The Truth About Marriage: Contract VS. Covenant!

What’s the difference between contract and covenant? The squad examines marriage with a biblical perspective; from dating to preparing for matrimony, knowing the difference between lust and love, communication and most importantly putting God at the center of the relationship. 

And Butta The Preacher stops by Da Fixx to share his faith journey.  Growing up in the murder capital of the 90’s,; Gary Indiana; he talks about facing death twice, how grief impacted his recovery and the supernatural experience with God that led him to preach the gospel. 

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So we gonna talk about it. Covenant verse contract. Let’s talk about it. Dice. I it is gonna be fun. Dice. I know, I know. Dice. You gonna bring it and Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna bring it to as well. So then listen, you, you don’t want to miss that real talk topic. We also have exclusive interview. We got a chance to sit down with our, uh, listen.

A powerful man of God. And when I tell you he has a, a testimony like none other, when you talk about testimonies, listen, God has had his hand on him. God has put favor on him. And listen, I’m just excited for you guys to hear this interview. We got a chance to sit down with Budda, the preacher. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just powerful men of God. He’s a producer, he’s a writer. Um, he’s a artist. Um, he does film work too as well. So yeah, he does a little bit of everything. Listen, got a b e t award. Listen, the man of God is doing this thing. But like I say, all, all, all that little stuff on the side, his testimony to me and everything he, he overcame is, is more powerful than anything.

Me and Dice, when we were interviewing, we were just blown away. We were sitting back like, wow, , won’t he do it? Won. Yes. Okay. That’s the same. Yes, yes, yes. So you want to, you want to, you know, keep it tight, keep it, keep it locked. We, we, we going, we going, uh, get into that real quick. Listen. Um. We giving away some, uh, something this week too as well.

Dice. Y’all just tune in. By the end of the week we gonna give away something. I think we might either give some gas, gas cards away to a listener or we’re gonna do something. We might do a gas card giveaway. We’ve been talking about that gas and let people with gas. So y’all think we gonna show some love this week?

Listen, we gonna lead by example. We, we tell y’all every morning show some love. We gonna lead by example. So keep in locked for that giveaway. We’ll probably do that via social media. So follow a soc at the fixed radio show on all social media platforms for that giveaway. Um, let’s get it to some music and, uh, get back into this, uh, great conversation.

Uh, we got music on the way from Korean, Hawthorne, um, as well as bile. Um, also we got some dice gamble on the way. Yeah, stop playing. You know, she coming off the shelf, so get ready for her. Um, but right. Yeah, let’s get into, uh, our brother. Yeah, we’re gonna get into our brothers Scooty wa . Keep it locked.

You’re tuned into the fix. You tune back into the fix your source for Faith and Fs, hip hop, r and b and poetry right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio. You already know you rocking with your boy dj. Focus and Dice Gamble. And listen Dice. You know, we, we always talk about these exclusive interviews and we always are looking to, uh, interview the I I I would argue like the next up and coming, you know what I’m saying?

Who got next? We always looking for second, next Best talent. So listen, next Best . You know who, who, who, who got, who got next? So, listen, let, let’s, let’s welcome me in a recording artist, uh, a preacher, a songwriter. Listen and listen. He say he got a BT award too. We gonna talk about that. come. Help us. Welcome in butter, the preacher.

What’s good, bro? Hey, what’s going on? What’s going on? Butter, the preacher. All you from Gary Andes. Blessing to be here with y’all today. Listen man. Thank you. It’s an honor having you here. Definitely. You’re definitely an amazing recording artist, uh, producer for sure. You know, um, preacher, everything. I mean, I’m trying to figure out how many awards you’ve won this year.

I didn’t even realize you just won a gospel. Um, what a Jones Place awards it. Yes, yes. Congratulations on that. Thank you so much. Yeah. So it’s definitely an honor having you here, man. Appreciate it. I’m blessed to be here. It’s purpose to be on this amazing show. Heard so much about it, tuned in with you guys and his mind belong.

What you doing? Alright, now. Praise Lord. Listen, did you, did you say you was from Gary, Indiana? Did I hear the hometown with Michael Jack? The great m j Is that, is that around the corner from where you from? Dice. Dice, aren’t you from, uh, somewhere around them? No, I’m, I’m, I’m a good four hour south. I’m South.

I’m Evansville, Indiana, but Indiana still is in the building representing my, my faith story. Man’s a very powerful story, but, um, born in Gary, Indiana, um, very people know Gary, Indiana. They know at a point in time used to be the murder capital in the, in the nineties. So I was raised around poverty. Um, a lot of different, you know, calamity issues that was taking place.

And, um, father wast absent and so what, but I was raised by a very powerful woman and my grandmother was a pastor, her husband was a pastor. And, um, so I was introduced to Christ at the early age. But you know, when you get a little older, you getting involved in different things and it state me from the church.

So during my teenage years I was, you know, gang banging, smoking, drinking and stuff like that. And I found myself at 21 years old, um, being shot nine times unless for dead. Um, see my best friend get killed right in front of my face that same day. And, um, I remember me laying on the ground in Blood Man and in the alley just asking God to come rescue me, come save me from, to help me out and deliver me.

I stopped doing what I’m doing. I’m just on the ground with pending and asking God to come through. And during that time, I just felt the hovering over my life, um, like a protection. Let me know I was gonna be okay. with nine bullet wounds in my body. I just felt this comfort that was supernatural. So I get to the hospital, um, I go, I get s date it, I wake up on Christmas day.

Um, on Christmas day I wakes up, you know, I’m thanking God, praising God. Find out my best friend passed. And, but you know, during that time when you in pain, you can confess, it’s easy to say, Lord, I’m sorry. I’m done doing what I’m doing. It’s easy to submit when you are in pain. But I had some underlying issues that was going on.

Uh, just know, being vindictive, being hurt, and didn’t know how to handle the trauma of being shot. So when I got healed up, I went right back out to the world, partying, drinking, you know, just dealing with coping with the grief of me losing my friend and me dealing with my own personal trauma. And 2014, four years later, after I got shot, I remember sitting inside the nightclub and I had this voice in my head just telling me like, it’s time to, it’s time to step up.

It’s time to, it’s time to step up. It’s time to step up. It’s time to pray inside of the club. And I remember praying in the club on a microphone. I had a concert and I prayed just to have more. I say if an atmosphere that was like, you know, more safe for the people I was praying with. The God cover the people inside of the club for some reason.

And I told my young lady who I was dating at the time, I said, I think God called me to preach. I just feel it. Mm-hmm. And um, I prayed to prayer July 23rd. Um, 2014. I prayed to prayer. I’ll never forget. I said, Lord, whatever it is you want me to do, show me now. Do it wherever it is you want me to go, show me now.

Go whatever it is you want me to be, show me now be. And um, July 24th, 2014, the next day I wakes up. This time I have, I had long hair, I have braids and stuff. I wakes up, going to get my head braided from a young lady, and I get a flat tire inside of my car. Brand new tires. I get out, take the tire, grab some fixer flap, put some fixer fight inside the tire.

Then I wake up on a helicopter. So I’m like, I didn’t know what happened. I get hit by a drunk driver. Ran me over same day that I pray to prayer. Lord, whatever it is you want me to do, show me, not do it. I wakes up and sign up a helicopter being brought back to life. Cause I flatline and they was telling me I was here by a drunk driver.

