Unleashing the Power: Women Pastors and the Fullness of God’s Image

In this episode of the “Church on the Block”, Pastor Phil, Pastah Jay, and DJ Ruckus kick off a series of episodes dedicated to the issue of whether women should preach and assume leadership positions in the church. 

Breaking Down Barriers: Women Pastors

Do you know a women pastor who’s been ostracized by or excluded from the church? We expressed our collective frustration with the idea that women are not allowed to preach in some churches. As followers of Christ, we questioned why the church would add another layer of gender separation when there are already enough issues with gender separation in the world.

Understanding the Cultural Context of the Scripture

Pastor Jay emphasized the importance of considering the cultural context in which certain passages of scripture were written. He believes that the Bible should be read and interpreted in the context of the present times as well. He acknowledged that the Bible can be patriarchal and marginalize women, but it should be understood and applied in a way that is relevant to the current context.

Personal Experiences and Perspectives

Ruckus shared his personal experience of having a woman pastor and expressed his support for women in ministry. I shared a story about a woman who had a dream where Jesus spoke to her, and how she took it as a sign to come to Christ. We emphasized that there are mysterious things that happen in the movement of God, and we shouldn’t try to demystify them.

The Bible and Women in Ministry

We discussed a passage from 1 Timothy that has been used to suppress women in ministry. Pastor Jay explained that the passage is mostly about instructions concerning prayer, not preaching, and that it needs to be understood in its deeper context. He believes that if we do the necessary contextual work, we will see that it’s not about suppressing women in general.

Pastor Jay expressed his high regard for the Bible and contextual understanding. He referenced Luke chapter eight, where Jesus lists women who were leaders in his ministry, and Romans 16, where Paul mentions female leaders in the church. He criticized the translation of the word “deacon” as masculine in the King James Version, arguing that it has no gender. He emphasized the importance of considering the totality of scripture and wrestling with apparent contradictions.

The Consequences of Exclusion

We highlighted the consequences of not embracing women in ministry, drawing parallels to the consequences of racism and segregation in the church. We urged listeners to be open to the movement of God and the full inclusion of women in ministry to avoid further church hurt.

Pastor Jay expressed his belief that there are consequences when we fail to consider cultural context and blindly pass down doctrines and traditions. He pointed out that Christianity’s influence in Europe has led to a European understanding of God, which has then been imposed on other cultures, leading to oppression and the stifling of diverse voices in the church.

The Need for Inclusion

We believe that if women were given the freedom to preach and pastor, the body of Christ would be much fuller and the movement of God would be broader and bigger. We highlighted the need for creative ministries and the inclusion of women in leadership positions, such as presidents of organizations like World Vision and Campus Crusade.

The Importance of Acceptance

We emphasized the importance of building bridges instead of walls within the church community. We questioned why there is a double standard when it comes to accepting certain individuals in the church. We expressed our desire for acceptance and freedom in preaching, emphasizing that preaching should not be limited to a specific style or gender.

Women’s Contributions to the Church

Pastor Jay highlighted the irony that if women had remained silent, there wouldn’t even be a church. He explained that the first people to proclaim the gospel were women, who showed up at the tomb with faith and determination. He dismissed the notion that women should be silent in the church as nonsense, emphasizing the importance of their contributions.

Looking Forward

Both Pastor Jay and I expressed our openness to learning from and being inspired by women pastors. We assured listeners that the show will feature great women pastors in the future, and we are eager to soak up their wisdom and insights.

In conclusion, we believe that the church should resist external pressure to conform to outdated traditions and instead embrace the full inclusion of women in ministry. We hope that this discussion will inspire you to think critically about these issues and engage in meaningful conversations within your own communities.

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The Frustration of Gender Exclusivity [00:02:56] Discussion about the frustration of gender exclusivity in preaching and the belief that only people with penises can speak and preach.

The Importance of Context in Interpreting Scripture [00:06:03] The hosts emphasize the importance of considering the cultural and historical context of biblical passages and how it impacts the interpretation of women preaching.

Women Stepping Up in the Absence of Men [00:08:06] Recognition and appreciation for women who have taken on preaching and teaching roles due to men not fulfilling their responsibilities, with respect and love for their work in the kingdom of God.

Women’s Dream and Sign from God [00:11:18] Discussion about a woman who had a dream and interpreted it as a sign from God.

Traditional Views and Harm to Women [00:12:05] Exploration of the harm caused by holding onto traditional views that diminish women’s worth in the church.

Theological Perspectives on Women Preaching [00:14:05] Examining the theological perspectives that have been used to suppress women in ministry and preaching.

The role of women in Jesus’s ministry [00:21:47] Discussion about women leaders in Jesus’s ministry and their roles in preaching and leadership.

The example of Phoebe as a female deacon [00:22:55] Exploration of the biblical reference to Phoebe as a deacon in the church and the gender-neutral nature of the term “deacon.”

Using the Bible as a tool of liberation [00:29:19] Emphasis on reading and interpreting the scriptures as tools of liberation rather than oppression, following Jesus’s example.

The consequences of not considering cultural context [00:33:06] Discussion on the negative outcomes of holding tight to doctrines without considering cultural context in church history.

The harm caused by limiting women’s roles in the church [00:34:57] Exploration of the negative consequences of preventing women from preaching and pastoring, leading to a lack of qualified leaders.

The importance of including women’s voices and perspectives [00:38:59] Highlighting the need for women’s voices in the church to address specific issues and provide holistic perspectives for a more inclusive community.

The Liberty of Women Preaching [00:43:55] Discussion on the acceptance and level of liberty for women to preach in the church.

The Role of Women in the Early Church [00:44:31] Highlighting the importance of women in the early church and their role in proclaiming the gospel.

Resisting Pressure from the Outside [00:46:53] Encouragement to resist external pressure and trust in God’s strength within.

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