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7vnseal a.k.a. God’s Dagger/Robert Encinas has lived life on the edge most of his life coming out of a family being taught hate, mental, and physical abuse it’s no wonder that he turned to gang-affiliations. At the age of sixteen he began rapping at house party locations as well as doing live rap battles on the radio. In 2006 he was rapping under the former name, 80proof linking up with Beretta 9 and Dom Pachino of the Wu-Tang affiliated group, “Killarmy.” In 2007 he worked on a single with world famous, Shyheim the Manchild of Wu-Tang Killa Bees. After being signed with CCR/Universal Management things were progressing to the point of being on the road full-time and growing towards “superstar status” when a sudden turn of events happened, on March 16th 2009 80proof was called by God to walk out of the life he had been living and gave him a new name, 7vnseal a.k.a. God’s Dagger. Now residing in San Antonio, Texas 7vnseal has been growing as a believer in Christ through the ministry at Victory Gospel Chapel. 7vnseal is preparing to release the new mix tape which will be dropping on May 10th , 7vnseal Presents: “Keep My Boots Madd Muddy: Platoon Vol. 1: Hosted by DJ Wade-O and featuring guest artists Sivion(Deep Space 5), Theory Hazit, Braille, Sincon, Alkatraz, Dirt, Applejaxx, Gifted Da Flamethrowa, Willie Will, Cy, Young Mercy, and more!

The new mix tape is filled with 7vnseal’s gritty, militant, raw lyrical delivery and keeps the listener wanting more on tracks like “Blades Of Fury,” featuring Cy “My Sword Finger,” “X2,” featuring Gifted Da Flamethrowa and the first official single, “How You Living” featuring Gifted Da Flamethrower and Sivion. “Keep My Boots Madd Muddy” Mix tape lyrically has a lot to say everything from spiritual warfare, terrorism, giving praise to God, to an apology of forgiveness to women for things done in the past; it has something that will speak volumes to everyone. Also, 7vnseal has been out promoting his new brand of hip hop on interviews with Gospel Impact Radio, Serious Hot Gospel Radio, The Joshua Harrell Show, The Wade-O Radio Show, The Kingdom Minded Radio Show, Five16 Magazine(Upcoming for June 2011 issue) just to name a few. 7vnseal is also getting airplay currently on Gospel Impact Radio, Serious Hot Gospel Radio, The Wade-O Radio Show, Kingdom Minded Show WAZU Peoria 90.7FM, Official Boss Radio, Sphere Of, and Hype Radio with Chris Chicago. Some of the things on the horizon for 7vnseal is a new project from 7vnseal and DJ I Rock Jesus(summer 2011), new singles releasing this first quarter from 7vnseal: “How You Living” featuring Gifted Da Flamethrowa and Sivion and “Shalom 4 Ever” featuring Prodigal Son(Spring 2011). The first full-length album from 7vnseal “7th Brigade” will be releasing winter 2011 more details on that later but, get ready 7vnseal is ready to take a stand against to the enemy through music and rise up for the Kingdom of God!


1. Till the end ft. 7vnseal and Young Mercy
2. X2 ft. 7vnseal and Gifted Da Flamethrowa
3. My sword finger ft. 7vnseal
4. Centurions ft.Young Mercy and 7vnseal
5. My word ft. 7vnseal
6. Transformation ft.7vnseal and John Bennard
7. Double edge ft. 7vnseal and Dirt
8. Lightning strike ft.Theory Hazit
9. Mullberry bush ft. Sincon and 7vnseal
10. Nuckle fist ft. Braille
11. National apology ft. 7vnseal and James H.
12. Land of the lost ft. Alkatraz and 7vnseal
13. Triumph remix ft.7vnseal and Willie Will 14.7th platoon ft. 7vnseal
14. How you living ft. Gifted Da Flamethrowa, Sivion and 7vnseal
15. Praise it be his name ft. 7vnseal
16. Look mom ft.Sincon
17. Shalom 4 ever ft. 7vnseal
18. Blades of his fury ft. 7vnseal and CY
19. Bloodshed ft. 7vnseal and Alkatraz
20. Distorted frequencies ft. Sincon
21. Barabbas ft. 7vnseal
22. Ginsue ft. Applejaxx, Dirt, and 7vnseal

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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