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Music Video: Juma ” Gaints Fall”

Artist Name: Juma
Song Title: Giants Fall
Video Title: Giants Fall Music Film (Full Length)
Album: Fall of the Giants
Album Release Date: TBA
Label: Inniss Entertainment Group LLC
Director: Xavier Garcia and Jonathan Garcia for Affiliate Media LLC
Email Address:
Brief Summary: With a throwback visual flair of a 70’s cult classic, Giants Fall chronicles the struggle between a man and his demons. We find the protagonist (Juma Music) tormented by flashbacks of fiery conflict between his abused mother (Keisha Dream) and deranged father (Fred Bernabe). Adding to the turbulence are reoccurring hallucinations of a psychiatrist (Alicia Barrett) he’s created in his mind in an attempt to find clarity in his chaos.

After a suicide attempt-by way of alcohol and prescription pills-the protagonist is translated by a mysterious force into a spirit world where he is forced to face his issues-or “giants”-in the form of demonic smoke projectiles.

Youtube Link to Abridged version with out the film:

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