Kel Mitchell: The Multi-Talented, Emmy-Nominated, Faith-Filled Funnyman

On this episode of Da Fixx, we welcome special guest, Kel Mitchell in our spiritual detox segment. We covered a range of topics including marriage and he and his wife’s decision to abstain until they were married, his youth ministry and of course his new single Go Time. In our real talk segment, we discuss “everyday people”, our similarities and our differences.

The AI Revolution and the Importance of Books

We kicked off the show with a quick conversation about the retirement of Geoffrey Hinton from Google. Known as the “godfather of AI,” Hinton has been vocal about the potential dangers of technology, particularly the rapid learning capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). We discussed an incident where an AI program was able to understand and translate a conversation in Bengali without being prompted. This incident underscores the need for caution when interacting with AI and the importance of not sharing personal information with unknown sources.

In the age of AI, we also highlighted the increasing value of books as a reliable source of information. Books offer a contrast to the potential misinformation generated by AI, reminding us of the importance of traditional knowledge sources.

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Kel Mitchell

Our guest, Kel Mitchell, took us on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing about his experiences growing up in the inner city. We shared laughs over memories of frying bologna in a cast iron skillet and the technique of splitting the bologna to prevent it from bubbling up. We also discussed the nostalgia of using government cheese, a staple in our households. These shared experiences remind us of the importance of being able to relate to someone’s past experiences.

Kel Mitchell: A Beacon in the Entertainment Industry

Kel shared his experiences in the entertainment industry, discussing the challenges he faced as a young celebrity. He emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s worth beyond their work and the need for support and guidance in the entertainment industry. His insights were a testament to his positive impact on the younger generation.

The Diversity in Christian Music and Guiding the Youth

Kel expressed his love for the diversity in Christian music, including EDM, pop, and hip hop. He shared how he promotes artists during his photoshoots and meetings, and how people are surprised to hear Christian music in the background. As a youth pastor, Kel also discussed the challenges of guiding young people in today’s digital age, emphasizing the importance of being transparent and sharing personal stories to connect with the youth.

Kel Mitchell: A Life Beyond Work

Kel shared how being in the church helped him growing up in Chicago and how people praying for him guided him away from the wrong path. He also talked about his wife and how their marriage is centered around prayer and their faith in Jesus. He expressed his love for being married and the importance of celebrating black love relationships.

The Anticipation for “Good Burger” Revival

Kel also discussed his upcoming project, a revival of the iconic movie “Good Burger,” which he is producing alongside Keenan. We shared our excitement about the script, music, and cameos in the movie, and how they wanted to create an experience that combines the nostalgia of the 90s with a fresh perspective.

Everyday People: A Discussion on Preferences and Habits

We also discussed different topics related to everyday people. We touched on the issue of people parking in handicap spots without actually having a disability, expressing our frustration and calling out those who take advantage of these designated spaces. We also discussed our preferences in shoes, food, and even how we handle our hot sauce!

Cooking Preferences and Admiration for Kel Mitchell

We shared our preferences for cooking and eating certain foods, expressing our love for fried foods and the temptation of indulging in donuts from Krispy Kreme. We also expressed our admiration for Kel Mitchell as a person and artist, appreciating his clean career and his positive impact on his community.

An Update on Jamie Foxx and a Reminder to Stay Focused

We provided an update on Jamie Foxx, who is currently hospitalized. We asked listeners to continue praying for Jamie’s recovery. We ended the segment by reminding listeners to trust in God and not give up on their dreams. We emphasized the importance of staying focused and turning negatives into positives. Until next time, stay focused, and keep the faith. Peace.

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Retirement of Geoffrey Hinton from Google (00:02:26) Geoffrey Hinton, the “godfather of AI,” retires from Google and warns of the potential dangers of technology.

The Value of Books in the Age of AI (00:05:21) Books are becoming more valuable as a source of reliable knowledge compared to AI and technology.

Real Talk Topic: Everyday People (00:07:46) The hosts discuss the concept of “everyday people” and how they can be similar or different from each other.

Living in the Inner City (00:08:33) Discussion about fried bologna and cheese in the inner city, including cooking techniques and memories associated with it.

