Hee Sun Lee “More Than Ever” Ft. Jamie Grace

Published on December 12, 2023

Hee Sun’s “More Than Ever” released in October needs more recognition, not just because it is a female vocalist, but because it also conveys timely and pertinent gospel messages. It does so in a way that is enjoyable and delightful to the listener. As far as Christian rap and hip-hop goes this song is destined to be another hit.

The song is more on the mellow side of the genre. While the singer is certainly very talented and has a lyrical flow that is consistent with the Christian rap genre, this song has more of a pop feel. While the background music and melodies are mellow, it’s the harmonies and her voice that give it the pop sound. As you listen to it, you will notice that as far as the lyrics and the gospel messages go, this song talks about the state of the world and how the world certainly does need more of Jesus. In fact, a song has never spoken such deep truths before.

As the world and humanity progresses, we get farther and farther away not only from perfection but from the way of life that God had for us. Songs like this serve as reminders of what we need and who we need in our lives. There is nothing more important than having not only God but also Jesus as a guiding point in your life. In a very melodic way, the singer does a wonderful job of instilling this message in the listeners.

All that were involved in creating such a wonderful piece of music deserve to be applauded. Their talents are certainly God-given and they are using them in a great way. That is to share these messages and bring Jesus back into the world and into our lives.



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