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Reflection_Music_Group=Pro=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsNovember 1, 2009 will prove a significant date in history of C.L.E. as Doc Watson will be doing an exclusive, tell all, nip the controversy interview with the Pro. As many know, Pro has been under a microscope since he dropped his first official album, Black Out. The album is known for what some called “prideful lyrics” at times and “self-righteous” rhymes. If one took a closer listen they could hear the beginnings of what was soon to come – – – A man that is on a mission for Christ.

Redemption, Pro’s new album, was originally scheduled to be released in June, but was delayed for a number of reasons – – none of which were never really explained, naturally leaving many to wonder. It will all be aired out in this interview – – questions will be answered. Questions like:

* Is Pro tying to be like Reach now because he was interning for them?
* Is Pro going to go soft and holding back?
* What is Pro’s new focus?
* Is he really going to move away from his sound on Black Out?
* Why did Pro cancel Jackin for hits volume II?

Docwatson and Pro will be having a candid dialogue that covers this and more!

In conjunction with the release of Redemption, C.L.E. will be launching Reflection Music Group (RMG), which will operate as the record label under the Christ Like Entertainment umbrella.

A perk for those that are excited about Pro’s music.
DJ Eklectic is doing a 20-minute mini mix of Pro’s music (the old, the new and the unreleased), which will be provided exclusively to those that visit us at http://www.http://www.http:// and listen to the show. Listeners that visit will get a link to the mix and maybe, just maybe even one new exclusive song will be released (hint, hint) that no one has heard yet.

Don’t miss out. 1 Nov 09 Pro, Doc, Redemption begins.

C.L.E Radio

Also, please note, as a result of this focused effort on RMG, C.L.E Radio will only have shows on the first of the month through the rest of 2009. The 15th of the month shows will resume after the New Year.

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