Submissions guidelines

We are a Christian hip-hop site with an emphasis on being Christian first. Thus, as it relates to submissions we review several things to ensure they will serve our audience.

  • The Message:  To ensure the Gospel is represented. To be clear, that can be done through edification, exhortation, or simply conveying biblical principles, to name a few.
  • The Art: To ensure the way the song is delivered in a culturally relevant way and will appeal to our audience.
  • The Quality: To ensure that it is in line with industry standards. To be clear, when representing the Kingdom, we should be putting forth the best quality reasonably possible considering budgets, etc. The costs for production (recording and video) have reduced significantly over the years. However, that is the good news (no pun intended).

Also, if you are submitting a press release, we highly advise that you read this article on how to write a press release.

Please know that our determination on whether to include or not is not formulaic but done through objective review.   We are human and prone to what might be considered an error in judgment at any time. We will do our best, constantly learn and get better.