Wande & The Reach Effect: How a Supportive Environment Can Elevate Artists to New Heights

In this episode of Da Fixx, we discuss a range of topics including a recent violent incident in Alabama, Lil Wayne’s new role as a sports analyst, and the influence of hip hop on culture. We also interview Wande, the first lady of Reach Records, who shares her faith journey, her experiences in the Christian Hip Hop genre, and her advice for young artists. We also discuss the importance of respect, non-violence, and handling business properly in the music industry.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Listeners

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Addressing the Incident in Alabama

We recently discussed a distressing incident in Alabama where a black riverboat worker was assaulted by five white men. We strongly condemn this violence and emphasize the importance of respect and non-violence. We hope that people can learn to see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and stop engaging in such behavior.

An Exclusive Interview with Wande

We were honored to have Wande, the first lady of Reach Records, on our show. Her impressive performance at the Stellar Awards and the impact she has made in the genre of Christian hip hop is truly commendable.

Wande’s Journey

Wande shared her experience of how God has been working in her life and career. She and her team prayed for more integration of gospel music in their work, and God answered their prayers by opening up opportunities for them to perform on the Stellar stage. Despite challenges like recovering from COVID-19 and training her lungs to perform at a high level, she represented hip hop with excellence on the Stellar stage.

The Impact of Her Performance

When asked about the impact of her performance, Wande humbly responded that sometimes you don’t realize it until after it happens. She reflected on the privilege of being trusted by God to share the gospel and how it blows her mind. She also mentioned her recent vocalization of her faith journey on social media, explaining that she wants to share what God has put on her heart to help others.

Wande’s New Marriage

The conversation then shifted to Wande‘s new marriage. She emphasized the importance of being equally yoked and having a partner who shares the same faith and values.

The Growing Presence of Women in Christian Hip Hop

Wande also discussed the growing presence and collaboration among women in Christian hip hop. She noted that there are now more opportunities and a higher level of execution in the genre. She expressed gratitude for the rise of new voices and advised young artists to find mentors, handle paperwork properly, and surround themselves with people of integrity.

The Impact of Hip Hop on the World

We also discussed the impact of hip hop on the world in the past 50 years. We highlighted Lil Wayne’s business ventures, including his sports agency, and discussed the marketing brilliance behind his collaboration with Skip Bayless. We acknowledged Lil Wayne’s influence and success in the music industry and commended him for his evolution as an artist and entrepreneur.

The Power Move of Lil Wayne

Dice Gamble expressed her admiration for hip hop and its influence on culture, politics, and media. She believes that Lil Wayne’s new role as a sports analyst on Fox Sports is a power move and a slap in the face to those who underestimate hip hop’s impact. She also mentioned the importance of black and brown representation in positions of power and praised Lil Wayne for crossing cultural boundaries.

A Shout-Out to Sound Exchange

Lastly, we want to give a shout-out to Sound Exchange for sending us our money and express gratitude to all the people who have supported us over the years. We emphasize the importance of handling business and building trust in the music industry. We encourage listeners to support kingdom music and remind them to stay focused on turning negatives into positives.

In conclusion, this episode was a deep dive into the world of Christian hip hop, the impact of hip hop on culture, and the importance of handling business properly. We hope you found it as enlightening and engaging as we did. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Da Fixx Morning Radio Show.



The Alabama Brawl [00:00:51] Description: Discussing a large brawl that happened in Alabama where a black riverboat worker was assaulted by five white men.

Respecting Authority [00:03:40] Description: Emphasizing the importance of respecting authority figures and the need for society to bring back respect.

Interview with Wande [00:07:49] Description: Excitement about having Wande, the first lady of Reach Records, on the show and discussing her performance at the Stellar Awards.

The impact of performing on the Stellar stage [00:09:24] Wande discusses her experience of performing on the Stellar stage and the significance of being the first female artist to do so.

The importance of being equally yoked in marriage [00:13:09] Wande talks about the lessons she has learned in her new marriage, emphasizing the importance of being with someone who is genuinely saved and patient.

Maintaining mental health through therapy and journaling [00:15:20] Wande shares her strategies for maintaining her mental health, including going to therapy and keeping a journal to reflect on gratitude, prayers, and goals.

The importance of values [00:16:58] Discussion about the significance of values in one’s life and how it goes beyond just following family traditions.

Opportunities for women in the music industry [00:22:22] Observations of increased opportunities for women in the music industry, including more collaborations with men and higher levels of execution.

Thriving in a high-level environment [00:24:56] The benefits of being in an environment where everyone is working and putting out quality music, pushing artists to unlock their potential.

The critique and self-doubt [00:25:48] Wande discusses their inner critique and debate about whether to release a freestyle and make it more worship-focused.

The inspiration behind “Happy” [00:26:49] Wande talks about the inspiration behind their song “Happy” and how it came about during a difficult season in their life.

The Holy Summit and upcoming projects [00:28:29] Wande shares information about the Holy Summit, an event for Christian creatives, and hints at an upcoming album without revealing too much.

Lil Wayne’s new job as a sports analyst [00:34:51] Discussion about Lil Wayne’s new role as a sports analyst and the power move it represents for hip hop.

The influence of hip hop in other genres [00:39:22] Exploration of how hip hop has influenced every genre of music and the impact it has had.

The impact of hip hop on sports media [00:41:08] Analysis of the impact of hip hop on sports media, specifically discussing Lil Wayne joining Skip Bayless’ show and the revenue and audience it will bring.

The influence of hip hop [00:44:31] Hip hop’s impact on culture, politics, media, marketing, and its influence on black and brown communities.

The power of influence [00:45:09] The importance of having influence and how it can bring power and financial success.

Lil Wayne’s partnership with Fox Sports [00:46:04] Discussing Lil Wayne’s new role as a sports analyst on Fox Sports and the influence he has across cultures and communities.

Lil Wayne’s new job as a sports analyst [00:54:46] Discussion about Lil Wayne joining Skip Bayless’ show as a sports analyst and showcasing his business ventures.

Interview with Miss Forgiven, the first lady of Reach Records [00:56:52] Announcement of an upcoming interview with Miss Forgiven, discussing her faith story, new marriage, and upcoming music.

Importance of real substance in music [00:57:46] Highlighting the importance of artists sharing real substance in their music to help listeners fight their demons and struggles.