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Nominate 2012’s Most Underrated Artist, Group, Single, Album & Music Video

Published on December 25, 2012

Holy Culture want’s to give you, our visitors, facebook friends, twitter followers and community, the chance to nominate and vote for 2012’s most underrated artist, group, single, album and music video.

Much like 2011, 2012 has seen some incredible projects drop.  The quality of production and caliber of Christian artists are closing the gab to their secular counter parts.  Many of these projects are dropping from the indie circles. As usual some of these projects are over shadowed by the likes of Ambassador, Mali Music, Humble Beast, Lamp Mode, Lecrae, etc. Most of these artists, albums and videos are… well, underrated. Holy Culture wants to give these artists and projects some love but we need your help!

Nominate the artist, group, single, album and music video that you feel is most underrated in 2012. The top 5 nominations in each category will enter to win the Silver Album Release Promo Campaign (a value of $399) with Holy Culture.

Enter your nomination via Facebook, Twitter and or by leaving a comment below. Submit a separate entry for each category.  Nominations end on January 14th, 2012. Help us track your nominations by using the Twitter button below. Maintain the following format otherwise your nomination may not count (copy & paste):

Most Underrated Artist

  • I nominate __________(artist name) for @holyculture’s Most Underrated Artist of 2012 #MostUnderrated2012

Most Underrated Group

  • I nominate __________(group name) for @holyculture’s Most Underrated Group of 2012 #MostUnderrated2012

Most Underrated Single

  • I nominate __________(Song title) by __________(artist name) for @holyculture’s Most Underrated Single of 2012 #MostUnderrated2012

Most Underrated Album

  • I nominate __________(album title) by __________(artist name) for @holyculture’s Most Underrated Album of 2012 #MostUnderrated2012

Most Underrated Music Video

  • I nominate __________(video title) by __________(artist name) for @holyculture’s Most Underrated Music Video of 2012 #MostUnderrated2012


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