Racism in the Church: What is the Truth about White Jesus?

In this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting a vibrant conversation with producer, rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, J Crum who shares his faith and music journeys and experiencing racism in the church. In our real talk segment, Dice Gamble talks about the importance of relationships, community and the importance of socializing to advance the kingdom.

The Art of Being Social

Dice Gamble kicked off our conversation with an intriguing topic: the art of being social. In an era where the internet has connected us more than ever, it’s ironic that many still struggle with social skills. We explored ways to enhance social skills, even for introverts, and the importance of effective communication in our daily lives.

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble emphasized the need to overcome shyness and fear to share faith and make a positive impact on people’s lives. They encouraged listeners to step out of their comfort zones and engage with different races, beliefs, and perspectives. The key takeaway? God’s ultimate concern is people and reaching souls, rather than material success.

Racism in the Church

Our conversation took a deeper turn when we started discussing J Crum’s faith journey and music career. Crum, a talented producer, rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, shared his experiences with church hurt and racism within the church. Despite facing toxicity in both churches, he attended, he continued to pursue his music career and gained attention in the industry.

Crum’s journey in the music industry has been marked by challenges and a desire to address important issues. He shared his experiences in the Christian hip hop community in France and his work with at-risk youth, using hip hop as a tool to inspire and give hope to those in tough environments.

Challenging the Status Quo

One of the most significant moments in our conversation was when Crum discussed the significance of his song and video where he burns pictures of a white Jesus. He explained that the whitewashing of Jesus was intentional and perpetuated the idea of whiteness as divine and pure. He wanted to challenge this narrative and start a conversation about why the imagery of a white Jesus triggers people.

The Importance of Community

Throughout our conversation, we emphasized the importance of being part of a supportive community, such as a church, during difficult times. Being around wise individuals can help one gain wisdom and grow. We also highlighted the significance of knowing and being friendly with one’s neighbors.

Wrapping Up

Our conversation with J Crum, was a powerful reminder of the importance of connection, understanding, and personal growth. We hope that their insights inspire you as much as they inspired us. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations in our upcoming episodes!

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The Hip Hop Revolution (00:00:13) Discussion about the impact of real hip hop and its effect on the culture.

Celebrating National Nachos Day (00:02:10) Conversation about the history and versatility of nachos, including its origins in Mexico and its popularity in America.

Being More Social (00:05:28) Exploration of the importance of being social in the age of the internet and ways to improve social skills even for introverts.

The Solo Rap Career Begins (00:08:29) J Crum discusses his journey into pursuing a solo rap career and the start of his success.

Experiencing Church Hurt (00:09:24) J Crum talks about leaving his traditional black apostolic church, joining a predominantly white church, and experiencing racism within the church.

Calling Out Racism in the Church (00:11:35) J Crum shares his experiences of encountering racism in the white evangelical church and how it led him to speak out against it and promote racial reconciliation.

The French Hip Hop Community (00:18:39) Discussion on the experiences and conversations within the Christian hip hop community in France.

The Importance of Challenging White Jesus (00:20:37) Exploration of the significance and intention behind burning the pictures of a white Jesus, and the need to address the whitewashing of Jesus.

Connecting with Youth through Hip Hop (00:25:49) The use of hip hop as a tool to communicate with at-risk youth, inspiring hope and encouraging them to make positive changes in their lives.

The importance of being social (00:34:36) Discussion on the importance of believers being social and sharing their faith with others.

Overcoming shyness and fear (00:35:38) Encouragement to overcome shyness and fear of speaking in public or interacting with others.

God’s focus on people (00:39:05) Understanding that God’s main concern is reaching and impacting people, not material success or achievements.

Fear of Being Social (00:39:19) Discussion on the fear of being social and the lack of confidence in approaching others.

Importance of Communication in the Household (00:40:05) The role of communication in the household and its impact on social skills in the outside world.

Benefits of Being Social (00:41:44) The advantages of being social, including networking opportunities, career growth, and personal development.

The importance of being social (00:48:18) Discussion on the intention behind Jesus sending out the disciples in pairs and the importance of having social connections in faith and life.

Enhancing social skills (00:53:05) Encouragement to develop social skills through activities like joining a book club or participating in team sports.

Becoming more social (00:54:53) A call to action for listeners to strive to be more social, engage in conversations, and open up to others, inspired by the atmosphere in barbershops.

The importance of community and being social (00:57:29) Discussion on the benefits of surrounding oneself with a caring community, seeking wisdom, and being transparent during difficult times.

Knowing your neighbors (00:58:20) Emphasis on the importance of knowing and building relationships with neighbors for a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Racism in the church (00:59:01) Addressing the need for uncomfortable conversations about racism within the church and the belief that diversity will be celebrated in heaven.