The Catholic Church, Santeria and Hip Hop: Ilish’s Faith Journey

In this episode of Da Fixx, we discuss Halloween, personal integrity, and introduce ILISH, an up-and-coming rapper from South Florida. ILISH shares his faith journey, experiences with church hypocrisy, and the importance of mental health. He also discusses the origins of the Hilltop Collective, his music group, and his creative process. In our real talk segment, we discuss the importance of integrity in business and ministry, with a focus on honesty and transparency. We close out the episode with a discussion on the passing of Friends star, Matthew Perry and the lack of clean comedy in the entertainment industry. Thank you for tuning in, enjoy the discussion.

Halloween: A Controversial Date with a Positive Twist

We kicked off the discussion by sharing our personal experiences with Halloween. We acknowledged that Halloween can be a controversial date for people of faith. However, we see it as an opportunity to reach out to others and share our faith. We encouraged our listeners to use Halloween as a chance to spread positivity and love, rather than participating in anything demonic.

The Importance of Integrity

We also touched on the importance of integrity in how we show up in the world, both morally and spiritually. Integrity is not just about being honest, but also about being true to our values and beliefs. It’s about walking the talk and living out our faith in a genuine way.

Introducing ILISH: A Rising Star

Later in the episode, we introduced ILISH, a talented artist who is part of the Hilltop Collective. We discussed his unique faith journey and his involvement in the music industry. ILISH has been praised for his talent and the quality of his music, and we were excited to have him on the show to discuss his new music and faith journey.

ILISH’s Faith Journey and the Importance of Community

ILISH shared his faith journey, explaining that he grew up in a structured religious background. However, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he had a real encounter with God. This experience led him to commit to his faith for the past 13 years.

He also discussed his experience with church hypocrisy and the importance of community in a local church. He emphasized the need for genuine connection, where people can support and uplift each other.

The Catholic Church, Santeria and Mental Health

The conversation then shifted to the topic of spiritual warfare and mental health. ILISH shared his background, where his father was involved in Santeria, a form of witchcraft mixed with Catholicism. However, his father broke free from that and instilled a strong foundation of faith in ILISH and his family. This background has made ILISH aware of the spiritual aspect of his faith and the importance of mental health.

The Creative Process and the Power of Music

When asked about his creative process, ILISH explained that he likes to hear a beat first, as it helps him come up with melodies. He also shared about the origins of the Hilltop Collective, a music group he started with a few friends in South Florida. Despite the challenges they faced, including the passing of one of their friends, Biz, they remained committed to their vision of unifying South Florida and making an impact through their music.

The Importance of Integrity in Business and Ministry

In our real talk segment, we discussed the importance of integrity in business and ministry. We highlighted how some Christians prioritize making money over spreading the message of Christ, which may not align with God’s intentions. We emphasized the need for honesty and transparency in business dealings, even if it means walking away from a bad business deal.

Honesty, Transparency, and Trust

We also stressed the significance of honesty, transparency, and trust in both personal and professional endeavors. We believe that by being honest and trusting in God, individuals can walk in integrity and experience blessings and success.

Integrity within the Christian Community

We wrapped up the discussion by emphasizing the importance of integrity within the Christian community. We acknowledged that many people view Christians as hypocrites and emphasized the need for believers to live up to the values they preach. Again, thank you for tapping in with Da Fixx, see you next episode!

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The Fix Intro and Welcome (00:00:00) Introduction to the podcast episode and welcoming the audience.

Discussion about Halloween (00:01:20) The hosts talk about their thoughts on Halloween and how they use it as an opportunity to share their faith.

Integrity and Showing Up (00:05:43) The hosts discuss the importance of integrity and how it affects our moral, spiritual, and physical presence.

Faith journey and personal relationship with Christ (00:08:40) Ilish shares his background in faith and how he developed a personal relationship with Christ during his teenage years.

Church hypocrisy and hurt (00:11:18) Ilish discusses the focus on outward appearance in the church and the need to make it more about Jesus and less about talent or ministry.

Inspiration behind the song “Safety Net” (00:14:30) Ilish talks about how he wrote the song during the 2020 shutdown and how it reflects feelings of loneliness and isolation, particularly among men.

The birth of the Hilltop idea (00:17:13) Ilish talks about how the idea of forming the Hilltop collective came about during a road trip to Tampa and the advice they received from Doc Watson.

Delays and challenges in the collective (00:17:58) Ilishdiscusses the delays and challenges faced by the collective, including the passing of their friend Biz and the difficulties of getting everyone together.

Upcoming projects and collaborations (00:20:32) The speaker shares information about their recent project “Moody” and their plans for a Spanish project, including collaborations with recognizable artists in the Spanish community.

The importance of music in ILISH’s life (00:24:53) Ilish discusses how he discovered and connected with music, particularly hip hop, as an escape and form of expression.

Connecting with non-Christian artists (00:26:48) Host ask if Ilish has been able to connect with non-Christian artists and if they have sought his advice or prayer.

The significance of integrity in Christianity (00:29:37) Hosts discuss the importance of integrity in the Christian faith and how it impacts one’s actions and relationships.

Integrity and Business (00:33:33) Discussion on the importance of integrity in business, and how some people prioritize making money over following Christian values.

Being Transparent in Business (00:34:03) Exploring the need for transparency in business relationships and how Christians should be honest with each other about mistakes and failures.

Chasing Money vs Chasing God (00:39:57) Highlighting the issue of compromising integrity for the sake of making money, particularly within the church, and the importance of prioritizing God in business plans.

Integrity and Honesty (00:42:42) The importance of integrity and honesty in business and personal life, using examples from churches and individuals.

Being Honest about Mistakes (00:44:11) The significance of acknowledging mistakes, taking responsibility, and learning from them, with references to biblical teachings.

Trusting God and Walking in Integrity (00:47:27) The importance of trusting in God’s plan, being honest about one’s current situation, and relying on God’s provision and blessings through people.

Integrity in the Christian community (starts at 00:51:22) The importance of integrity within the Christian community and the need for believers to live up to their beliefs.

Matthew Perry’s passing (starts at 00:53:00) The unexpected death of Matthew Perry, his career in movies and television, and the impact of his loss.

Halloween safety (starts at 00:57:07) The importance of parents accompanying their children during Halloween and the need for caution due to potential dangers.