That’s what see scars on my face. My eyes popped out of the socket. Um, it was crazy. So I get to the hospital, I get reaching surgery on my face. Um, plastic surgeons come in, they help me out. They asked me what’s my name. The first thing I told them was that I was a preacher. Never preached a sermon day in my life.

I said, I’m a preacher. And since that day, 2014, land on the hospital bed in Christ in Chicago, when I confessed my calling to be a preacher, I’ve been doing it ever since That day I healed up again this time from this situation, but I was listening to the Voice of God. I went to the church and I was my calling to preach the gospel.

I got ordained in nine months and you know, got myself educated around some great ministers and preachers, got in school and last eight years of my life going into ministry now, God has been good to me. I’ve been able to open up businesses, I’ve been able to, um, do concerts around the country, win awards, um, provide shelter for people with boy that was on poverty.

The boy that was broke, the boy that was lost, that was shot nine times is now one of the, a mogul in the city with entrepreneurship and just ministry that’s going around the world. Since I confessed that calling to preaching gospel, I’ve just been trusting God with each and everything of my life. And now I’m at the Brinks up about to do a Netflix film, um, based on my life story.

So did he drop the mic? Did he drop the mic? Uh, dice the dice? Did he drop the mic? Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. Scotty has been good. Won’t he do it? Yes, he will. Yes he will. He’ll do it. Yep. So my music is a bridge in the streets, in the church. I do, uh, Christian hip hop, man, since we’re really tap into the market of helping out the young people that ain’t coming to church.

That’s insane. Mm-hmm. . I love it. I just love it. I love it. I love it. That that is an amazing story. And I know that’s not the full, full story, but that is all we can handle right now, right now. But, um, praise God. Like, like you were just saying, focus like, won’t he do it like that is, that’s just amazing. I mean, I’m sitting here like, what, what, what, what?

Who got the 50 cent shot nine times? It’s still out here loving the Lord. You know what I’m saying? Like, um, that’s such a beautiful story, man. And, and I knew about the accident. I didn’t know what had happened. But I mean, that’s. That’s insane. But, um, I mean, God is a healer. You know what I mean? Yes. Now I know some people really probably needed to hear that.

Butta The Preacher

So, good grief. Okay, preacher. All right, preacher in the building. What’s up with this, uh, baby coming soon? Yeah, so that’s another amazing story as well. Mom, my wife, she’s, um, what’s funny is that she, she was barren, um, when we got married and married. She’s going on four years now. So she was barren and went to the doctor.

Uh, they see me analysis and all kind of things with me and with her, they said that she could not conceive, um, once again, went to the throne of grace, asked God to work with miracle like he did for Abraham. Open up a womb some way, somehow removing blockage, whatever. And, um, I went on the fast, on the fast seven day fast, and then I can, then God woke me up one day and I tell the story all the time.

My friends laugh. God woke me up at like four o’clock in the morning one day and told me to plan literally, and I tapped my wife. I said, Hey, I woke up, I said, Hey, Lord told me to do something and I have to do it. I don’t know why but have to do it today. Like now you gotta be at work early in the morning.

But I have something that God told me to do. And okay, we conceived that night. I just knew it was out of God cause I be asleep during the day. Like that’s how I’m totally sleep. He woke me clean up on my sleep and I had a burst of energy I never had before. And just like I never went to bed and God said, plan, I can’t know what he was talking about.

I looked at my wife and it just made clear sense, like I get it. And that was right after the day off. And so she went to the doctor of course, and she, my faith is, her faith is good, my faith is him. I’m the leader of the family. So she went to the doctor for, she, she be getting, no, no, no, no, no. All these years.

And when she went in this time, I just knew like you going to be. I was in Atlanta. I came back home. I said, wait to take the test. I came home and then, yeah, I found out she was pregnant. And so August of this year is when the baby should be, um, born. They says again, it’s September, September 3rd, but she’s growing so big now.

It’s so healthy. Supposed to be in August. So. it. So as a miracle child, we can focus his face. He’s like, what else does God wanna do? Hey man, this needs to be a movie. I I’m here for the movie. Um, I can’t wait till it comes out cuz I wanna see, I wanna see this. Whatever they gonna do with you, I want to see this.

The world needs to see this. Um, well con congratulations on the new poo. I know it’s, it’s gonna be a whole other chapter. It’s gonna be amazing for you, man. Yes. Good grief. Good grief. Um, listen you, by you, you know, of course growing up in hip hop and, and understanding hip hop and loving hip hop and you changed your life around and you become a, you know, a Christian hip hop rapper.

So what, what’s your thoughts on just how you know Christian hip hop is sonically compared to mainstream hip hop? Um, Compared to mainstream with Christian Hip hop is very, it is very, first of all, well needed number one. I feel like that it’s a small, it’s a small culture of it. It’s a, we in the same culture cause it’s hip hop, but it’s a small, I can say it’s, it’s a small section of people who, who doing it at a level, like the guys who do cycle of music, do it.

Cause we can get the royally folks that they invest in their music. We should be investing in the kingdom just as much, you know, I say it’s not wrong wearing a Mary Gucci and all that stuff. As Christians, God want us to be blessed. I tell people I wear everything that same, same person wear that don’t mean anything, but I’m saying that.

Mm-hmm. , we wanna make God look good and I feel like’s Right. As, as, as Kingdom builders, our video. Should be number one, crispy. Our stuff should be mixed and master with our music. This is God’s stuff. So it should be handled in, in, in a, in a, in a great righteous way. We can, we gotta be a good steward of our music and just don’t putting that out because they gonna think it’s, there’s a sound good cause.

It’s a Christian song. A real Christian song is really biblical principle in it. You can make an inspirational song that’s good, but I say Christian hip hop is somebody who’s speaking about Christ, somebody who’s speaking about deliverance, redemption, helping somebody become better in God. We can say, you have a great day.

Have a blessed day. That’s fair, that’s cool. Seconding artist talking about, I’m blessed. We need to be really dealing with the root of the issues that’s going on and that’s sin, you know, helping people put down the drugs and, you know what I’m saying, put down the rifle and pick up. But put down a liquor, pick up the scripture like, we, we can use this, this platform.

You put these radio shows and everything to really help people be really real life saved. Like some people tell me they got saved when they start listening to my music and um, cause I’m just really taking my sermon and breaking ’em down, making songs out of them. But, okay. Compared to the, um, culture of, of, of the secular music, we don’t get a lot of lights shin on it because it’s not controversy, it’s not drama.

People love drama. We gravitate towards drama. I love drama movies. I love to see drama in a good way, but people love dramatics and anytime you got a story about somebody getting speed up shot, it just drive people attention to look towards that way. You know, faith-based is always gonna be a, a split, you know, heading.

You never know what you want to get with people. I say that we just gotta be real more serious about this work and come together and not be divided. Cause if we come together, these Christian hiphop artists, the ones that got big things, we come together, we can really shake heaven up. And really how these guys writing about other stuff, me and my boy, e a prophet Manuel, a prophet, we connected.

Yeah. Within the last couple of months, man, we done did a lot of great work together. They helped a lot of people, you know. So we can’t be egotistic. We can’t be prideful. We gotta understand this is not our songs. These are God’s songs. That’s good. Yeah. And that’s true facts. I love it. Yeah. We, we don’t, we don’t get all the shine like secular artists.

We don’t, people don’t invest in us. They don’t come to our shows like that. Got aggressive. God had a sold out show in Hawaii, but for the most part, it, it ain’t the same support, you know. Yeah. I love, I love your humbleness. Listen, he said I just had a sold out show in the Hawaii . Yeah. Yeah. He said humbly, he said it very humbly.

