From the Streets to the Pulpit: Nu Tone’s Journey of Redemption

Welcome to another exciting episode of Da Fixx. We are thrilled to share our enlightening conversation with Nu Tone, a super rhyme spinner, and a man of God from California. Listen in as he shares his testimony of redemption.

The Importance of Respect and Love

In this episode, we delve into the importance of treating people with respect and showing love. We discuss the negative impact of toxic relationships and abusive language, emphasizing the need for accountability and apologizing when wrong. We also explore the power of words and their impact on relationships, including marriages.

Our mission is to expose the culture to positive and relevant music centered around Jesus Christ. We believe in promoting positivity, love, and faith through music and discussions on culturally relevant topics.

The Temple Concept and Personal Transformation

We shift the topic to the concept of the temple and how it relates to one’s body as a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. We emphasize the importance of treating one’s body with respect and making positive changes in one’s life. We acknowledge that this topic may make some people uncomfortable, but we believe that our discussions should provoke change and discomfort in order to bring about growth and transformation.

Nu Tone’s Redemption

Our exclusive guest, Nu Tone, shares his faith journey and how he discovered Jesus. He talks about his past life in the streets and his emptiness, and how encountering Jesus in a dream changed his life. He also mentions his ministry and his passion for reaching out to those in the streets and prisons.

Nu Tone shares how reading the Bible and understanding the power of Jesus has transformed his life. He emphasizes the importance of praying, fasting, and incorporating these spiritual practices into his music to set people free and break the shackles of demonic forces.

Fatherhood and Breaking the Cycle

Nu Tone reflects on growing up without a father figure and how it impacted his perception of being a good dad. However, through his faith in God, he realizes that he is a new creation and can break the cycle of absent fathers.

Collaborations and Upcoming Projects

Nu Tone talks about his collaborations with other artists in the Christian music industry. He also mentions his close relationship with Bryann Trejo, whom he considers a brother. Nu Tone praises Bryann’s heart for ministry and his authenticity. He shares a powerful experience of preaching with Bryann in a Colorado state facility, where inmates responded to their message and music.

The Importance of Physical and Mental Health

We discuss the importance of taking care of one’s physical and mental health. We emphasize that changing habits is not just about looking good, but about being able to fulfill one’s purpose and live a fulfilling life. We mention the need to eat healthy, exercise, and manage stress in order to prevent premature death and live a longer life.

The Connection Between Food and Well-being

We talk about the connection between what we eat and how it affects our physical and mental well-being. We emphasize the importance of glorifying God in our choices, including what we eat. We encourage listeners to be mindful of what they eat and to read food labels, avoiding ingredients they don’t understand.

Wrapping Up

We express our gratitude for God’s continuous control and ask Him to remain on the throne. We discuss our admiration for Nu Tone, who is known for his street ministry and his ability to connect with gang members. We mention his upcoming music projects and express our support for his work.

We encourage our listeners to continue spreading the love of Christ and to stay focused on their faith. We remind everyone to prioritize their relationship with Jesus and to strive for kingdom advancement. Thank you for tuning in and God bless!

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Treating People with Respect and Love (00:02:11) Discussion on the importance of treating people with common courtesy, respect, and showing the love of Christ.

Negative Impact of Toxic Relationships and Abusive Language (00:03:36) Highlighting the negative consequences of toxic relationships, abusive language, and the need to build healthy relationships in the body.

Introduction of Nu Tone (00:08:04) Introducing Nu Tone, a super rhyme spitter from California, and discussing his ministry, music, and his involvement in unique ministry activities.

The importance of treating your temple (00:08:36) Discussion about how to treat your body as a temple and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in it.

The power of words and toxic relationships (00:09:16) Emphasizing the impact of words and the need for change in toxic relationships.

Nu Tone’s faith journey (00:12:06) Nu Tone shares his testimony of how he discovered Jesus and his transformation from a life of gang violence and emptiness.

The importance of faith-infused music (00:17:17) Discussion about the power of music to set people free and bring them to Jesus, and the influence of demonic forces in music.

The role of fathers and positive male figures (00:18:53) Nu Tone, talks about the impact of not having a father figure and the importance of being a good father and positive role model.

Absence of fathers in inner-city neighborhoods (00:20:46) Discussion about the lack of fathers in inner-city neighborhoods and the need for godly male figures to be present in children’s lives.

The importance of unity and collaboration (00:27:59) Discussion on the lack of unity in the music industry and the importance of reaching out to other artists to collaborate and bring the community together.

Advice for struggling teens (00:30:10) Nu Tone shares advice for adolescents who are struggling, encouraging them to give their lives fully to God and try Him wholeheartedly.

Taking care of our bodies as temples (00:33:09) The hosts discuss the importance of taking care of our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and how our health is connected to our faith.

Taking care of ourselves (00:34:00) Emphasizing the importance of changing habits to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

The impact of toxic relationships (00:35:38) Discussion about how toxic relationships and unhealthy environments can negatively affect our health, including increasing stress levels and multiplying cancer cells.

Switching to healthier food choices (00:40:50) Discussion about the need to switch to healthier food choices, highlighting the negative effects of eating toxic foods like pork and emphasizing the importance of learning and doing better in terms of our diet.

The importance of the Holy Spirit (00:43:27) Discussion on the importance of understanding how the Holy Spirit works and how it can guide us in making better decisions.

Treating our bodies well (00:44:06) Discussion about the importance of taking care of our physical bodies, including fitness and nutrition, and how the Holy Spirit can help us in our journey.

The negative impact of unhealthy eating (00:49:34) Discussion about the negative consequences of unhealthy eating habits, including the impact on our health and immune system, and how it goes against glorifying God.

The importance of treating people with respect (00:52:17) Discussion on how we should not focus on how others treat us poorly, but rather on treating people with respect and love.

The negative impact of toxic relationships and abusive language (00:53:07) Exploration of the negative effects of toxic relationships and abusive language on our mental and physical well-being.

Taking care of our bodies and the importance of healthy eating (00:54:58) Highlighting the importance of being mindful of what we eat and choosing foods that nourish our bodies, as well as discussing the negative effects of consuming unhealthy food.

The importance of God’s control (01:01:07) Discussion the importance of God remaining in control and not taking an “off day” in controlling the sun, winds, and water.

Pastor Bishop Doctor Reverend Newton’s ministry (01:02:09) Discussion about Nu Tone’s ministry where he prays for and talks about Jesus with gang members, without any weapons, in one of the worst gang-filled cities.

Pastor Bishop Doctor Reverend Newton’s music (01:03:26) Discussion about Nu Tone’s new project and collaborations, including a Spanish album, and encourage listeners to support his music.