Marriage: The Ultimate Team Sport with NFL Player Grant “Steezo” Stuard

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx In this episode, we had a profound conversation with Grant Stuard, an athlete and artist whose story is as inspiring as his music. We talked about his faith journey, how marriage changed his life and his love for Christian Hip Hop.

From Skepticism to Spiritual Awakening

Grant’s journey is a testament to the power of faith and the search for a deeper connection with the divine. Growing up in a church environment, he felt a disconnect between the actions of believers and their professed faith. This dissonance led him to explore various belief systems, but none struck a chord with him as the Holy Bible did.

Despite his doubts, Grant’s persistence in seeking a personal revelation was rewarded. He recounted a transformative experience at a church service that reignited his faith and led him to surrender his life to God. This pivotal moment marked a shift from doubt to a profound spiritual connection, a theme that resonates with Da Fixx’s mission to inspire and uplift.

The Intersection of Faith and Life

The conversation with Grant delved into the impact of faith on various aspects of life, including sports and the arts. We discussed the responsibility of public figures to promote positive messages and the role of faith in guiding their actions. Grant’s story highlighted the importance of authenticity and the courage to stand by one’s beliefs in the face of adversity.

Overcoming Personal Struggles Through Faith

Grant opened up about his challenging upbringing, marked by his mother’s addiction and his father’s incarceration. He bravely shared how he took on the responsibility of raising his siblings, which led to negative behaviors and a sense of emptiness. It wasn’t until September 22nd, 2019, that Grant decided to turn to God, a decision that has since directed him towards healing and personal growth.

The Evolution of Hip Hop and Grant’s Musical Journey

As a lover of hip hop, Grant shared his first hip hop moment with “Joyful Noise” by Flame and Lecrae, and how artists like Eminem influenced his storytelling approach to music. He spoke passionately about the current state of hip hop, its diversity, and the opportunities for Christian hip hop artists to reach broader audiences.

Grant’s new single “Empty” is a reflection of his creative process and his commitment to delivering authentic and impactful music. He also teased his upcoming album, promising a mix of diverse influences and collaborations that aim to resonate with listeners on a deeper level.

The Sacred Bond of Marriage

In a society where marriage rates are declining, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble explored the significance of this sacred union. They discussed the benefits of marriage, from tax breaks to shared experiences, and the spiritual covenant it represents. Their conversation also touched on the societal influences that shape our attitudes towards marriage and the importance of guiding the younger generation to understand its value.

Commitment and Growth in Marriage

Marriage is more than a legal bond; it’s a commitment that fosters personal and spiritual growth. Focus and Dice emphasized the learning that occurs in the first few years of marriage and the importance of dedication and trust DJ Focus highlighted the difference between dating and marriage, underscoring the depth of commitment marriage entails.

Focus and Dice’s passion for advocating for marriage was clear as they discussed the importance of family structure and the benefits it brings to society. This episode is a celebration of faith, personal transformation, and the power of music to convey profound truths. Grant Stuard’s story is a beacon of hope for anyone seeking meaning and connection in their lives. Thank you for tuning and remember to turn your negatives into positives.

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Introduction (00:01:20)
DJ Focus introduces the show, talks about the mission, and teases upcoming topics.

Modern Day Marriage (00:03:15)
Discussion on the relevance of marriage in modern times.

Tye Tribbett Gets Injured (00:04:05)
Updates on artist Tye Tribbett’s injury and upcoming tour.

Dee-1 calls out Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Jim Jones (00:05:00)
Discussion on Dee-1’s comments about glorifying violence in hip hop music and the resulting controversy.

Hip Hop and Social Responsibility (00:09:33)
Continuation of the discussion on the impact of hip hop lyrics and social responsibility.

Introducing Grant Stuard (00:10:24)
Introduction to the segment featuring Grant Stuard, a talented athlete and artist.

Grant’s Faith Journey (00:10:51)
Grant Stuard shares his faith journey and upbringing in the church.

Grant’s Revelation (00:16:48)
Grant Stuard discusses his search for truth and his prayer for a undeniable revelation of God.

The shift in perspective (00:18:31) Grant Stuard shares his personal experiences and the pivotal moment that shifted his perspective towards seeking a higher purpose.

Exploring hip hop roots (00:22:03) Grant Stuard discusses his early exposure to hip hop and his influences, including Christian rap and mainstream artists like Eminem.

The state of hip hop culture (00:25:05) Grant Stuard’s views on the current state of hip hop, discussing the blending of different musical styles and its impact on mainstream and Christian hip hop.

The creative process behind “Empty” (00:28:54) Grant Stuard describes the spontaneous and collaborative creation of his single “Empty” with Rick Rogers, emphasizing the song’s personal and spiritual significance.

Collaborations and future plans (00:33:08) Grant Stuard discusses potential collaborations with artists in the Christian hip hop space, including his admiration for Ty Brasel and his interactions with other artists.

Marriage and Covenant (00:36:42) The value and representation of marriage as a covenant, and the societal perspective on marriage.

Marriage Statistics and Cultural Perspectives (00:37:34) Statistics on marriage rates and cultural perspectives on marriage, particularly within different racial groups.

Benefits and Purpose of Marriage (00:38:43) The benefits of marriage, the purpose of marriage, and the societal decline in marriage rates.

Accountability and Commitment in Marriage (00:40:24) The importance of accountability and commitment in marriage, and the role of spiritual leaders in guiding couples towards marriage.

Cultural Influence on Marriage (00:42:50) The societal influence on attitudes towards marriage, the impact of promiscuity, and the importance of teaching values to children.

Family Values and Personal Reflections (00:45:28) The importance of family values in marriage, personal reflections on the significance of marriage, and the impact of spiritual teachings.

Trusting God’s Plan and Humility in Marriage (00:48:14) Trusting in God’s plan for marriage, embracing humility, and the growth that comes from being married.

Pursuit and Protection of Marriage (00:50:43) The honor of pursuit in marriage, the importance of protecting marriage, and the impact of prayer on marriages.

Spiritual Warfare and Accountability (00:52:22) The reality of spiritual warfare in relationships, the impact of compromising situations, and the importance of accountability in friendships.

Conclusion (00:54:10) Reflection on the Grant Stuard’s new single and appreciation for the artist’s message.

Marriage and Commitment (00:54:12) Discussion about the value of marriage, trust, dedication, and the challenges of the first 3-5 years.

Spiritual Growth in Marriage (00:55:23) The importance of spiritual growth, prayers, and commitment in marriage, and the difference between dating and marriage.

The Importance of Marriage (00:57:25) Discussion about the declining marriage rate, the importance of marriage for society, and the need for accountability and family structure.

Promoting Marriage (00:58:52) The importance of promoting marriage, building schools, and the benefits of family structure for the next generation.