Chille’ Baby of the legendary Gospel Gangstaz on faith, street ministry and keeping it 1K! 

Founding member of the L. A. Christian Hip Hop supergroup Gospel Gangstaz; Chille’ Baby drops in on Church on The Block with Pastor Phil, Pastah J and DJ Ruckus to share his testimony and why street ministry is so important today.

Growing up in the gang ridden streets of Los Angeles, Chille’ recalls meeting Mr. Solo and how he ministered to him eventually leading him to getting saved as well.   

He goes on to share the pushback the group received when they first started out, including how the “church” picketed Gospel Gangstaz shows, upset with them for using the N-Word in their music.  Standing firm in his faith, Chille’ explains why we need to push the line in order to break through the walls to reach our brothers and sisters in the streets. 

Understanding that very our lives depend on developing a relationship with God; Chille’ highlights how important it is to keep it real and be authentic so that we are able to connect with our young people and in turn be more effective in our ministry.   

The CHH legend has plenty of L.A. stories of West Coast icons including The Dogg Pounds Kurupt.  Listen as Chille’ Baby takes us with him on a trip down memory lane, opening up about meeting Jimmy Iovine and Suge Knight of the infamous Death Row Records and remembering how they ran a “credit check” on the Gospel Gangstaz.  Even getting advice from one of America’s Most Wanted, he shares how he and Mr. Solo were in the same studio with Ice Cube!

Coming from the deadly streets of L.A., Chille’ explains the importance of street ministry and the impact it has in and on people’s lives.  He implores us to listen to the streets; to the young people.  Give the them a chance to share their perspective in church.  Be open and willing.  And to love unconditionally.

Speaking from experience, The Gospel Gangstaz founder talks about being mentored by Soup the Chemist how that Godly love changed his life.  And it’s with that same zeal and commitment that he continues to spread the gospel.   

You can hear his love for God, passion for street ministry and his determination to impact a generation in his music. 

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Gospel Gangstaz Chille' Baby keeps it 1K!
L. A. Legend Chille Baby of Gospel Gangstaz

We was recording and had left America’s Most Wanted, all of the Masters was in the studio. Yeah. Yeah. Left 4 minutes early on the corner. Oh, wow. Me and Solo looked at each other, was like, Man, that’s Americas Most Wanted masters right there. And if we were grimy. We could just walk out the door. Right. And it was crazy because right after that, right after we said I was just laughing.

And Cube knocked on the door. Man, I’m not trying to mess up your session, bro. I forgot my reels right here. It was like, Oh, so me and Solo start talking to him. It was like we was like, What kind of advice would you give to us where we don’t leave rap about the father, bro? We don’t rap about.

We was like what kind of advice would you give to us. We rap about the Father. We don’t glorify the gangsta life. Now he is like, Listen, let me tell you something. Be real. You got to be real with what ever you do. Right. Right. He’s like, If people know you pushing the gospel, gangstas is gone listen because gangstas love God too. If they hear God they are gonna stop Even though they doing what they doing.

G Even though they do whatever they doing, I talk, they stop. It is real. We were down on Skid Row in L.A., downtown, man. Where nobody don’t have nothing. If you’ve ever seen it on the news. So, you know, the that when we first got reborn in the church, some of the church used to picket us.

They used to picket our shows. That’s devil music. You see people outside walking back and forth with picket signs.

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