From Abuse to Empowerment: A Journey of Healing and Faith

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx family. On this episode we welcome NY femcee and minister, CHH Veteran, Serious Voice! We’re talking 50 years of Hip Hop, what it means to be a female in this space, the impact of an abusive relationship and the importance of healing.

The Influence of Hip Hop Legends

We kick off the conversation, discussing the influence of hip hop legend Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB). We acknowledged ODB’s unique sound and his ability to entertain and stick in people’s minds. Reflecting on the impact ODB had on hip hop, we expressed our desire to leave a similar legacy with our own art.

Judging Musical Talent and Addressing Abuse in Relationships

We were invited to judge the “So You Think You Got Bars” competition for the 2023 Kingdom Choice Awards and we are sharing our excitement. Dice Gamble shared her experiences of being judged as a woman in the industry and the pressure to impress both in the secular and Christian music scenes. We discussed the importance of putting effort into our craft and representing our cities, God, and our talent.

We ended this segment by mentioning the upcoming competition and expressing our support for the female contestants. We also addressed the serious issue of abuse in relationships, emphasizing the need to address and put an end to toxic relationships and physical assault. Dice emphasized the importance of addressing all forms of abuse, including physical, mental, spiritual, and financial abuse.

Serious Voice: A Personal Journey Through Abuse and Hip Hop

Special guest, Serious Voice shared her personal experience with abuse and her determination to never tolerate it in her relationships. She also discussed the significance of hip hop in her life and how it saved her from a difficult situation. We reflected on the evolution of hip hop and the shift towards more negative and explicit content in mainstream music. However, she also highlighted the positive changes happening within the Christian hip hop community, where artists are focusing on empowering and affirming each other.

Serious Voice: The Influence of Female Artists and Personal Faith Journey

The CHH veteran shared her thoughts on the influence of Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown in the music industry. She explained how their overtly sexual image and lyrics have shaped the perception of female artists, leading to a pressure to conform to a certain standard of sexuality. Serious Voice contrasted this with the earlier era of Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, who focused on their talent and message rather than their appearance.

Serious Voice then shared her personal faith journey, explaining that she grew up in a Christian home but faced abuse from her stepfather. She recounted how she found solace and salvation in her bedroom, where she prayed to God and made a commitment to serve Him through her music. She talked about her involvement in church ministries, teaching Sunday school, and directing choirs.

Forgiveness, Healing, and Music: A Personal Story

Serious Voice shared her personal experiences with forgiveness and healing in her family. The femcee talked about forgiving her stepfather and herself for the past, and the importance of letting go while still remembering. She also emphasized the need to control emotions and triggers in order to effectively minister to others. She mentioned the impact of her upbringing in Brooklyn on her behavior and how she had to break generational curses with the help of Jesus Christ. She shared her commitment to staying true to her faith and making decisions that align with her beliefs, even if it means facing criticism from others.

Dice Gamble: A Personal Story of Abuse and the Need for Conversation

The conversation then transitioned to a discussion about abuse, both physical and mental, and the impact it has on individuals. Dice shared her personal experience growing up in an abusive household and highlighted the importance of addressing abuse from a mental standpoint as well. She mentioned that some people may unknowingly be abusers through their words and provide an example to illustrate this point.

Dice Gamble shared a personal story about his son’s past behavior of threatening self-harm and how it was emotionally abusive to him and his wife. He emphasized the importance of seeking help and not burdening loved ones with such threats. Dice Gamble also talked about the damaging effects of abuse, both physical and emotional, and how it creates a hostile and retaliatory environment.

Reality TV, Respect, and Relationships

We discuss the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop, highlighting the dysfunction and toxicity it portrays in relationships. We emphasize that those who want to live by God’s standards and have a healthy, kingdom marriage should avoid watching such shows. We also discuss the importance of respect in relationships and how name-calling and verbal abuse can be damaging.

Wrapping Up: Reflections and Anticipations

As we wrap up the episode, we reflected on the topic of abuse and encouraged listeners to examine their own behavior. We emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing abusive tendencies, whether it be through using hurtful words, taking up someone’s time, or refusing to seek solutions to problems.

