Stevie Rizo: Prophecy, Love and Music

Stevie’s Prophecy

Stevie’s early understanding of church was that it taught you how to do good.  “You don’t sin too much and you go to Heaven.  And then I stumbled across kingdom.  When I was old enough to actually learn it for myself, I came across the authority and the dominion that we have on earth.  And that really woke me up to it’s not about me getting to heaven.  It’s about a life I’m supposed to live on earth.” 

On a mission

Before Stevie sang his first note, he says, he was prophesized over and told he was going to be a singer.  His grandparents who were pastors would make him sing.  “I used to cry every time.  But once I was old enough to make my own decision, I just fell in love with music.”  Stevie has been in his bag since making that choice as a teenager. 


Musically, he’s come a long way from when he first started.  “I strayed far trying to find myself.   I went to church every Sunday.  I knew Hekeziah Walker and Fred Hammond.  They was cool.  But I grew up on Lauryn Hill and Kanye West.  Jay-Z” explains Stevie of his transition from “secular” to faith-based music.  “I want my generation to be more bible driven with life.”

Whether in music, television, or film, the importance of content cannot be overstated.  “It [music] is really becoming oversaturated with so many negative things.  What you portray in your music is important.  The ears and eyes are gateways to the soul.”  If we are not aware, it can change us and we won’t realize it until it’s too late. 

“Gospel music has been very influential in our culture,” says Stevie.  But that doesn’t always equal cool in the eyes of the young folk.  “Until we start seeing Christianity and Gospel as cool.  I see this artist prevailing and he’s doing Christian.  Then the youth will realize that it’s not corny.”


Stevie Rizzo’s latest single Esther has been trending on social media.  “I did want to highlight the holy girls.  The younger ones are looking to marriage.  I made it like a marriage song, but it’s really about position.  She came from nothing.  She gained something.  But in her gaining, she didn’t gain for herself.  She changed everybody’s life.” 

Despite the popularity of Esther, Stevie is not ready for married life.  Instead, he’s focused on the mission.  “Everything is in God’s timing.  But right now, I feel like God is telling me to focus on this music.  Growing up doing RNB, I had very lustful eyes.  The devil always attacks you where your purpose lies.  Making this song, Esther, made me realize my purpose was to unify the men and women on the Christian side.”

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Stevie Rizzo: Prophecy, Love and Music
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