Government Cheese (00:09:41) Conversation about government cheese, its unique characteristics, and the process of cutting it.

Introduction of Kel Mitchell (00:12:30) The hosts introduce Kel Mitchell, discussing his recent book release and collaboration with a song called “Bless Mo.”

The struggle of growing up in the entertainment industry (00:18:11) Kel Mitchell discusses the challenges he faced as a young celebrity and the impact it had on his mental health.

The success and impact of the show “All That” (00:19:06) Kel Mitchell talks about the unexpected success of the show “All That” and how it quickly gained popularity among younger audiences.

The importance of sharing personal experiences and testimonies (00:22:25) Kel Mitchell emphasizes the significance of sharing personal stories and testimonies to help others navigate their own journeys and make informed decisions.

The value of music and introducing new artists (00:24:50) Discussion about the diversity and appreciation of different genres of Christian music and the joy of discovering new artists.

Background on the song “Go Time” (00:25:54) Kel Mitchell explains the inspiration behind his song “Go Time” and how he used it to motivate himself and others during a challenging time.

Being a youth pastor and the challenges of guiding today’s youth (00:28:14) The hosts discuss the unique challenges faced by youth pastors in the age of technology and easy access to explicit content, and Kel Mitchell shares his approach to connecting with and guiding young people.

The Value of Marriage and Faith (00:33:26) Kel Mitchell discusses the importance of his marriage, the spiritual upgrade he experienced, and the beauty of waiting until marriage for intimacy.

Good Burger Revival (00:36:59) Kel Mitchell announces the revival of the iconic movie “Good Burger” and shares details about the script, music, and cameos in the new film.

Real Talk: Everyday People (00:40:34) The hosts discuss the different types of people in the world and how they navigate everyday situations, using driving habits as an example.

The dangers of driving under the speed limit (00:41:53) Discussion about the risks of driving too slowly on the highway and the frustration it causes for other drivers.

The value of indulging in food (00:46:07) Conversation about the enjoyment of food and the preference for dining with people who appreciate indulging in a meal.

The plastic furniture of the past (00:48:14) Nostalgic reminiscing about plastic-covered furniture from childhood and the discomfort it caused, including plastic runners with spikes on the bottom.

The Importance of Handicap Parking (00:50:42) Discussion on the wrongness of parking in handicap spots without a disability and the frustration it causes for those who need them.

Sharing Food Etiquette (00:52:33) Debate on whether it is acceptable to share food with others when dining out, with personal anecdotes and differing opinions.

The Influence of Michael Jordan and Kanye West in Sneaker Culture (00:56:31) Recognition of Michael Jordan’s impact on sneaker culture and the ongoing popularity of his sneaker brand, as well as the rise of Kanye West’s Yeezy brand in the industry.

The types of people and pizza preferences (00:58:26) The hosts discuss different types of people and their preferences when it comes to pizza, specifically the crust and the middle slices.

Trick or treating and sharing candy (01:00:13) The hosts talk about their experiences with trick or treating and how they did not share their candy with others.

Peanut butter and jelly preferences (01:02:18) The hosts discuss their preferences when it comes to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, specifically whether they prefer grape jelly or strawberry preserves.

The retirement of Geoffrey Hinton and the potential dangers of technology (01:06:57) The hosts discuss the retirement of Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “godfather of AI,” from Google and the potential dangers of technology.

Different ways of cooking sausages and hot dogs (01:07:26) The hosts talk about their personal preferences for cooking sausages and hot dogs, including frying them and adding onions and peppers.

Interview with Kel Mitchell and his positive impact (01:10:08) The hosts discuss their conversation with Kel Mitchell, praising him for being a good person with a heart for God, loving people, and giving back to the community. They also mention his music and how it inspires them.

Jamie Foxx’s Hospitalization (01:14:46) Discussion about Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization, his career, and the support he’s receiving from fans.

Taking Care of Our Bodies (01:16:06) Encouragement to prioritize physical fitness, including walking, biking, and building community connections.

Struggles with Metabolism (01:17:09) Conversation about the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight and the differences in metabolism among individuals.