Real hum. Humble. Flex. Humble. The Lord. Humble. Yeah. God is good. So he, he still shows. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I will boast in the Lord over here. Um, that’s, that’s why. So what are, what, what’s the new, what’s the newest of the new concerning like music or video? What is it that you would like your listeners and your fans to be supporting you in?

So, I will be launching a new video, um, I just shot the other day called Wanna Be Okay Song gear towards people who deal with grief. We lost loved ones. The gun violence, sickness or whatever is just teach you how to cope with grief. , um, teach you how to be encouraged and inspire and you know, life is still moving for you and life does goes on.

You don’t wanna be stuck in stagnant in your grief and teach you. It’s a way to grief. Grief comes in stages and know, I can’t tell you how to breathe, but I tell you, it’s a proper way to grief and it comes in stages, you know, cause you lost a person five years ago. Don’t mean you still don’t hurt today.

So I wanna really let you know it’s gonna be okay. So that song is coming out. That song coming out next week, I believe. And the video is dropping on BT Jams, um, at the end of this month. So I also have tentative dates on my Instagram page at Butter The Preachers to get the exact dates, and the video will be launched on BT Jams.

And, um, my, my Story two album is dropping out, um, this December. I’m working on it as well. I got a lot of features I’m looking to connect with for Bile and a lot of, a lot of great artists. Um, Tamala man, we connected. So we like to change up a lot of different things in the culture. Um, I put some of these singers, you know, that’s powerful singers on these Christian hip hop songs as well.

Just many, many blessings to you and everything that God has out laid out before you, you know, and, um, I know good grief, like more people are gonna, uh, be listening to this. So I’m just praying that, uh, they’re inspired by your words today, you know, and definitely encouraged by your story. So once again, I thank you for coming on here, taking the time.

I know you can be doing anything else. Thank you. And, uh, we need to get that music and the videos, uh, early. I just wanna put that out there. Yeah. So we can, so we can, so we can be supporting you and pushing it over here. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Listen buddy, we appreciate you rocking with us today, buddy.

To preach and listen. Tell the people how they can follow you on all your social media platforms, stream your of good music and as well introduce your ladies. Single yes. Part of the preacher. Um, that’s, that’s the name. B U t t A t h e, the word preacher with a er at the end. Follow me on Instagram. Um, Facebook.

Um, Google Butter, the preacher. You’ll find out different things with blogs about me. Um, young blessed for any merchandise you wanna buy. I have shirts to sell with my new, um, closing line called Confetti, and I’m crazy about God, C Ag. So butter, the preacher, um, everywhere. Type in butter, the preacher.

You’ll find me everywhere. My new song was coming out. It’s going to be okay. So I’m looking to release that in the next four days. So looking for July 11th, um, song gonna be released July 11th. July 11th, seven 11. Gonna be okay, will be released. Video will be released as well on BT Jams at the end of this month.

And, um, yeah, so look up Butter to Preacher. You’ll find anything you need to know about it. All right, introduce your ladies. Single. Oh, my lady. Single. My last single that I had just released, um, it’s called Going, I’m sorry, my last single that I just released. It’s with my boy, Emmanuel, the Prophet. Um, it, it’s called, um, oh my God.

I’m trying to think of the song, man. , oh my God. I’m trying to think of the song we just made, Lord forget. Let’s go check out Heroes. We got so many souls. Check out Heroes. My Heroes Butter, the Preacher Heroes. It’s out right now on YouTube. It’s going crazy. Um, support it, push it, you know, support the movement.

All right, y’all Butter, the preacher. Listen, keep it locked. You tuned it to the fix. And the fix is in, man. Bless y’all. Thank y’all. Get tune back into the fix your source of faith infused hip hop, r n b and poetry right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54. Holy Culture Radio. Happy, happy Monday. You know what I’m saying?

Get real Monday Kings and queens again. You rocking with DJ Focus and Dice Gamble. Uh, listen, I’m just feeling good, like I, I keep saying it. It’s stellar week, so, you know, ain’t nothing gonna get me done this week. I’m believing I’m believing God to do some beautiful things. Yes. Uh, for the fixed radio show and, uh, you know, our other platform that we on for two stellar nominations, so we just gonna throw it out there.

You know, we, we in the conversation, so y’all pray for us, uh, cuz Yeah, that’s where I’m at all week. I’m, I’m excited. We, we will be heading to Atlanta, you know what I’m saying? Midweek, uh, yes to. Have some fun and start some of the festivities. So shouts out to everybody that we are connected with. Uh, we’ll see you in the a t l Thursday.

We’ll see you Thursday . So let’s hop into this real talk topic today. Uh, dice. Um, we talking today about covenant verse contract. Of course, we talking about marriages and how marriages look, um, specifically, you know, we gonna go back old school and, and we’re gonna go back now too as well. Cause I think too, as well, we, we have to put some of that in context too as well.

Dice. Cuz I think our grandparents are a great example of, you know, the traditional marriage. And then of course 2022, you know, we got, um, everybody has their own opinion on what they want to call a marriage, you know, said, so we go, we gonna dive into that too as well. But I think we should start first. The dating process.

Hmm. As a believer in today’s age, what, what do you thinks are some practical, like, tips you can give a single? What, what are some practical tips you would give a single lady who is, you know, trying to, you know, do the right thing? She know she, she’s in her words, she’s trying to keep herself, she’s waiting for God to send her her bow ass.

What do you, speaking to her about the courting process and how she should, you know, potentially, you know, look to date. Well, I would ask her about her weaknesses first, because I think that’s what’s gonna be probably the major barrier of her trying to attain that, the goal, you know, at least a godly one in dating.

Um, like what? Yeah, like what am I all right. Being alone, you know what I’m saying? Like, do I just have to have somebody up underneath me all the time? You know, or, um, I don’t know. I, I just think dating should be approached a little bit differently. Um, I, I really ooh, after be, after dating, For so long in my life, like, I don’t know, man.

I would go back, like before I found my husband, before the Lord sent my husband, I wrote down 27 things on a piece of paper that, and this is after I really started praying and seeking the Lord concerning who I wanted, but also who I knew the Lord wanted for me. And, um, I, I mean, I found, I found him and he was 26 of the 27.

But it’s like, you need to know really what you’re looking for. Because see, here’s the thing, it’s, it’s people out here throwing, throwing it to you on every corner all day long. It don’t matter if you married or a single, it’s just some, some rachet people out here who just, you know, they just, ready, you know, they, they just, it is what it is.

So, um, I think I would, I would talk to a young lady about, do you know the difference between love and lust? Or, you know, do you know the difference between like, What you want and what, what God really wants for you. Or, um, and definitely have some mentors in my life, couple mentors. If I wanna be married, I need to be friends with some couples like that, that are married, that maybe they’ve been married for a while, you know?

Um, and they can gimme some really good tips of what to look for. Cause here’s the thing, you don’t know what to look for in a, in some, in a when you’re looking for a mate. If you, you’re not around married people who have ha they’re a good example. Wow. I would love to have that. You know, so I, that, that’s definitely a tip I would give a young lady, it’s like, listen, now.

Need you go find somebody that’s like 20 years in, you know, who could definitely give you the truth of what it means. Um, it’s an honor to be married. It is a privilege to be married. And we all always talk about it on the show. It’s not easy as pie, you know? Um, that’s why the Bibles talk always talks about, you know, being equally yoked because you don’t want to come into this thing thinking you can change someone.

