Revolt TV CEO Detavio Samuels: Revolutionizing Faith and Leadership

On this episode of Da Fixx, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble are celebrating Thanksgiving with our special guest, Detavio Samuels, CEO of Revolt TV. Together, we delved into a myriad of topics that resonate with the essence of the holiday season: faith, spirituality, leadership, and the delicate art of balancing our personal and professional lives.

A Time for Gratitude and Reflection

Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to count our blessings and express gratitude for the abundance in our lives. It’s a day filled with tradition, family, and, of course, a bountiful feast. But beyond the turkey and pumpkin pie, it’s a moment to reflect on the deeper aspects of our existence—our faith and spirituality.

Faith and Spirituality: The Cornerstones of Life

During the episode, Focus and Dice explored how faith and spirituality serve as cornerstones in our lives. They provide us with a framework to navigate the complexities of the world and offer solace during times of uncertainty. Both Focus and Dice shared personal anecdotes about their spiritual journeys and how their beliefs have shaped their perspectives and actions.

Leadership: A Service Beyond Self

Leadership was another central theme of our discussion. True leadership, as they concluded, is not about wielding power but about serving others. It’s about setting an example and guiding people towards a common goal. We examined the traits that make a good leader and how one’s faith can influence their leadership style.

Balancing the Scales: Personal and Professional Life

One of the most challenging aspects of modern life is finding the right balance between our personal and professional commitments. The conversation touched on strategies and mindsets that can help in maintaining this balance. Focus and Dice discussed the importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and the role of faith in keeping us grounded.

Love and Grace: The Christian Perspective

As Christians, our hosts believe that love and grace are fundamental to our faith. These principles should not only guide our personal interactions but also extend to our professional relationships. They talked about the significance of showing love and grace in all areas of life and how these values can transform our interactions with others.

An Insightful Interview with Revolt TV CEO Detavio Samuels

The highlight of the episode was the interview with Detavio Samuels, the CEO of Revolt TV. Detavio shared his inspiring journey, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned along the way. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, faith, and the willingness to take risks.

Main Lessons and Insights

From our rich and varied discussion, several key lessons emerged:

  • Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving; it’s a mindset that can enhance our daily lives.
  • Faith and spirituality offer a compass that guides us through life’s ups and downs.
  • Effective leadership is rooted in service, humility, and the ability to inspire others.
  • Balancing our personal and professional lives is crucial for our well-being and success.
  • Love and grace should be at the heart of all our interactions, reflecting our Christian values.
  • The journey of successful individuals like Detavio Samuels can motivate us to pursue our dreams with courage and conviction.


As they wrapped up the episode, Focus and Dice couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of appreciation for the insights shared by Detavio Samuels. It was a reminder that, despite our diverse paths, we are all connected by our common humanity and the universal themes of faith, leadership, and the pursuit of balance.

We hope this episode—and the reflections shared in this blog post—resonate with you as they did with us. May they inspire you to embrace gratitude, lead with purpose, and live a life filled with love and grace.

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Da Fixx is in (00:00:00) Introduction to the podcast episode and the speakers’ roles.

Thanksgiving Day celebration (00:01:29) Discussion about Thanksgiving traditions, food, and family gatherings.

Spiritual detox and reflection (00:05:41) Conversation about spiritual gifts, talents, and self-reflection in the context of faith and spirituality.

Interview with Detavio Samuels (00:07:56) An interview with Detavio Samuels, CEO of Revolt TV, discussing his faith journey, spiritual regimens, and leadership style.

Balancing personal and professional life (00:16:57) Exploration of Detavio Samuels’ leadership style and how he manages to balance various responsibilities and endeavors.

Speaker 5 (00:17:08) Self-care routine and optimization of the body for fulfilling life’s purpose.

Speaker 5 (00:19:32) Revolt’s mission to shift the global narrative around black people and the importance of owning their own storytelling.

Speaker 5 (00:21:32) Leveraging hip hop as a lens to explore the black experience globally and unite change among millennials and gen z’s.

Speaker 5 (00:24:03) The role of writing and storytelling in complementing the CEO role and shaping the narrative.

Speaker 5 (00:25:12) Gratitude and surprise at personal accomplishments, guided by faith.

Speaker 5 (00:26:24) Adapting to technology trends and staying abreast of culture in the media industry.

Speaker 5 (00:28:07) Vision for Revolt as the “Black Disney” and key milestones and initiatives.

Speaker 5 (00:30:18) Top emcees of all time and how to connect with Revolt and the show “The Black Print.”

Speaker 3 (00:32:31) Discussion on prophecy and the biblical gift of prophecy.

Prophets and their role (00:35:32) Discussion about the role and significance of prophets in guiding people through stressful times and delivering God’s message.

The importance of listening to God (00:41:39) Emphasizing the need for believers with the gift of prophecy to actively listen to God, seek spiritual discernment, and accurately convey God’s message.

Characteristics of a prophet (00:44:20) Exploring the characteristics a prophet should possess, including fearlessness, meekness, and aligning with biblical principles and the character of God.

Thanksgiving traditions and community service (00:47:03) Sharing personal experiences and traditions related to Thanksgiving celebrations, including community service and missionary work.

Interview with Detavio Samuels (00:50:43) Reflections on an interview with Detavio Samuels, CEO of Revolt TV, discussing the importance of black storytelling and faith-based content on the network.

Encouragement and spiritual balance (00:52:22) Encouraging listeners to maintain a balance in their spiritual walk and stay focused on turning negatives into positives, with Jesus Christ as the ultimate answer.