How Faith Shaped Bachi’s Music Journey

Hey family! Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx. In this special episode, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble sat down with the incredibly talented artist Bachi to explore his faith journey, his impressive accomplishments in the music industry, and what he wants his legacy to be.

A Leap of Faith: Bachi’s Spiritual and Musical Odyssey

Bachi’s story is one of unwavering faith and musical prowess. Growing up with a church background, he experienced a defining moment at the tender age of nine when he dedicated his life to God. This spiritual commitment has been the compass guiding him through the highs and lows of life.

From Track to Tracks: The Accidental Musician

Interestingly, Bachi’s foray into music was a happy accident. A college track runner, his path took an unexpected turn when his Xbox was stolen. This loss led him to dabble in music production using Pro Tools, a skill his mother had introduced to him. Despite initial hesitations about the music industry, his first song quickly gained local acclaim, opening doors to perform alongside renowned artists like Gucci Mane and Kodak during his college’s homecoming festivities.

The Business of Music: Education Meets Industry

Bachi’s involvement in the music scene is multifaceted. Not only is he a graduate with a business degree from FAMU, but he’s also a “music mercenary,” offering his expertise in songwriting, placement work, and touring to other artists. His contributions have not gone unnoticed, with his work in movies, video games, and celebrity events making waves on social media.

Skateboarding and Sports Anthems: The Rhythms of Resilience

Beyond the recording studio, Bachi has a passion for skateboarding, a culture that has significantly influenced his life. He shared his excitement about the new skate park at his HBCU and the sense of community it fosters in Tallahassee. His sports anthems “Rise Up” and “No Fear” are testaments to his ability to create motivational music that resonates within the sports world.

“Gleeful”: The Anticipated Comeback

Looking forward, Bachi is gearing up to release his new project “Gleeful” after a hiatus marked by personal challenges and the pandemic’s impact. The album’s title is a reflection of his journey through loss and the rediscovery of joy amidst adversity. He remains committed to creating music with intention and purpose, aiming to serve and uplift others through his art.

The Legacy of Joy and Service

When asked about his legacy, Bachi hopes to be remembered as someone who embodies “gleeful” triumph over challenges. His dedication to giving and serving is evident not only in his music but also in his personal life.

The Authenticity Debate in Christian Music

The conversation took a turn when DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed the authenticity of faith-based music. They hosts stressed the importance of genuine connection with listeners, especially in gospel music. Our hosts also addressed the controversy surrounding Lil Nas X’s announcement of working on a Christian song, emphasizing the need for consistency and true transformation within the Christian music industry.

Christmas Traditions: A Time for Family and Faith

As the episode drew to a close, Focus and Dice jumped into the warmth of Christmas traditions. They reminisced about their family’s holiday customs, from polishing silverware to writing letters to Santa. Our hosts shared their excitement for the festive season, recognizing Christmas as a time for giving, loving, and honoring Jesus Christ.

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Da Fixx Radio Show (00:00:00) Introduction to the show and hosts, setting the stage for the upcoming conversation.

Holiday Traditions and Weather (00:01:31) Discussion about holiday traditions, weather, and preparations for the upcoming season.

Feeding Squirrels and Birds (00:02:23) Humorous conversation about feeding squirrels and birds, highlighting the importance of caring for wildlife.

Growing Up in Challenging Circumstances (00:04:39) Personal stories about growing up in challenging circumstances and the impact on individuals.

Financial Management and Budgeting (00:10:23) Discussion about the importance of budgeting, managing finances wisely, and the impact of holidays on personal finances.

Introduction of Bachi and His Faith Journey (00:11:29) Introduction of Bachi, a talented artist, and his faith journey, including his upbringing in a church background and his personal experiences with faith.

Bachi’s Accomplishments in the Music Industry (00:14:12) Overview of Bachi’s diverse accomplishments in the music industry, including music production, placement work, and touring.

The pressure of entering the music industry (00:16:27) Bachi discusses feeling pressured to pursue music and his advantage of understanding the industry.

Early success and pressure (00:17:10) Bachi shares his initial success, local viral hits, and the increasing pressure as his career grew.

What inspires Bachi (00:17:56) Bachi explains his consistent passion for music, competitiveness, and joy in inspiring others.

Skateboarding and favorite skate park (00:20:01) Bachi shares his love for skateboarding and his favorite skate park at his HBCU.

Creation of sports anthems (00:21:37) Bachi discusses the creation of “Rise Up” and “No Fear” and their impact in sports arenas.

Upcoming album and personal struggles (00:24:57) Bachi shares the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss that influenced his upcoming album.

Future plans and close company (00:28:32) Bachi reveals his upcoming album release and plans for a rap collective called Close Company.

Legacy and service (00:29:31) Bachi emphasizes the importance of leaving a legacy of service and giving back through his music.

The importance of faith-based music (00:31:08) Bachi discusses the significance of faith-based music and how it can serve as a form of prayer and connection to God.

Lil Nas X’s potential Christian music era (00:34:23) Discussion about Lil Nas X’s announcement of a new Christian song and the skepticism surrounding his intentions, considering his controversial past actions.

Expectations for Christian artists (00:35:01) The hosts express the importance of Christian artists demonstrating genuine transformation and accountability, emphasizing the need for consistent and visible spiritual growth.

Prayers for artists and holiday traditions (00:45:48) The hosts discuss holiday traditions, including decorating Christmas trees, and offer prayers for artists to uphold Christian standards and for individuals to maintain discipline during the holiday season.

Holiday Traditions (00:48:28) Discussion of holiday traditions, including silverware polishing, making ornaments, and elaborate Christmas decorations.

Christmas as a Christian Celebration (00:50:44) Conversation about the legitimacy of celebrating Christmas as a Christian holiday and the importance of honoring Jesus Christ.

Christmas Games and Activities (00:55:21) Sharing of various Christmas games and activities, such as gift exchanges, snowball fights, and writing letters to Santa.

Christmas Food and Dishes (01:04:12) Favorite Christmas dishes, including roast beef, mashed potatoes, and oyster stew, as well as the joy of indulging in special holiday meals.

The holiday food memories (01:05:35) Hosts share childhood holiday food memories, including sweets and special dishes enjoyed during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Holiday traditions and seafood (01:06:59) Discussion on the significance of holiday traditions, particularly the indulgence in seafood, which was a rare treat for him during his childhood.

Discussing Bachi’s accomplishments (01:09:38) The hosts praise Bocci’s success in music, mentioning his production, writing, and high streaming numbers, predicting a successful future for him.

Encouraging honesty and self-improvement (01:10:25) The hosts emphasize the importance of being honest, calling out fake friends, and promoting self-improvement as they approach the new year.

Challenges of honesty and experiences in strip clubs (01:13:33) The conversation delves into the challenges of honesty, experiences in strip clubs, and the unique dynamics of strip clubs in Atlanta.

Wrapping up and looking ahead (01:16:00) The hosts conclude the episode, encouraging listeners to stay focused, previewing the topics for the next day, and signing off with positive messages.