had the pleasure of hosting Christian Hip Hop Rapper Range the Artist. We had an insightful conversation on relationships, his new EP and the importance of love and empathy in ministry.

In our real talk segment, we take on the topic of “cuffing season”, advising our listeners not to fall into the trap of getting into relationships just because it’s cold outside. We believe in the importance of genuine connections and meaningful relationships, rather than seasonal flings.

An Interview with Range the Artist

One of the highlights of this episode was an interview with Range the Artist, a young Christian hip hop artist known for his energetic performances, such as the one at the KCA Awards. Range shared his faith journey, discussing his upbringing in the church and his decision to focus more on his carnal desires, which led him to pursue relationships with girls.

However, meeting his wife sparked a strong desire in him to be faithful and establish a traditional family dynamic. Range emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding in relationships, and how stepping into someone else’s shoes can lead to a deeper connection.

The Church in the Pandemic Era

Range also shared his insights on how the pandemic has affected the church. He noted an increase in church attendance and a greater hunger for the gospel. He praised his church, Church City, for their community outreach efforts and their ability to create a welcoming environment for both believers and non-believers.

Love in Ministry

When asked about the balance between judgment and accountability in the church, Range believes that love is the key. He shared his experiences of being corrected and guided by his brothers in the church, who approached him with love and a desire to see him succeed.

Addressing Sensitive Issues with Empathy

Range also shared his experience helping a friend struggling with pornography. He emphasized the importance of handling such issues with empathy and understanding, rather than judgment. He believes in creating a safe space for individuals to seek help and support.

The Journey in Music

Range’s journey in music is as inspiring as his faith journey. He initially did not have a love for hip hop but found his passion in creating music that aligned with his faith. He revealed his upcoming R&B EP and his creative process in the studio. He also highlighted the importance of balancing ministry-driven music with relatability and life application.

The Dove Awards Recap

As hosts, we also discussed the recent Dove Awards, congratulating winners like Brandon Lake, KB, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Ricky Dillard, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and TobyMac. We expressed our excitement for Brandon Lake’s wins and our desire to collaborate with him. We also shared our aspirations to explore different platforms like Twitch for gaming.

Closing Thoughts

Remember to stay focused on turning negatives into positives and emphasized that Jesus Christ is always the answer. Thank you for tuning in, family. See you next episode.

Da Fixx Ep. 195 Range the Artist alt image 1 on stage finding love
Da Fixx Ep. 195 Range the Artist alt pic 2 finding love, C4 Crotona
Range pictured with C4 Crotona
Da Fixx Ep. 195 Range the Artist alt pic 3 finding love, wingy danejah
Range with CHH artist Wingy Danejah


Cuffing Season Dates (00:02:19) Discussion about the concept of cuffing season and advice on not falling for the trick of getting into a relationship just because it’s cold outside.

Spiritual Detox (00:04:13) Introduction to the segment on spiritual detox and the host’s experience attending the KCA Awards. Mentions the upcoming interview with Range the Artist.

Range the Artist’s Faith Journey (00:06:26) Range the Artist shares his faith journey, including how his wife introduced him to Jesus and how he developed a stronger relationship with Christ through asking tough questions.

The struggle with faith and carnal desires (00:08:23) Range the Artist discusses how his faith took a backseat to his carnal desires and how meeting his wife helped him refocus on his faith.

Learning to step into someone else’s shoes (00:10:00) Range the Artist shares how being married has taught him to understand and empathize with his wife’s perspective and experiences.

The impact of the pandemic on church and community (00:12:04) Range the Artist discusses how the pandemic has increased curiosity and hunger for the gospel, as well as the importance of community outreach in church.

The struggle with pornography (00:16:56) Discussion on how to handle someone approaching you about struggling with pornography and the importance of understanding and providing support.

Range’s love for R&B and dislike for hip hop (00:19:37) Range talks about his upbringing and how he never loved hip hop, but instead was a fan of R&B. He also shares how he got into making music himself.

Range’s plan to release an R&B EP (00:22:25) Range reveals his plan to release an R&B EP at the top of next year and talks about his creative process in the studio.

The release schedule (00:25:30) Range the Artist discusses his upcoming releases, including an R&B EP, a Spanish record, and another rap EP.

Collaborations and singles (00:26:50) Range the Artist talks about working with other artists such as Angie Rose, HeeSun Lee, Pato and Rick Monteiro on singles.

Cuffing season among believers (00:28:45) The hosts discuss the concept of cuffing season, short-term romantic relationships during the holiday season, and its impact on believers and their families.

The Importance of Taking Time in Relationships (00:33:53) Discussion on the rush in relationships and the need to take time to get to know each other before making commitments.

Cuffing Season and the Pressure to Be in a Relationship (00:36:09) Exploration of the concept of cuffing season and the societal pressure to be in a relationship during the holiday season.

Family Pressure to Be in a Relationship (00:40:16) Conversation about the pressure from family members, especially mothers and grandmothers, to be in a relationship and get married.

The importance of personal standards in dating (00:42:14) Discussion on the need for individuals to have their own criteria and standards in dating, and the consequences of giving up one’s gift outside of marriage.

The power and authority of women in relationships (00:43:44) Exploration of how women have the power to influence and change men in relationships, and the importance of women standing up and holding men accountable.

Embracing singleness and using talents for good (00:46:38) Encouragement for individuals who are meant to be single to embrace their singleness and use their talents and gifts to serve others, rather than feeling the need to be in a relationship.

The Fix Faith and Sports Report (00:50:10) Justin Adams shares the scripture verse of the day and gives updates on baseball, football, and college football scores.

Recapping the Dove Awards Winners (00:56:48) Dice Gamble discusses the winners of the Dove Awards, including Brandon Lake, KB, Lecrae, and Andy Mineo.

Closing Remarks and Farewell (00:58:39) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble thank the listeners, encourage positivity, and sign off.