Um, I remember when we were going to marriage counseling before we got married, uh, Dr. Kohler shout out to you in Atlanta. Dr. Kohler is a great marriage counselor. You guys, some of our friends have gone to him. We’ve been referring people to him. But he sat us on the couch and he said, what’s the worst thing about each other that you don’t like?

What’s that worst thing where you just like, this is the one thing I cannot stand? And he said, yeah, marriage is, uh, think that you’re gonna have that every day. Mm. Now, do you still wanna be with this person? You know, I just, that’s what I’m thinking. Like you gotta put yourself around people who are gonna really make you think, you know, outside of the box.

So I, I would definitely say figure out what it is you want, figure out what you think the Lord wants you to have. You know? And definitely, um, get you some counseling from, from some older people, somebody who’s already walked that road. And I ain’t talking about some old heartbroken, bitter divorce person.

You know, I’m talking about some, somebody who’s, they’ve gone through the fire together, they’ve been through the war, you know, and they understand what it is and they appreciate the blessing of marriage, if that’s what you want. No, that’s, no, that was a, that was a long answer, but I’m just saying like, yeah.

Start there. No, that was good. I, I think for me, when I sit down and I speak to, you know, young men who are looking to get married, cause I, I get it all the time, you know, um, when I tell ’em I’ve been married 22 years and, you know, being with my wife for almost 27 years, It’s like, what’s, what’s the secret?

I say, listen, I’m gonna tell you, tell you right off the top. There is no secret. God is the only reason that I’m able to keep this covenant going. I say, you need to start with developing. That’s what I always tell young men. You are supposed to be the priest, the prophet, and the king of the household. So to do that, you need to have a firm relationship with Christ.

So I always tell them, the men start with Christ first while you, while you’re single. My wife says it all the time, and I love her for saying, you have to be a successful single before you can be a successful, uh, husband or wife. And a lot of people, uh, they dropped the ball on that because they’re not developing, working on their self.

Okay. You’re single for this season. Okay. Like I tell my young man, are you reading your Bible? Are you studying on a higher level? Are you praying? Are you meditating to make sure you get and you hear from God? Cuz you want to hear, uh, from God, uh, when he sends you to, uh, you know, start, you know, courting and, and, and make sure that this is the, the wife he wants you to marry.

So, yeah, I, I say start with prayer. Start with developing your relationship with Christ. The next thing I tell the man to do, get your money. . Let’s be very clear, uh, you. You have to figure out as a man, especially as a man, and I know we, you know, ladies are, are able to do it too as well, but I think this is very important for a man.

Figure out what it is you do good and what you want to do. Whether you go to school or you’ve already, you know, you’ve already got your education or you’re in the process of going and getting some form of education or some type of trade, or you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business while you’re single, especially if you don’t have any kids.

Master that right now. Get everything established. Get get your career going to where you want to go, to where you wanna move up or get the business started or go to school and get all the education you need so that way. Once you find your wife, you can be in a better, a better situation. And, and I’m telling them from experience.

Cause I said, this is something I did not do. , I left the house at 19 and you know, at the time I left, you know, it was different time. But yeah, I got everything out the mud. So I was working job to job, working my way up, working my way up. Then I, then I finally figured out, okay, did that for about two, three years.

No, I might need some form of education. That’s when I went back to school after working from job to job, seeing if I could make my, make something out of it. But I said, if I could have got that established first before I, I met my wife and before I moved in with my wife and we got married and everything.

I would’ve been so much better. So I always tell ’em, get your money right. Make sure you focus on, you know, figuring out what it is you want to do because you, for the most part, you should be wanting to be the provider. Absolutely. I know in the day, the day, the time and day right now, um, women do work and it’s okay, but still you wanna make sure, okay baby, if you don’t wanna work, don’t go to work.

I’ll figure it out. . So, and, and that takes time. Uh, you know, for us as men, that takes time. That usually takes, I, I I say that development stage of really getting your career going five to seven years, at least from my personal experience, it takes about five to seven years for a man to really figure out, um, his development plan for us, for where he wants to go with in his career and his profession.

So those are tho those are two things that are really vital that I, I really wanna point into these young men and even, you know, you know, men who are, you know, still trying to get it together, but my men who are listening who may been married and divorced, To, to your point, no, we gotta get counseling.

Cause I’ve run into a lot of men who’ve been married and divorced, some got married too young, um, didn’t really understand everything that had entailed and, you know, before they were 30 or already divorced and looking to, you know, start dating again. But I’m like, did you go through any type of counseling?

Did you make sure you grieve that process a little bit? That that’s a form of, of grief. A lot of people don’t see it that way. But look, listen, yeah. You were married, it might only been two, three years, five years, but so what? You were married , so like yeah. You, you need to go through the process of healing first instead of just jumping right into another relationship when you haven’t healed from this.

No, no, go ahead. I, I was just gonna say it, it, it’s a process. So I, I think that right there just shows you the importance as, as we, as we hop into the covenant part of it, um, knowing that you have this, it’s almost like a, I feel like the covenant is like a, a pledge that you make the God and he just kind of just covers it, if that makes sense.

But I think you don’t understand the covenant if you don’t have a relationship with God. And I think that’s why a lot of marriages are failing now. Because they’re just doing it because I, you know, Jack and Edge, I just wanna get married. You know, it sound real good. I’m just, no, come on now, come on. Like, you know, you wanna have the big weddings and the doves and the horse and the carriage and the reception and the, the, the, uh, the honeymoon and uh, and, uh, pe you know what I’m saying?

But, but you got Jesus involved in this. Like, you know, listen, this pandemic has taught us, we, I know we are, we’re coming out of it, but we saw so many married couples get divorced and they, I, I seen so many people like, I don’t even like her. I don’t even like him. I’m like, wow. Is it that bad?

So, I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah. All right. Mm-hmm. I mean, I, trust me, I’ve been married twice. I screwed up the first I, I’ve been married, well, I’m saying twice. I’ve definitely put myself in situations where I often say I’ve been married three times, maybe even four times. But I always wanted to be hugged up with somebody.

And I, I had to figure out what that was about, you know? But, um, it was just, well, I was taught, you know, you don’t sleep around, you marry. And that was really my thing was like, I’m not gonna be with somebody that, like, I’m not gonna be that person. Like, like, we gonna be together, we gonna be together. You know what I’m saying?

Like, and that’s, that’s always been my thing. And I thank God for that because I’m like, man, if I didn’t have that thought, just the type of person I am, woo Lord. So, you know, but you gotta figure out yourself. I think that’s, that’s what people don’t tell you. You know? Typically people get married and then the other person starts.

Pointing out things about you, you know, that’s, you know, like, or your shortcomings or maybe where you could be better. Or maybe even they say it in a hurtful way. And I just think that’s a, it’s a big, it just saves a lot of time. If you would prepare yourself for marriage and prepare yourself for the person and like, you know, like I said, workout, if you know you don’t like to be woke up in the morning, like try to work on that cuz the, the person you with might have to be.

You know, at 5:00 AM like, like just, you know, take your time. Is is another thing I would definitely say, like, ain’t no rush. Listen, if that person’s for you, they gonna be there for you. And shout out to my sister Veta, she is engaged, her fiancé, um, just proposed to her a couple weeks back and he, he’s been pursuing her for 10 years.

