The Power of Prayer: Melinda Isley’s Journey of Hope and Healing

Hey family. We recently had an enlightening conversation on Da Fixx with the super talented artist and musician, Melinda Isley. We delved into her faith journey, her music, and the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to follow God’s plans. We also discuss the power of prayer in our faith walk and the importance of health and wellness. In our real talk segment, we discuss the Daniel fast and the importance of health and wellness.

Breaking Free from Traditional Gospel Music

Melinda Isley, a unique voice in Christian R&B, joined us in a discussion about the need to break free from the confines of traditional gospel music. We highlighted artists who are doing different things and pushing the boundaries of what is considered ‘gospel’. Melinda shared her faith story, revealing that she was raised in a Baptist church but had God in her back pocket. She spoke about her journey of discovering the power of God and breaking free from the religious mindset that puts Him in a box.

Embracing God’s Plans

Melinda emphasized the importance of stepping out in obedience and following God’s plans for our lives. She shared how her perspective shifted when her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she experienced the presence and miracles of God. Melinda encourages us all to believe in the power of God and to not settle for just a portion of His blessings, but to embrace all that He has for us.

A Personal Journey of Faith

Melinda reflected on the loss of her father and questioned whether it was his time to go or if the enemy stole him away. Despite her initial confusion, Melinda found solace in seeking God and discovering the truth about His power and goodness. She emphasized the importance of seeking God in times of difficulty and knowing that He is for us, not against us.

Trusting in God’s Plans

Melinda encourages us to trust in God’s plans and not let the enemy deceive us into a life of paralysis. She shared her own experiences of encountering the Holy Spirit and how it has shaped her music and calling. Melinda acknowledges that she may not fit the typical mold of a gospel singer, but she embraces the path that God has called her to. She talks about receiving songs from God in dreams and how she stepped out of her comfort zone to follow His guidance.

Honoring God with Our Bodies

Melinda shares her belief that our bodies are temples and that it’s important to honor God with them. She talks about her father’s struggle with neglecting his own health and emphasizes the need to pay attention to how we treat our bodies. Melinda also shares a powerful story about a stranger who was sent by God to pray with her and her father in the hospital, highlighting the importance of reaching out to the body of Christ for support and prayer.

The Power of Prayer and Healing

Melinda is currently learning about the power of prayer and healing, referencing the book of James and the promise that when we pray for one another, healing can occur. Despite discussing healing while both she and I have experienced loss, she believes that God can still use us in a greater way because we continue to believe and follow Him.

The Story of Daniel and the Importance of Health

We highlighted the story of Daniel from the Bible, emphasizing the importance of eating what God made for us and how it can lead to better health. They also mentioned the importance of taking care of our bodies, including getting enough sleep, changing our diet, and drinking water. The conversation then transitioned to the topic of serving sizes and the need for balance in our eating habits.

Honoring the Temple and Making Healthy Choices

We expressed our love for the concept of God dwelling within us and the importance of preparing a place for God to come and do His work. We emphasized the connection and revelation that can come from spending time meditating and praying about this idea. We also mentioned the importance of taking care of our physical health, stating that “health is wealth.” We encourage anyone struggling with substance abuse to seek help and not run away from it.


The conversation concluded with a thank you to Melinda Isley for her inspiring words and a promotion of her latest single. We were reminded to stay focused, turn negatives into positives, and prioritize kingdom advancement. This conversation was a testament to the transformative power of faith and the importance of trusting in God’s plan. I hope you found it as enlightening and inspiring as I did.

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Melinda and CHH artist Brea Miles
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Melinda’s Faith Journey (00:02:03) Melinda shares her faith journey, including her realization of putting God in a box and her awakening to the power of God.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones (00:03:09) Melinda discusses the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to follow God’s plans and the message behind her song “Comfort Zones.”

The Blessing of Obedience (00:04:45) Melinda talks about the blessing of obedience and shares her personal experience of how her obedience to God led to a deeper faith and understanding of His goodness.

The journey of faith and miracles (00:08:17) Melinda shares her personal journey of faith, including the loss of her father and the miracles she experienced during that time.

The importance of obedience and delight (00:12:14) Melinda emphasizes the blessings that come from obedience to God and the importance of delighting in Him.

Seeking God and finding purpose (00:13:36) DJ Focus Dice Gamble praises Melinda for her dedication to seeking God and understanding the scriptures, and they discuss the loss of their parents and the need to rediscover their faith.

The Poison in Our Food (00:16:46) Speaker 4 discusses the importance of being aware of the poison in our food and how it affects our bodies.

God Sends People (00:17:35) Speaker 4 shares a personal experience of how God sent a stranger to pray with her and her family in the hospital, highlighting the importance of reaching out to the body of Christ for support.

Believing in God’s Healing Power (00:19:09) Speaker 4 talks about her journey of seeking the truth about God’s healing power and the importance of following Jesus’ example of healing and casting out demons.

The importance of treating the body right (00:27:15) Discussion on the balance of taking care of one’s body through proper nutrition and exercise.

The significance of drinking enough water (00:29:05) Exploration of the importance of staying hydrated and the impact of not consuming enough water.

The effects of alcohol on the body and the need for moderation (00:31:55) Discussion on the dehydration caused by alcohol and the importance of drinking water while consuming alcoholic beverages.

The importance of eating what God made (00:34:21) Daniel’s test of eating vegetables and water for ten days shows the benefits of eating what God made and the wisdom of trusting God’s provision for our health.

Learning from past mistakes with harmful products (00:36:07) The discussion highlights the importance of learning from past mistakes, such as using deodorant with harmful ingredients, and recognizing that God provides everything we need for healing.

The Daniel fast and seeking God (00:41:41) The Daniel fast is discussed as a way to seek God and hear from Him more clearly, emphasizing the idea of sacrificing our own desires to draw closer to God.

The Daniel Fast (00:43:02) Discussion about the benefits and purpose of the Daniel Fast, including giving up certain foods and seeking God’s guidance.

Effects of Fasting (00:44:38) Exploration of the physical and spiritual effects of fasting, including the release of toxins and the need for knowledge about what we consume.

Importance of Nutritious Eating (00:48:38) Emphasis on the importance of balanced and nutritious eating, the process of digestion, and listening to our bodies’ signals.

The importance of preparing a place for God (00:51:26) Discussion on the significance of creating a space for God to dwell and allowing Him to work in one’s life.

God’s presence within us (00:51:59) Exploration of the idea that God’s spirit resides within individuals, and the potential for connection and growth.

Reflecting on our readiness for God’s presence (00:52:47) Encouragement to spend time meditating, praying, and being still to gain a revelation of what is present within oneself when God is present.