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Houston, TX – February 20, 2013 – Bizzle, the MC who created a massive online buzz with his Jay-Z’s got some “Explaining to Do” track/video, has teamed with super producer Boi-1da for his next album.

The project, entitled “The Good Fight” is slated to be released Spring 2013. “The Good Fight” will contain roughly 11 to 12 beats (out of 16 total songs) created by the Toronto musician who has won Grammys for songs he produced for Eminem and Drake.

Boi-1da, whose production for Bizzle was recently highlighted in the September 2012 issue of XXL Magazine, has nothing but praise for the fearless, Houston-based rapper.

“Bizzle is one of the greatest rappers I’ve ever heard, and he’s doing it for the Lord which is a real blessing,” Boi-1da said.

Bizzle said he connected with Boi-1da through Twitter after the MC released his “Truth Music” song and video that questioned the dark imagery that appears to be promoted through the music of rappers like Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z. Boi-1da offered to produce Bizzle’s next album and the two have been working ever since.

“That’s a real part of my testimony,” Bizzle said. “When I became a believer I knew I had to cut ties to all of the illegal money that funded my music before. And what does God do? He drops one of the best producers in the game in my lap and even sends me an engineer.”

Bizzle said he wants this next album to be “one of the realest records to ever hit hip hop – not just Christian, but period.” He believes his recent prison ministry experiences have also helped him sharpen both his message and his craft.

“I’ve gotten some criticism for taking aim at the negative messages that keep getting shoved at us by mainstream hip hop. But when you’re sitting in front of a hundred or more guys in orange jumpsuits and see they’re a product of that culture, it only motivates me more,” Bizzle said.

“Those guys certainly aren’t celebrating that party and street lifestyle these days. And what’s sad is that so many of them are younger than me. It reminds me that if God hadn’t reached out and saved me, that could have been Bizzle behind those bars.”

When it is released “The Good Fight” will be available at all major digital retail outlets. The album’s first single, “Soldier,” featuring No Malice (formerly of the Clipse) can currently be purchased on iTunes.

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