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[news.] Trendency Records Signs Legendary Gospel Rap Gospel Gangstaz

Published on August 1, 2013

(Nashville, Tenn.) July 31, 2013 – Nashville-based Trendency Records announces the signing of the ground breaking Gospel Rap group Gospel Gangstaz to a label and distribution deal. Forthcoming releases will be co-branded on Trendency Records and the group’s Camp 8 label.

California-based Christian rap group Gospel Gangstaz is comprised of former members of the notorious Crips and Bloods gangs. A near-tragic event set in motion a series of events which would turn the world of hip-hop on its virtual head when founder Mr. Solo accepted Christ after almost dying in a gang-related shooting. Current Gospel Gangstaz member Chille Baby later accepted Christ as a result of Mr. Solo’s conversion and escaped the trappings of the destructive gang lifestyle. The eventuality of those fateful events came to fruition in 1994 when the group released its debut album, Gang Affiliated. The album went on to sell in excess of 350,000 units and set the stage for today’s stable of talented, Christ-centered emcees.

Trendency Records’ President David C. Coleman states, “We’re very excited about the signing and are trusting God has great things in store for The GospelGangstaz, Camp 8 and Trendency Records.” He continues, “The guys found some unreleased tracks in their archives, so our short-term plan is to release these hidden gems to the public later this year while the duo work on their next full-length project which will be filled with all new content. We believe the upcoming releases will undoubtedly reaffirm The Gospel Gangstaz as the rightful heirs to theGospel Rap throne. These guys are truly legit and the public will rediscover just how great they are.” Weighing in on the new label deal, Mr. Solo reveals, “I thank the Heavenly Father for putting us together with a record company that shares the same vision as Camp 8 and The Gospel Gangstaz – to make the very best music for the Kingdom and reach a dying world through the message of the Gospel.” Chille Baby adds, “Together we hope to reach as many people in this world as we can with a message of hope and victory that God has given us through faith.”

In celebration of the new partnership and the reemergence of the group on the national stage, Trendency Records, Camp 8 and The Gospel Gangstaz are offering a free download of the single “Walk With Me” from the upcoming album,Defenders of the Faith, on NoiseTrade. Click HERE to preview/download the song.

For more information on The Gospel Gangstaz, please visit:

To request an interview or if you’d like to review the album, please contact:

David Coleman
(615) 786-9850 x 114

Summertime Dropouts, Soul Embraced, The Order of Elijah, Every Knee Shall Bow, Fades Away, Mayfly, Abated Mass Of Flesh, Grave Robber, Lust Control, Final Surrender, FBS (Fight Before Surrender), Never Buried, Dead Words, All The Departed, Awake The Suffering

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