Wow. I’m gonna put that out there. Ta talk about dedication and I’m focused and you going to be my boo, but I will pursue you. Okay. Because I know you the one, so Yeah, I’m good. I will wait. You know what I’m saying? Like, I’m just saying like, people, man. So when you want something, when I’m met my husband, I met him October the 17th.

He asked me to marry him October 28th. He’s like, I know. He was like, nah, I gotta say you the one girl. I’m like, please the dudes, they say that every time they beat me. You know? Nah, nah, nah. Mm-hmm. And , come on now. No, no, no. That’s just the line. You know, don’t be falling for that line, ladies, unless you really feel it.

But, uh, yeah, he, he, he, he, he never left like he found me and he was like, oh, no, I’m gonna mm-hmm. , I’m gonna be right here. I’m gonna be right. I’m gonna be right here waiting What we gotta do, okay. We not sleeping together. Okay. We going to counseling. Okay. He was just like, okay, I’m good, but we mm-hmm. . Yeah, let’s just, I’ll wait.

Got married the next year. So I’m just, I’m just saying like, there’s somebody for everybody. You can set your standards, you, you can follow, you know, and I’m saying follow what God would want, but just honoring the Lord. Like, and honestly, I don’t know man, I would talk to people about not sleeping around. I know we ain’t gotta go to breaks, so like that ain’t no reason to be, I’ll be honest with you.

And my husband said this, he said, I wanted you more cuz you wouldn’t sleep with me. He said, sure did. Exactly. He’s everybody else throwing it at you. So he’s like, it’s easy, you can pick up the phone, call a ex. I mean, that’s easy. It was like, but it was just like, you were just so like, no. And, and I’m, I’m just telling you like, people, people act like this stuff don’t work.

It works. It works. So, you know, that’s the, unfortunately though, the, in today’s society, no one wants to wait though. So I, listen, I tip my hat to both of you. Cause let’s be honest, in a world that everything is oversexualized. Like, who’s, who’s waiting? Mm-hmm. , listen, you’re too into the fix your source with faith, defuse hip hop r and b and poetry with DJ focusing Dice gamble.

Listen, we gotta go pay some bills. We’ll be right back. Listen, this real talk conversation. Yeah. Real. You know, it’s jumping today. Covenant verse contract. Keep it locked. You tune dead into the fix. But the fix is in, you’re back into the fix. Your source of faith and fuse, hip hop, r and b and poetry. Right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio.

Get real Monday. , you rocking with dj, focusing Dice Gamble. And listen, we’ve been, we’ve been real already. We’re right in the middle of this conversation. We are talking covenant verse contract. Uh, so, you know, a lot of times, uh, people don’t want to hear that, but I think a lot of marriages are based on this.

So this, listen, I forgot to, you know, kind of give a definition to, uh, you know, what a contract is and what a covenant is, you know, so a contract is an agreement between parties. Um, while some would argue a covenant is a pledge, uh, that God has ordained, um, a covenant is an agreement that you can break. A, um, I mean, I’m sorry.

A co a contract is an agreement that you can, can break A covenant is an agreement that you should not break, uh, under God’s eyes. So, so you said something that was very important. You said, you know, while you were getting ready to, while you were waiting till you started dating again, you said you wrote down some things Oh yeah.

On your list that you wanted. So, so let me ask you, were these things that you wanted to work on yourself or were these like non-negotiables for your dating relationship? What, what were these? I mean, they were my, they were my non-negotiables. But I mean, I had half of them, you know, they were what I wanted in, in a, in a man.

And then the other half was what I knew I needed, you know, someone who loved the Lord. They were gonna be a great leader. Great, great father wanted kids. They’re, they were, uh, focused on being, uh, financially fit. Like, like, you know, they were, you know, they were gonna be the, the them, them, not to me, the model man.

But I also put some stuff on there of mine. Like, he needs to be funny, you know what I’m saying? Um, I wanted them cute, you know, like I wrote down my stuff too, like, you know, the Bible says ask. So I was like, I’m about to ask for what I want, but I’m also, I’m, I’m gonna be a hundred percent sure to put down things that I know I need in my life, you know, from, from a man who I would prefer to be a man of God.

You know? Like, that was like first on my list was like, we can’t even get down to the get down down here, you know? So, I mean, I wrote it down. No, he, he doesn’t smoke. You know, like I, I got specific and I think a lot of times we think that God doesn’t care, but the Lord cares. But if we don’t ask, I mean, we ain’t asking, you know?

So it’s like, no, God, listen, you know, the Lord cares about our happiness and our heart. Of course, not just everything that we want in life, you know, but I’m just saying like, God does want you to be happy. You know, God ain’t out here trying to hook you up with people to make you miserable. That is not what our God does.

So, um, I just love partnering with the Lord and o and oftentimes focus, I will go pull that list back out just to verify . Oh, you don’t, I got the right, I pull that list out, bro. I’m like, wait a minute. The Lord didn’t lie to me. You know, like, you brother, you better go read over this list. Cause this is what you came, you came to the gate with all this and, uh, but now we have a lot of fun with it helps to keep you together focused.

Like knowing that you spent that time with God, you consecrated that time. You, you know, you, you went through the process like you were talking about, like, it, like when you’re having tough days in your marriage, you’re reminded like, no, no, no. I’ve been on my face praying for this. And trust me, there is nobody better for me than my husband.

Like, nobody has been wonderful at just managing our home and our children and even being able to handle me. You know, like, I, I, trust me, I’m not easy. I, I’m gonna be honest with you, Brad. And um, so, you know, God is faithful man. But you, you also have to work on it and obviously after you get married, because you’re, you are very different people.

You guys have been different your whole lives, you know, raised differently in different areas, in different ways. So then you have to learn to come together, you know, and really partner with each other when you get married. But it’s a beautiful thing. I love it. I wouldn’t want life any other way, honestly.

I told ’em, we gotta die together, brother. I just want you to know. Well, I ain’t, we ain’t gotta kill ourselves together. But I pray if we 98 and you think you wanna go, I’m going with you. . We both going at night. Huh? I ain’t going to your funeral. Not me. Not me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. We love each other too much.

That’s good. Yeah. No, that’s good. And I’m, I’m glad you shared that. I, I think I, listen , the, the beautiful thing about growing with somebody and I, and I, I really think it’s beauty in it. I think a lot of marriage couples, they miss this mark in. Learning each other, grooming each other, to your point.

Absolutely. You know, there were things that, you know, I actually wanted out of my wife. Absolutely. And I know she, it was some expectations she wanted outta me, but I think for us, the beautiful thing about us coming together, even though we had these expectations or some of these wants, we were able to stick in there.

And I think that’s where God comes in and learn each other. And, you know, maybe, you know, this was something that I didn’t. First off, but now I’ve grown to love it because it’s, it makes my wife who she is. Like sometimes we try, uh, I think a lot of people try to change a person instead of letting that person be, you know what I’m saying?

And, and, and growing with that person in spite of, maybe it’s something that you might think is, I don’t know, maybe it’s a character flaw or anything. I don’t, I don’t know. I’m just, I’m just going like reaching way out, but I’m just saying like it’s beauty and growing with that person and learning how to love that person literally for who they are.

Because like once I, once I tapped into that, I was like, wow, it, it, it took our, it took our love, it took our love to a whole other language. And the same for me. Uh, she was like, wow, you know, 10 years ago I probably would’ve never, you know, da da da this or, you know, accepted this. But, you know, I, I learned to embrace it from you and you showed me some things within that.

