If You Ruled the World, What Would You Change?

Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty. In the movie God, played by Morgan Freeman, gave Bruce AKA Jim Carrey the ability to be God for a day. And then shenanigans ensued. Well, in this episode of Da Fixx, hosts DJ Focus and Dice Gamble imagine having the power to play God for a day. They dove into a thought experiment that has intrigued humanity for ages: What would we change in the world if we had the power to be God for a day?

A Day as the Almighty

The concept might seem out of pocket at first glance, but it’s a powerful tool for reflection. It pushes us to identify the most significant issues we face in the world today and consider how we might solve them if we had unlimited power. The discussion is not just a daydream but a real talk conversation that revealed our deepest concerns and hopes for humanity.

Eradicating the World of Sin

One of the first topics Focus and Dice tackled was the concept of sin. Imagine having the ability to eliminate all wrongdoing from the world. The implications are mind blowing and our hosts debated the potential outcomes of such an act. Would humanity still have free will? How would society look if the very notion of sin was erased from our collective consciousness?

Revolutionizing Knowledge: A New Way of Learning

Focus and Dice also explored the idea of transforming how we obtain knowledge. In a world where information is at our fingertips, they pondered the changes that could be made to enhance the way we learn and teach. Could we instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around us with a divine touch?

Reshaping Society

Societal norms dictate much of our behavior, but what if we could change them at will? Focus and Dice discussed the potential shifts in societal structures and norms that could lead to a more equitable and just world. From the distribution of wealth to the way we interact with each other, our hosts talk about what it could look like if they could literally change the world.

Lessons and Insights: The Power of Perspective

Throughout the conversation, the recurring theme was the power of perspective. By stepping into the shoes of an omnipotent being, even hypothetically, we gained a deeper understanding of the complexities of our world. It’s humbling and it highlights how our actions impact the world around us and really understand the magnitude of choices and consequences.

Conclusion: Da Fixx for Our Souls

This episode is a reminder that even though we don’t have divine powers, we do have the ability to inspire change and make a positive impact in our own way. The message is clear: faith and reflection can lead to a better world. Thank you for tuning in and see you next episode!

Da Fixx Ep 214 World alt pic 1 DJ Focus
Da Fixx Ep. 214 World, alt pic 2 Dice Gamble
Da Fixx Ep. 214, World, alt pic 3 Focus with Stellar Award Plaque


Da Fixx (00:00:00) Introduction to the radio show Da Fixx with DJ Focus, and Dice Gamble.

Real Talk Conversation (00:01:20) Introducing the topic of what changes they would make if they were God for a day.

News in 90 (00:03:53) Dice Gamble presents news about Lil Nas X, iPhone airdrop sharing options, and the building project in Eco City Atlantic Lagos.

If I Ruled the World (00:05:37) Discussion about what changes they would make if they were God for a day, including eliminating sin, changing societal norms, and altering the way knowledge is received and submitted to.

Faith in Sports Report (00:12:51) Justin Adams reports on sports scores and updates, including NFL and college football games and upcoming bowl games.

Conclusion (00:16:55) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble reflect on the real talk conversation about potential changes if they were God for a day.

The fall of man and God’s plan (00:17:50) Discussion about Adam and Eve, their relationship with God, and the significance of trials and testing in God’s plan.

Changing the government and eliminating war (00:19:55) Desire to change the government to be faith-based and eliminate war, with a focus on governing and loving people the right way.

Eliminating violence and plastic surgery (00:21:11) Desire to remove violence, especially within black culture, and to prohibit plastic surgery, emphasizing self-acceptance and natural beauty.

Reflection on priorities and mental health (00:25:15) Analyzing the lyrics of a song and reflecting on the importance of faith, purpose, and balance over the relentless pursuit of wealth.

Sin, knowing God, and government change (00:28:21) Discussion about understanding God’s grace, personal relationship with God, and the desire to change the government to align with godly principles.

Upcoming segments and conclusion (00:30:20) Announcement of upcoming segments and encouragement to focus on turning negatives into positives, with a reminder of Jesus Christ as the answer.