We also address the issue of abuse within the church. He emphasized that churches should not cover up or ignore abusive situations, especially when it involves church leaders. We urge the church to prioritize the well-being of its congregation and to address any issues of abuse promptly and appropriately.

This conversation is a deep dive into the world of hip hop, the importance of addressing abuse, and the power of faith. It is a reminder of the importance of staying true to ourselves, our art, and our beliefs. I hope you found it as enlightening and engaging as we did.

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So You Think You Got Bars (00:01:39) Discussion about the upcoming So You Think You Got Bars contest during the 2023 Kingdom Choice Awards weekend.

ODB’s contribution to hip hop (00:02:55) Recognition of ODB’s contribution to hip hop and appreciation for his unique style.

Addressing the issue of abuse in relationships (00:07:04) Discussion about the prevalence of abuse in relationships and the need to address the issue within the culture.

Abuse in Relationships (00:08:38) Discussion about the statistics on domestic violence.

Introduction of Serious Voice (00:11:38) Introducing Serious Voice as a guest and discussing her various talents and accomplishments.

Hip Hop’s Purpose and Shift (00:13:10) Exploring the original purpose of hip hop to empower and affirm people, and the shift towards more explicit and sexual content in mainstream hip hop.

The Lil Kim Era (00:17:32) Discussion about the influence of Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Nicki Minaj in the hip hop industry and the shift towards overly sexualized content.

Reminiscing Queen Latifah (00:19:31) Appreciation for Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Monie Love as female rappers who did not rely on explicit content and the importance of going back and learning from their music.

Faith Journey and Transformation (00:21:02) Personal story of growing up in a Christian home, experiencing abuse, getting saved at 16, and the journey to becoming a licensed minister.

The issue of abuse in relationships (00:27:03) Serious Voice discusses forgiving her stepfather, the impact of abuse on her behavior, and the need for emotional control and wisdom in relationships.

The importance of making commitments and sacrifices (00:30:43) Serious Voice talks about her decision to prioritize education and abstain from sexual activity, despite criticism from her family, and the positive outcomes of her choices.

Getting back to the basics of Christian ministry (00:33:09) Discussion on the need to refocus on fundamental aspects of faith, such as prayer, fasting, and addressing sin, in her upcoming music project. She also emphasizes the negative effects of excessive engagement with social media and the importance of seeking God first.

The importance of fellowship and accountability (00:36:46) Discussion about the lack of fellowship and accountability in virtual church and the role of serving others.

Upcoming project and musical style (00:38:12) Overview of the upcoming project, “Back to Basics,” including the musical style and collaborations with producers and artists.

Addressing abuse in relationships (00:41:34) Conversation about abuse within the church and the need to address it, both physically and emotionally. Personal experiences shared.

Abuse and suicidal threats (00:45:15) Discussion about the abusive behavior of constantly threatening suicide and the impact it has on the people around.

Abuse in relationships (00:49:14) Exploration of the prevalence of abuse in relationships, both physical and sexual, and the role of the church in addressing and sometimes covering up abuse.

The power of words and abusive language (00:52:25) Highlighting the importance of speaking life and love over one another and the damaging effects of abusive language in relationships.

The issue of abuse in relationships (00:54:35) Discussion on the reality of abuse in relationships, both verbal and physical, and the importance of respect and honoring each other.

Reality TV and its toxic portrayal of relationships (00:55:18) Exploring the dysfunction and toxicity displayed in reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop, and the negative impact it can have on viewers’ spirits and relationships.

Different forms of abuse and the need to stop being abusive (01:02:43) Highlighting the various forms of abuse, including emotional, physical, mental, and financial, and emphasizing the importance of repentance and seeking counseling to address abusive behavior.

Abuse and self-reflection (01:03:22) Discussion about recognizing abusive behavior, seeking forgiveness, and standing up for oneself in relationships.

Churches and abuse (01:06:01) Addressing the issue of churches covering up abusive situations and the importance of dealing with them appropriately.

Kingdom Choice Awards and upcoming event (01:07:22) Promoting the Kingdom Choice Awards event in Brooklyn, discussing the presence of knowledge in hip hop, and inviting listeners to attend.