And that’s, and that’s where I think the beautiful part of it is, of honoring the con the covenant over the contract and, you know, the contract and be board. And I’m out, you know, cuz I ain’t getting my way today or, you know, I, I, I hear a lot of couples say that too, as well. Well, he, he don’t do like, I, like I asked him to do, he don’t do the things I want him to do.

I said, wow, you, you, you praise the Lord. You just got, you got a list of things you want him to do and if he don’t do these things that you, you just out. Oh, okay. Let me know how that work, , that never works. Good luck trying to control somebody like it. Yes. It, I mean, but here’s the thing. That’s why I said, I think before you get married, if you know you’re a certain way before you get married, work on it.

You know, work on it. And, and, and then it’ll be easier inside of the marriage because yeah, nobody’s perfect and, uh, but a lot of couples do spend that those first couple years trying to control each other, trying to make each other be this idea thing. And it’s like, no, I’m a, I’m me. You know what I’m saying?

I’m me. Uh, I ain’t who you know or who you thought I would like. I’m me. And you have to get to learn it and, uh, know me. But I think it’s a gift. I, I, I consider it the highest honor next to, uh, being in a, in a relationship with Christ is my marriage. And it’s just having. Relationship and growing with my husbands.

It’s the most beautiful thing to care for a person and to love a person and be protective of that person and, and to really honor that person. And then you walking through life with your friend. I mean, it doesn’t get no better than that. I’m sitting here like, we double God, so we both praying, you know what I’m saying?

Like we, we, you know what I’m saying? We got the, the spirit that lives within us. So it’s like just, it’s just better protection, like how the Lord will send us a, a word concerning our children, like, and, and God will say it to both of us, and we ain’t even seen each other all day. It’s just like, it’s just like one of the most beautiful things.

If, if that’s what God wants for you. I mean, it’s, it’s fantastic. And here’s the thing, I know some people, uh, they don’t need to be married at all. So, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Their life calls for them to not be locked down in a house with somebody all day, you know? So, and there’s nothing wrong with that either, but it still doesn’t mean you don’t ask the Lord like, You know, what can I work on?

How can I be a better friend, you know, and things like that. Excuse me. Oh, that’s good. Anyway, and um, I, I, I know something that, that, that came to my mind for you, just saying that just. Being able to have that friendship first and grow as friends. I, I thought of steadfast love, like, oh yeah, that’s, that’s the example of what it looks like.

You know what I’m saying? Like, you have to be grounded in that steadfast love to really just walk through, be friends, grow with each other, learn each other, study each other. That’s . That’s been our, well, that’s been our best argument stopper, is like, we will really just step out and say, let’s just take a walk as friends.

Like let’s just talk as friends. You know, because there is this certain idea that when you’re married to someone, there’s this, there’s a control factor there that exists because you think you own this person, but you really don’t. But you have all these expectations and all these other things. But when you are truly are friends, you’re able to sit down and say, you know what, let’s just talk as friends.

Like in, in the way that you care about your regular friend outside of your marriage. Like you being able to talk to your partner in that way. It’s huge because you, you can hear differently. You know? It’s like, oh, okay, you’re not just saying that cuz blah blah. No, what I’m saying is I would tell my regular friend the same thing, you know, I’m not trying to get anything from you right now.

I’m really trying to be honest and help you out, you know, , like seriously, so, Um, they’re just beautiful. Um, it’s a beautiful thing. So shout out to all the married couples out there and shout out to all the ones who are going through. There are a lot of people going through and I’d say count the cost. You know, like, count that cost cuz divorce sucks.

And I’m telling you right now, it’s horrible. People get affected. You are affected. Kids get affected, families get wrecked. If, hey, if it’s, uh, if, if it’s abusive, get out of an asap. But other than that, like if it’s something you maybe could work through, try and work through it, you know? Mm. Give yourself a, give yourself a 30 day.

Like say, all right, we’re gonna take the next 30 days and just date each other again and see if we can just do a restart. , let’s just do a restart. Like I’ll, I’ll throw away one thing you did, you throw away one thing I did, and we’ll just do that every day for the next 30 days. And we’ll, maybe we meet up outside the house.

You know, you meet me at, you know, woo woo, take a walk through the park, you know, and you know I’m gonna go over here to a movie. Maybe I go to movie by myself. And you go home by yourself and just hang out for a few hours. Like, switch it up. Because here thing, it, it doesn’t make sense to me. And I know a lot of people that have gone through like 35 years, 40 years, and then they get a divorce.

For what? Uhuh. Not me. Cuz we know everything about each other. You know what ice cream I like, you know, that I, I like my feet hanging out the sheets, you know, you know that, you know, I ain’t hanging my towel up in the bathroom, Uhuh, I gotta go meet a whole new person and start over. Not me. No, no, no. So it’s like, nah, we going work through, we going to work through this.

You know? And, and maybe it’s, maybe it’ll be tough. And, um, you know, and I, here’s the thing. You, you need to dig in when things aren’t working. And this is something that singles, I don’t know if they’re prepared to do. Like when me and my husband, we were about to get a divorce, um, I, I personally dug in harder on the love, you know, it was like, oh, oh, you think you about to leave me?

Watch this. Like, well, like watch, watch the love, watch the love, get a little bit deeper or, you know, I mean, I’m leaving, I’m leaving notes everywhere in drawers and pockets. I’m writing on mirrors with lipstick. I got everything ready to, I’m talking breakfast, lunches, dinners. Like, like, it was like, oh, okay, yeah, maybe, maybe it, maybe we are, um, stuck right now.

But before you walk away, you about to see what you about to walk away from. And then if you, and then if you choose to walk away, that’s not you, but I mean, sometimes you gotta fight. For it. You gotta take the time and say, okay, okay. You know, and so it, but it caused him to realize, he kept saying, he said, man, I was sitting here like, it’s not that he really wanted at that time to be back in the marriage, but he’s, he’s such a man.

He said, I didn’t want anybody else to have you . Hey, I don’t care how that worked. I don’t care what God had to work on your mind to get you to stay. But now it’s, it’s, it is even more beautiful because it was like, okay, yeah, we fought, we made it through that. Like, and now it’s just even better and it’s even stronger and we have a greater appreciation of each other going through a rocky spot.

So, um, but nah man, dig into love cuz I’m chunk, that’s the only thing that worked for us. You know, it wasn’t screaming and yelling and fussing and cussing and throwing stuff. Mm-hmm. I did put his clothes outside. I did do that. The neighbors. Yeah. It was bad. But the point is, , we got back together the waiting to exhale on the, oh yeah man, this is good one.

He said I was waiting on you to give me a reason. He said, but you, but you, but you never did. He said, you just kept loving me. You know what I’m saying? He, he just kept, he said, he just kept coming with the love. So I, I didn’t, I couldn’t create a scenario, you know what I’m saying? To just be like, oh, I’m outta here.

It was like, man, he was like, he just kept on with it. And I was like, yeah, Uhhuh, . Because that’s what the Lord told me. Keep on, keep on loving him. And I’m telling you, and here we are today. A good 14 years later, loving. Won’t he do it? Willie Won’t. He, won’t he? Willie, listen, you brought up something that we do and we, we, we had a, we had a rocky first five years I would argue of our man, oh Lord.

As we struggle with our communication on how to effectively communicate to each other, um, we didn’t have our spiritual, um, our spiritual wisdom and, and lenses on to make sure we were operating literally in the spirit and not in the flesh. So after we got past that, You, you brought something up about, you know, you gave, you were going to give your husband a reason to know what he was gonna miss and you start doing like little, the little love letters, everything, writing on listen, everything.

