Mental Health and the Music Industry: An Honest Conversation with Erica Campbell

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx. In this episode we had the pleasure of hosting the gospel music legend, Erica Campbell. We will take you through the highlights of our discussion, touching on music, spirituality, personal experiences, mental health and the importance of seeking therapy.

The Mission of Music

As hosts, we always emphasize our mission to expose the culture to positive and relevant music that centers around Jesus Christ. In this episode, we were thrilled to have Erica Campbell, a gospel music legend, who is releasing her third studio album. We have always admired Erica’s work, and her presence on the show was a testament to our commitment to bringing you the best in the industry.

The Power of Transparency in Music

During our interview with Erica, she emphasized the importance of being transparent in her music and sharing her personal experiences. She credits her parents for teaching her the power of overcoming through the blood of the lamb and the word of her testimony. Erica also opened up about the impact of the pandemic on her life, revealing that it made her realize that her family is enough, and that love is what held them together. She shared that she started therapy during the pandemic and how it helped her deal with certain aspects of herself.

Mental Health and The Role of Therapy in Our Culture

When asked about the reluctance in seeking therapy within the culture, Erica attributed it to pride and ego. She believes that many people think they don’t need therapy and can handle everything on their own. She also mentioned that some individuals use substances to escape from themselves, and therapy can be beneficial for them.

Addressing the Sexualized Culture

As a first lady, Erica Campbell has a unique perspective on dealing with young women who are influenced by the sexualized culture. She shared her struggle in addressing this issue and explained that she tries to convey the importance of honoring oneself and having a different standard as a person of faith. She acknowledged the challenges of finding the right words to communicate this message without being judgmental.

The Journey of Creating “I Love You”

Erica Campbell shared her experience creating her album “I Love You.” She believes that God named the album because of the immense love and honesty that went into it. She also discussed the process of working on the album, taking her time with each song and not rushing the release. She expressed her gratitude for being able to collaborate with Stevie Wonder on the album, highlighting his kindness and talent.

The Impact of Gospel Music

Dice Gamble expressed her love for a motivational song that always puts her in the right mindset. She believes that certain songs have a meditational quality that aligns with God’s intentions for us. She mentioned that her husband used to have a crush on Erica Campbell, who she considers a staple in the music industry. Dice admires how Erica broke out of the church genre and introduced a more poppy vibe to gospel music.

The Ultimate Goal

As your host, I agree with Dice admiration for Erica Campbell and acknowledge her talent. I encourage everyone to go out and be great, spreading the love of Christ. I emphasize the importance of turning negative situations into positive ones and always keeping Jesus Christ as the answer. Remember, advancing the kingdom of God should be our ultimate goal.

In conclusion, this episode was a rich exploration of the intersection of hip hop, faith, and mental health. We discussed the impact of music, particularly gospel music, on our lives, highlighted Erica Campbell’s contribution to the genre, and emphasized the importance of spreading positivity and love. Until next time, peace to everyone.

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Erica Campbell with her sister Tina Campbell (Gospel duo Mary Mary)
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Erica taking a selfie


The importance of seeking therapy (00:07:28) Erica Campbell discusses her personal experience with therapy and how it helped her during the pandemic.

Transparency in music and overcoming struggles (00:05:49) Erica Campbell talks about the importance of being transparent in music and how sharing her own struggles can encourage others.

The revelation during the pandemic (00:06:32) Erica Campbell shares how the pandemic revealed to her that her family and love are enough, and the importance of therapy and self-reflection.

The importance of seeking therapy (00:08:21) Discussion on the need for counseling and seeking help from others to overcome challenges and avoid isolation.

Navigating the sexualized culture (00:10:21) Conversation about addressing the sexualized culture and having conversations with young women about honoring themselves and their bodies.

Supporting each other in marriage and ministry (00:13:00) Erica Campbell discusses her journey of supporting her husband in his ministry and the importance of unity and togetherness in marriage and ministry.

The making of “I Love You” (00:17:01) Erica Campbell discusses the personal and organic process of creating the album “I Love You” and the meaning behind the songs.

Working with Stevie Wonder (00:19:29) Erica Campbell talks about the experience of collaborating with Stevie Wonder on the record and the gratitude for his involvement.

Bridging the gap between gospel and mainstream artists (00:20:46) The importance of reaching out to people who may not be familiar with gospel music and spreading the message of God’s goodness through collaborations with mainstream artists.

The manhunt and capture (00:25:32) Discussion about the manhunt for a convicted killer who escaped prison and was eventually caught by Pennsylvania police.

The importance of cameras in tracking the suspect (00:26:16) Highlighting the role of surveillance cameras, specifically Ring cameras, in helping to track the suspect during the manhunt.

The Kingdom Choice Awards (00:29:09) Promotion and excitement for the upcoming Kingdom Choice Awards, discussing the event, the categories, and the need for artists to show up and showcase their skills.

Motivational Songs (00:34:40) Discussion about the power of motivational songs and their ability to put one in the right mindset, with specific mention of a song called “All Right.”

Erica Campbell’s Influence (00:34:52) Recognition of Erica Campbell as a staple in gospel music who broke out of the traditional church sound and introduced a more poppy vibe, making gospel music more accessible to a wider audience.

Closing Remarks (00:35:47) Encouragement to be great, show love, stay focused, and turn negatives into positives, with a reminder that Jesus Christ is always the answer and advancing the kingdom should be the goal.