Christian Hip Hop Philosophy with Big Fil from the 904

Big Fil is sharing his philosophy on the state Christian Hip Hop, living the love of Christ and the dopamine effect of social media.

Big Fil’s love of Hip Hop

As an artist, Big Fil does not shy away from the ministry.  “My job is not to keep up with the Drakes or what the thugs are doing,” the songwriter explains.  “I try real hard that whatever I pen and put on wax, people can walk away from it and grow.  You can at least hear that I’m morally intact.  Cause I want you to walk away with the same thing.”

Being from the South, the rapper cites influences like Scarface and Outkast.   But he says, “When I heard the Notorious B.I.G.  is when I said I think I can really do this from a Hip Hop standpoint.  Between him, Jay Z and Nas.  That’s all I really needed to hear.”

The Floridian also has an enormous amount of love and respect for Pettidee who was holding it down for the kingdom before CHH became cool.  “Being from Jacksonville, Duval County, he was hustling in these streets from a gospel standpoint way before it was popular to do.  He was a big inspiration to me too.” 

It may sound cliché, but the Lord does speak through dreams.  Just ask Big Fil.  “I was having dreams of me dying.  I was having dreams of me singing and rapping in front of millions of people about God.”  All this while the legendary Florida Slip and Slide record label was courting him and his group. 

He finally made the decision to step away from the secular world.  “It was that moment that I had to go tell my homeboys that I don’t think I can do this no more.  I think God wants me to do something else.  That’s where it all started,” the rapping entrepreneur explains.

Big Fil’s philosophy

As far as the current state of CHH, Big Fil thinks we are in a good space right now.  “I think we are more healthy than we’ve ever been.  Talent and businesswise.  When it comes to brotherhood and kingdom, we have to continue to remind ourselves that without God, none of this is possible.” 

Despite social media being a great marketing tool, it can also be detrimental to our community says Big Fil.  “This is a business.  You have to know how to still move without jeopardizing who you are as an individual.  I don’t think it’s really beneficial to be talking reckless to each other publicly.” 

It’s okay to dialogue, but “we gotta remember how far we’ve come.  There’s a healthy way to do that, even if we disagree,” he explains.  Especially when it comes to unity in the CHH community.  “I know we making money.  I know we doing festivals and that’s cool.  But we gotta still keep the mission at the forefront so we never forget why we’re doing what we’re doing.” 

Listen to Big Fil’s newest single Let Me Tell It and get ready for more new music coming soon. 

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Christian Hip Hop Philosophy with Big Fil from the 904