Justice Informed CEO Xavier Ramey: Breaking generational curses as a result of slavery by going to Africa

In continuing with our Black History celebration, we talk with Global Speaker, Social Impact Engineer and Justice Informed CEO Xavier Ramey about the cultural relevance of visiting Africa, and how it can heal the generational trauma of chattel slavery. 

What’s the big deal about going to Africa?

As an international traveler and speaker, Ramey explains why he felt it was important to go to Africa before visiting other places like Europe.  “I have actively chosen to go to Africa, the continent for years for a specific reason.  If I went and saw some of these countries that took quite a bit from Africa, that pillaged that continent and have built their fortune on top of it, I would fall in love with the product of pillage and possibly never be able to love the pillaged people.”

As a person who feels strongly about identity and justice, Ramey made the decision early on that he would learn to love Africa.  It was during his first trip to Ghana at 17, that he says his eyes were opened.  “It kind of feels like when you walk into a room and nobody knows you or notices you.  The comfort that comes with not being consistently sought after or seen.  The cops ain’t looking for you.  The store persons not looking at you.  And that’s what it feels like when you go to Africa because everybody is black!”

For anyone who may be undecided on whether or not to visit Africa, Ramey says, “There are experience that you cannot get and cannot understand on American soil.”  Recalling his trip to Kenya, the Justice Informed CEO, explains.  “Do you know what it feels like to have a Kenyan elder, a matriarch of her family, assemble her entire family to welcome you to her home?  To pray over you?  And to say welcome home.  It’s a heavy feeling!” 

Soil is cheaper than sand!

Ramey urges all African Americans to visit Africa at least once.  “A lot of African American descendants of slaves here in the U.S., talk about Africa a lot.  I wished there was more realized curiosity.  It’s sort of like shoutin’ out the neighborhood you never go to.  If it’s about vacationing on the cheap, I promise you places that ain’t got no sand are cheaper than places that do!”

Instead of taking a vacation or escapism, traveling to Africa offers peace.  “When you get poured into at your very core of who you are, you are going to be a changed person.” 

Breaking generational curses!

Twenty-Five million Africans were lost during the transatlantic slave trade.  “When you’re hundreds of years removed from something.  Your momma didn’t get it.  Your grand-momma didn’t get it.  Your great granddaddy didn’t get it.  Your great-great grandaddy didn’t get it.  Now you’re there on behalf of.  You gotta break the curse with yourself!”

Not only is Africa good for vacation, it’s an excellent place for self-discovery and revelation.  “We fight the emotional realities of life.  A lot of the ways that Black folks travel is escaping the harsh realities of being African American in this country.  The first time you go to Africa, if you’re actually there for culture, it’s going to be tough.  You’re going to have some real realizations about yourself.”

The truth is, we’ll never have all the answers.  The growth is in having better questions.  “Live the questions.  Curiousity creates the questions.  What are you curious about?  Not just what are you trying to get away from.  Where do you want to go?”  Ramey insists that once you set foot on African soil, you will feel it! 

Justice over revenge!

How do we heal from Slavery, Reconstruction and Jim Crow?  Furthermore, what do we do with those intense emotions that are invoked when we do make the pilgrimage to Africa?  “The more you go the more that the desire for what may be interpreted as revenge turns into a call for justice.  Justice moves through the spirit of recompense and invitation.” 

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Justice Informed CEO Xavier Ramey: Breaking generational curses as a result of slavery by going to Africa

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