We do that, we do that on the regular, we call that. So, so we, I, I feel like I told my wife we need to write a book on that cuz we got a a thousand of them things We do, we call it prim and the pump. So we, we feel like we might be, you know, having these heat discussions, like you said, no, no one of us, it never fails.

One of us the next day is, is sending a text in the morning. You know, writing something on, on, on, uh, on our cars we do, we do it in our cars. . So my wife is good at going and leaving stuff in the car. Cause you know, I, I’m going to work in the morning. Soon as I get in there, I got my, I got my bag. I’m gonna put it right there.

She’ll leave something right there for me. Okay. I’ll do the same thing. Listen, I’ll be, I’ll be sneaking around trying to, uh, uh, outdo her, you know what I’m saying? So we turning into something that’s fun, right? And, and it blesses us. Like, it, it, listen, it blesses us. So that just shows you that listen. Yeah.

We, I, I, to your point, I told my wife the same thing. I said, where you going? I’m going with you. You going to the moon? I’m going with you. What we going because, because at this point somebody gotta die. Yeah. It ain’t, yeah, no, ain’t no even splits. It’s too much money invested. No, no. Ain’t no even, no, no, no.

Ain’t none of that, bro. Wait a minute. We can’t go to no court. We can’t figure this out. No court. No, no. . Listen, it’s so funny. Uh, I remember we had, we had just got married and we weren’t too long into, into our marriage. And, and I was just playing with my husband one day and I, and I just said, um, I said, yeah, I think I’m gonna leave.

You know what he said? You better leave now . Wow. He was there we’re, we’re not about to go into all these years. And then later on you talk about, I was just joking with him, but I thought it was so cute cuz in his mind he was like, look, . It’s what? It’s, Hey, hey, the door’s over there and you wanna play this game.

But it, it was just funny. Like we do not joke about, uh, divorce or breaking up or leaving each other. We don’t subtle seeds at all because that’s not funny. And if y’all doing that in y’all relationship, you need to stop right now, . You just stop doing that. I’m a test back. Don’t, don’t be threatening folk, cuz I’m telling you like, somebody will call you on your threat on the day.

You don’t, you just playing games. . Oh. The enemy will set you up. So, so don’t, don’t, don’t put the room for the enemy in now. . You know what I’m saying? Dex to the mailman, be knocking on the door. You know, I’m just saying, you know what I’m saying? Sexy. Dex the mailman, you know what I’m saying? Manisha be at work.

You know what I’m saying? All of a sudden don’t, don’t get, don’t get it and it’ll be no room. I agree with you. Don’t get, yeah. Don’t get no room. Mm-hmm. Not at. Not at all. I’ll shut that on down. , you rock with DJ Focus and Dice Gamble. And listen, you already know we had these real talk conversations today.

We talking Covenant, the contract. We gotta go to break though. We gotta pay a few bills. Keep it locked. You tuned into the fix and the fix is in you. Tune back into the fix your source of Faith, infuses, hip hop, r b and poetry, right here on Sirius XM, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio, the Fix squad DJ, Focus and Dice Gamble.

And listen, we, uh, appreciate y’all rocking with us again today. We’ve come to the end of another hot show like, man, woo. We dropped some gems today. I, I know some of y’all might be out there a little mad today about that dude. Yeah. Real talk conversation. Dice and I had about Covenant, this contract. It’s, it’s needed.

Uh, y’all need to stop it. Y’all, y’all know y’all getting married for the wrong reasons. Look, now I’m, I’m a, I’m a rant a little bit. Gimme a second, just gimme 30 seconds. Go on a rant. I’m a rant after this. Go listen now. Cause some of these, some of y’all know y’all ain’t supposed to be getting married like y’all just doing it for the wrong reasons.

Y’all ain’t even got God in that thing. Y’all ain’t even prayed to God about this. No. No. He make he make the right money. So I’m gonna marry him. No, no, that’s good. Absolutely. I want you to marry some, somebody successful, but make sure this is who God sent you. Cause we talk about the toxic relationships and how people is, you know, getting abused and everything.

Yeah. Could you, you, once, you didn’t have God in this, this is just a, contract. Yeah. You, you just signed up because, you know, he makes six figures. He makes seven figures. So Yeah, he gotta be right. No, no, no. This man had got all type of baggage, all type of grief, all type of counseling he needs, but he ain’t gonna go get it because, you know, he can walk in his arrogance cuz he is a millionaire or he is a, you know, He makes six figures and you just cool because Yeah.

You know, I wanna make sure I’m financially, uh, taken care of and I don’t wanna work. Okay. Well, you know, with that come, you know, a little less Jesus and maybe a couple right hooks, know what you’re signing up for, sis know what you’re signing up. I’m just saying die, just keep it real. Know what you’re signing up for.

So yeah, you right, you got all the, you know, the Birkin and, and the Gucci and the, the, the Fendi and all them bags and all the, you know, the red bottoms. But you know at what price? I’m just saying, I’m just saying I ain’t Well, I was gonna say, I think another thing that has been very challenging when, when it comes to counseling or trying to mentor people is, um, them having an expectation of someone who they’re not married to.

Ooh. So yeah, don’t expect him to come home, boo boo. Don’t expect him to be at your house at no certain time. Get married. Don’t expect them to be paying. Listen, Uh uh now, he don’t have to pay no bill, please. And it goes both ways. Uh, it go, it goes both ways. It’s like, yeah, don’t, don’t have these expect, and here’s the thing, if you go on a lock in, then maybe you could talk about some things, you know?

But if you, here’s the thing. I wish, I wish somebody would’ve told me back in the day, like I didn’t have to do A, B, and C when I was dating. Like, you don’t, like you don’t owe people anything if you are not trying to have a relationship. And, and, and I know some people like, man, they’ve been dating for like 15 years, you know, living up in a house together with oak, and then they always wanna talk about the person when you go over there.

No, I don’t wanna hear you talk about Johnny Joe, because, uh, y’all, y’all haven’t went ahead and locked on in. So Johnny Joe is, he’s living here getting all the eggs, milk, and the cows. He’s getting everything for free. Huh? I wouldn’t leave if I was Johnny, Joe, either. Johnny, Joe Smart. This a smart Johnny Joe.

You gotta go . Johnny Joe. Johnny Joe running this thing. Like, listen, I am eating good, I’m sleeping good, I’m loving good, I’m looking good. And she playstations I’m playing. Yeah. Playing all that video games, you know what I’m saying? I got my friends over like, we, we kicking it Good. Got barbecue going. Good.

Yeah. No. And I just come and go as I please. Yeah. Because you Cause she don’t wanna Yeah. Because y’all ain’t did the right thing. So Yeah. Uh uh. Mm-hmm. Trust me, I have family members and I, I’m quick to tell ’em, don’t wanna hear about it. Holler at me after you say I do, then I’m gonna have a whole lot to say.

But other than that, other than that, y’all just, y’all free to go. Y’all both are free to come and go. Like, no. Well, we’ve been in a relationship so long, it don’t matter. There’s no covenant, you know? Come on. And, and the relationship probably wasn’t even healthy in the first place. Let’s be real. That’s, that’s the point I was trying to make on my little rant.

