From Foster Care to Faith: Arik Nelson’s Redemption Journey

Hey Family. Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Da Fixx! In this episode we sit down with Arik Nelson for our spiritual detox segment. We discuss his experience in foster care, his faith journey, his creative process, the nuances of entrepreneurship and the state of CHH. In our real talk segment, we have an in-depth conversation about modesty and the biblical principles behind it.

Pushing the Culture Forward

As hosts, we are committed to pushing the culture forward and providing truth and inspiration through our music. We encourage our listeners to turn up the volume and take offense against those who talk but don’t live by their words. We are open for prayer and salvation requests, and we are in the process of updating our website to provide a platform for people to leave comments and prayer requests. We emphasize the importance of trusting God’s plan and continuing to fight, regardless of the circumstances.

Modesty in Today’s Society

We transitioned to discussing the topic of modesty and its relevance in today’s society. We questioned the concept of “body positivity” and its alignment with glorifying God. We highlighted the importance of holding oneself accountable and encouraging behavior that aligns with God’s ways. We also shared humorous anecdotes about people’s views on abstinence before marriage and the importance of compatibility in the bedroom.

Arik Nelson’s Foster Care to Faith Journey

Arik Nelson shared his personal journey of growing up in a challenging environment. Despite the difficult circumstances, Eric found solace in his church community, which introduced him to a different perspective on life and faith in Christ. This newfound faith helped him overcome the struggles he faced, including the loss of family members due to drugs. Eric is about to become a father for the first time and is working on deepening his relationship with God through reading the Bible.

The Music Industry and Entrepreneurship

We discussed the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur in the music industry. Arik shared his experience of learning to delegate tasks and build a team to enhance his music production. He mentioned his collaboration with producers Eli Williams and George Rose on his upcoming record.

Arik’s Creative Process and Inspirations

Arik explained his creative process, which often starts with making beats and draws inspiration from various sources. He credits George Rose for teaching him about cadences and flow patterns. He revealed that he initially listened to artists like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash before getting into rap. He mentioned artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Lil Wayne, and Eminem as his influences in the hip hop genre.

The Changing Perception of Christian Rap

Arik discussed the changing perception of Christian rap and the rise of talented artists in the genre. He believes that Christian rap will continue to grow and produce even more talented artists in the future. He also reflected on the limitations of social media and the importance of personal connections and relationships in the music industry.

The Importance of Modesty

We discussed the importance of Christians not being a distraction and seeking acceptance from the world. We emphasized the need to stay focused on the mission of winning souls to Jesus. We also talked about the role of fashion in reflecting one’s character and the importance of modesty for both men and women.

Trick-or-Treating Laws

We discussed news about certain cities and states that have banned teenagers from trick-or-treating. We expressed our disbelief and frustration at these laws, as we believe older kids should be able to accompany younger kids during trick-or-treating. We found these laws unnecessary and restrictive.

Wrapping Up

We ended the episode by reminding our listeners that Arik Nelson will be releasing new music and invited them to tune in to the show the next day for more content. We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, and we look forward to bringing you more faith-infused hip hop content in the future. Stay tuned!

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Arik and his new wife on the day he proposed.
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Da Fixx is In and We Rock (00:00:28) Discussion about the impact and influence of hip hop culture and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Modesty and Glorifying God (00:04:10) Conversation about the concept of modesty and how it relates to glorifying God in one’s appearance and behavior.

The importance of having a team (00:16:49) Discussion on the importance of having a team and how even secular artists work collaboratively with others.

The creative process and songwriting (00:17:57) Arik talks about his creative process, including starting with making beats, finding inspiration, and working on his writing and pen game.

The future of Christian hip hop (00:23:46) Arik expresses his belief that Christian hip hop will continue to grow and influence the culture, with more talented artists emerging.

The importance of modesty (00:35:09) Discussion on the need for balance in fashion choices and avoiding dressing in a way that can be sexually provocative or offensive.

Respecting others and avoiding temptation (00:38:30) Exploring the responsibility of both men and women to dress in a way that does not cause others to stumble or be tempted sexually.

The significance of modesty in relationships (00:44:16) Highlighting the importance of dressing appropriately and modestly in order to maintain healthy relationships and avoid unnecessary attention or temptation.

The age limit on teenagers (00:50:25) Discussion about the age limit on teenagers going out and the unfairness of putting restrictions on their activities.

Bullying and bag snatching (00:51:09) Exploration of the reasons behind the age limit, including incidents of bullying and bag snatching by older kids.

Permission from the mayor or chief of police (00:51:54) Highlighting the law in Belleville, Illinois, where anyone over 12 years old needs permission from the mayor or chief of police to go out.