Will Kellum: From Secular Rap to Gospel Music

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx. In this episode we had the pleasure of engaging in a riveting conversation with CHH heavy spitter, Will Kellum. We covered a range of topics from hip hop to healthy eating, parenting, and Will Kellum’s faith journey and his transition from secular rap to CHH. Let’s dive into the details.

Da Fixx: A Blend of Faith and Music

Our show is a unique blend of faith and music. We often engage in playful banter, like our recent discussion about tiptoeing out of windows and the concept of cuffing season. But we also tackle serious topics, such as the importance of healthy eating and sustainable living.

Celebrating National Food Day

In honor of National Food Day, we encouraged our listeners to eat healthily and sustainably. We suggested visiting restaurants that grow their own fresh herbs and promote farm-to-table dining. We even shared our excitement about eating salads and smoothies.

Parenting: Old-School Values and Discipline

The conversation took a turn towards parenting, where DJ Focus and Dice Gamble emphasized the importance of old-school values and discipline. We expressed concern about the lack of respect and moral standards in today’s society and teased a future discussion on old-school versus new-school parenting.

Will Kellum: A Journey of Faith and Rap

We introduced Will Kellum, a talented artist we discovered through our music reviews. Will shared his faith journey, growing up in a religious family but rebelling during his high school years. He started pursuing secular rap but eventually realized that his efforts were not leading to success. At 18, he decided to give his life to God, and since then, he has never looked back.

Breaking Stereotypes: The Life of a Preacher’s Kid

Will debunked one misconception about being a PK (preacher’s kid) and growing up with church leaders. He disagreed with the stereotype that PKs are wild and lack self-control, sharing that he has never drunk alcohol in his life and that his rebellion was more of a spiritual struggle.

Musical Inspirations and Creative Process

Will Kellum shared his musical inspirations, which include artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, and Eshon Burgundy. He also discussed his creative process, explaining that he likes to hear the beat first and then cater his lyrics to it.

Embracing Humble Beginnings

Will Kellum emphasized the importance of embracing humble beginnings and not rushing the process of success. He gave a breakdown of one of his recent songs called “Rich Man Poor Spirit,” where he talks about his humble beginnings as a college student and the financial challenges he faced.

The Importance of Family Traditions

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed the importance of family traditions and the value of eating dinner together as a family. They expressed concern about the decline of this tradition in modern households and emphasized the need to prioritize family time and conversation without distractions like cell phones.

The Dangers of Excessive Screen Time

We also discussed the negative impact of excessive screen time on children. DJ Focus shared a personal experience where his daughter received a concerning message from a stranger online, highlighting the dangers of unrestricted internet access for children.

The Ongoing Conflict Between Hamas and Israel

The conversation then shifted to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. We expressed our prayers for all those affected by the conflict and other global issues. We acknowledged the ugliness of war and the importance of relying on faith during such challenging times.

The Role of Christians in Current Events

Both DJ Focus and Dice Gamble agreed that this is a time for Christians to support and love one another, regardless of their nationality or background. They encouraged listeners to be a light in their communities and share the gospel. We hope that our listeners and readers can take away something valuable from our discussions. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Da Fixx.

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National Food Day (00:02:33) Discussion about the importance of eating healthy, sustainable food and supporting local farmers.

Old School vs. New School Parenting (00:05:21) Conversation about the differences in parenting styles and the need for values and moral standards in raising children.

Will Kellum’s Faith Journey (00:07:50) Will Kellum shares his personal faith journey, growing up in a religious family, rebelling, and eventually finding his relationship with Christ.

The struggle of pursuing Christian hip hop (00:09:20) The speaker discusses the struggle of pursuing Christian hip hop and the pressure to conform to what others think is cool.

Misconceptions about PKs (00:11:24) The speaker debunks the misconception that PKs (preacher’s kids) are wild and lack self-control, sharing their personal experience of not drinking alcohol.

Challenges of dating as a man of God (00:13:47) The speaker shares their experience of being celibate for eight years before finding their wife and the challenges faced when dating as a man of God.

The moment he discovered his love for hip hop (00:16:28) He talks about how he started listening to different artists and genres and how his taste in rap evolved.

Winning a talent show with Dave Chappelle’s approval (00:17:31) He shares the story of winning a talent show and receiving a thumbs up from Dave Chappelle, which boosted his confidence as a rapper.

The meaning behind his song “Rich Man Poor Spirit” (00:19:10) He breaks down the lyrics of his recent song and explains how it reflects his personal experiences and struggles with faith and financial difficulties.

The importance of capitalizing on opportunities (00:25:22) Discussion about missed opportunities in the past and the need to support and push each other in order to grow together.

Appreciating lyricism in Christian hip hop (00:26:22) The importance of appreciating lyricists in Christian hip hop and not just focusing on beats, highlighting artists like Burgundy and Jackie Hill Perry.

The importance of family traditions and eating dinner together (00:30:09) The significance of family traditions, specifically the tradition of eating dinner together as a family, and the value of fellowship and conversation during mealtime.

Encouraging Kids to Go Outside and Play (00:35:23) Discussion on the importance of children playing outside and the negative effects of excessive screen time.

Conflict Between Hamas and Israel (00:40:32) Explanation of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, dating back to 2006 and even biblical times.

Praying for Peace in Israel (00:42:29) Updates on the current situation in Israel, with troops on the ground and prayers for a swift resolution.

The situation in Palestine and Israel (00:44:24) Discussion about the impact of the conflict on families, the difficulty in checking on loved ones, and the importance of taking a stand as Christians.

The belief system of Christians (00:45:17) Exploration of the belief system Christians should have, the need to dig deep, and the importance of not wavering in faith during challenging times.

Encouragement to be a light and support others (00:47:07) Encouragement to love and support others, not shrinking back in fear, and being a beacon of light by sharing the gospel.