Like, y’all just going through the motion and act like y’all healthy, this is not a healthy relationship. Yeah. How would the Lord, it’s so funny cuz I have one of my friends, what the Lord don’t like, whoop, whoop. I was like, we can’t even talk about what the Lord like until y’all go ahead and lock in. Like, you know what I’m saying?

Like it ain’t he golden this mess . No, he don’t want no parts of this. So yes, it’s gonna be very messy up in here. Okay? It’s gonna be messy until y’all both get on the same accord, you know, on one accord and you say, you know what? We need to go ahead and repent. We need to go ahead and align, you know, and maybe take some time.

You know, go ahead and take some time apart too. Like, shoot, who cares if y’all living together? Take time apart and be like, all right, you gonna know if that’s your person. You know, the Lord would let you know if that’s your person or not, you know? But it would just, I don’t know, it just makes sense. Um, you know, to not do that, don’t be given away the milk for free, and that’s for the men and the women.

Like, just don’t do it. Somebody don’t, val, they don’t value you enough, but they want all the benefits of marriage. No, not me. And, and, and, and I’m glad you brought that up dice, uh, for my men listeners, stop, stop thinking. You find your value in how many women you sleep with. I know we were taught that growing up, but, uh, you know, for, for some of my OGs listening to me and even, you know, for, you know, some of the younger, uh, young men that are listening to me right now.

Yeah. That’s not your. You, you, you should take care of your body and treat yourself, you know, sacred. Just like the, you know, uh, ladies do too as well. I know we’re not taught that because that’s, that’s soft. You know, we’re taught, you know, toxic behavior as men go out and knock off as many girls as we possibly can.

Cuz that’s, that’s how you get your rank , you know? But now that’s not it. That’s definitely not kingdom. So, you know, and then you talk about the soul ties, then you talk about why you paying child support. Uh, cause you keep laying down with Sally’s, Lucy, Tracy, Nikki, Shawanda, and Taisha. Oh. And, and they keep having every last one of their babies.

Oh. You get mad at ’em cuz you keep laying down with ’em all. Oh, okay. So yeah, we let, let’s talk about that. You know, we’ve been talking about that standard of keeping yourself, you know, a lot of these babies, um, that are being ab. Shouldn’t even be made in the first place. But we don’t wanna have that conversation.

I listen, let me go Cause it’s about to be, we can have it. Oh no, no, no, no. We ain’t got time. That’s another show. Dice . That’s another show. Shots fired. Yo, listen, what brings on a lot? Well, here, and here’s the thing cuz I got, I definitely want to end on a, on a nice note of the something God we want me to say.

When you’re outta order or you’re outta line and you’re not walking in the wheel, or you two, you know, two people, two single people, when you aren’t trying to do things, you know, uniform, it causes a lot of conviction. You know, and, and the enemy just really messes with you all day. And I’m just saying it’s just so much better being free and being covered, knowing.

Yeah. Don’t matter how, how, uh, wild and, and crazy it gets in my bedroom. I’m covered. I’m gonna cover like, this is my, this is us. You know what I’m saying? Like, but when you are not, trust me, like the devil’s gonna use all that and work your everlasting nerve. Like it’s just, there, there, there’s a whole lot.

Like you were talking about kids. I didn’t even think about the kid factor that could be in there, you know? Par. Uh, kids want parents, you know, kid, kids deserve parents. Like that’s how they got here. One of you and one of you, there shouldn’t be no fly by the night or you know, it’s one night stand. I mean, they didn’t, the kids don’t ask for that.

And trust me, this stuff affects families for generation. So, um, yeah, it’s just, I don’t know, man. We can do, we can do things, we can be better. We can be so much better and yeah, everybody, you got the right to be free. You got the right to do what you wanna do. You got the right to be single, you got the right to do whatever.

I mean, you got the right to go drink a bottle of olive oil, but you shouldn’t, you know what I’m saying? Because that’s not the healthy thing to do. You know what I’m saying? That ain’t the correct dosage. So it’s like, it’s some things, yeah, you could be free to do what you wanna do, but it ain’t the right thing to do.

It’s gonna cause you some danger, you know, some damage. So, man. Yeah, I don’t know if we know that the Holy Spirit lives in us and our, we are the temple. Um, Come on man. We should be honoring that temple. You know what I’m saying? Thanks. So then we can definitely do a better job at it. So yeah. Mm-hmm. , come listen.

Appreciate y’all. We, we appreciate y’all today. Listen, we just wanted to give some light. She had some light on a conversation. Real, we need to have, get real Monday. Real, real with yourself. Get real at the end of the Wayne. Ain’t look, Wayne ain’t call. Why ain’t call you last night? You better get real for yourself.

Oh no, Wayne ain’t call. You need to stop answering, you know what I’m saying? And, and, and get that key back too. Get that key back. You. Oh yeah. Yeah. He got that extra key. Get that key back . You know what I’m saying? Lord, help me take the place back. Oh my. Ooh. Keep back. Get, keep back. We appreciate y’all rocking with us again today.

We pray that you guys enjoyed this show. Listen, we wanna shout out, um, uh, Budda the preacher, um, that exclusive interview. Definitely, uh, go back and follow his music. He has a project out right now with Emmanuel De Prophet. Um, it’s, it’s certified, uh, little mixtape. They put out, uh, a little ep, actually, I think it’s like a six song, uh, ep.

This is fire and you know, so just definitely go follow him. Uh, once again, we just want to thank him for that, that that powerful testimony. He came forth and told this man is a miracle. I don’t care what nobody said. Yeah, he is a miracle. Come on now. Oh goodness. Shot nine times, hit by a truck, died flat line, came back, got kids, he got a kid on the way.

Shouldn’t have, I mean, it’s definitely a miracle story and I cannot wait to see the movie. I mean a whole movie about his life cuz it’s amazing. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yep. He’s working on documentary right now as he speaks. So we excited about that. Listen, uh, uh, listen, butter, if, if you’re listening butter, I know you listening if you need some.

Mm-hmm. extras. If you need some extras, you know what I’m saying? The pick squad, you know what I’m saying? I would just throw that out there. Butter. If you need some extras now, you know what I’m saying? Now I, you know, dice might got hurt. You know, she might can act a little bit. Just gimme me one line. I can remember one line real quick.

You know what I’m saying? I’m in and out. . Oh, we appreciate y’all. Listen, uh, we’ll be right back tomorrow on Tiptoe Tuesday. You already know we coming back on tiptoe Tuesday. Uh, exclusive interview, another real talk conversation. Y’all know how we do it. Wake up with us weekday 6:00 AM. Right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio.

Uh, shouts out to everybody on the team, the whole Holy Culture team. Just continue to pray for us. Continue to listen. Support, like, share, uh, the station, the shows. Mm-hmm. . We need y’all support y’all. So just go to everybody’s platform, you know, all the shows here. We, we set ’em enough, you know, the shows.

Make sure y’all follow us on all streaming platforms, social media platforms, everywhere. We out here. for sure. And it’s stellar week. Listen, I I’m gonna keep saying it. It’s stellar week. Come on it. Stellar week. Yeah. And we, stellar week. We, we, we got a couple of nominations. You know, we, in the Conversation to Fix radio show is in the conversation.

So just pray for us and listen. Just hold, listen. We, we gonna stay humble, but we gonna flex a little bit. So just pray for us now, you know? Mm-hmm. , humble Flex. Humble flex. Listen, remember to stay focused on turning your negative into a positive. Jesus is the answer. Kingdom advancement is always the goal.

The fixes in we out. Peace shall.


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