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If 1 word could describe how I feel right now, I would have to say “relief!” God is so awesome. I’m just so happy that the Air Jordan remix is appreciated and celebrated by many! It was thoroughly encouraging to see all the positive comments and how everyone liked the entire song! I’m just glad that it lived up to the 4 month hype!

Originally, Lecrae & Flame were suppose to be on the remix, but due to scheduling conflicts, it didn’t happen. J.Johnson actually approached me about being on it and I was estatic! I mean, I’ve been a fan of his since “eternal cypha” & “ram’s horn.” I thought it was a perfect match b/c he now raps to a lot of dirty south influenced east coast beats (check out “I’m Back.” About 20-30 other rappers approached me, but it didn’t feel right.Some were too cocky, other’s skillsets weren’t up to par for me. I prayed on it and decided to approach Pro to get on the track. He had my verse next day! Now that’s called “grindin!”

So I am RELIEVED that it all worked together for good (b/c I LOVE JESUS!).

Today was good. I read some more Genesis (the book of incese), prayed, and invited everybody I knew to my show in Virginia Beach this Friday. Honestly, it was mad discouraging cause everyone had an excuse. Some I honestly didn’t understand and I think they were used because they don’t want to come. I wish I didn’t have to promote my concerts sometimes. But hey, I’m the rapper that almost made it still :/ I haven’t completely earned respect in HHH yet. Does that matter? Yeah it does. So many people are so religious about it b/c they want to try to wash away the fact that they do care, but the stain still remains. I’ll take the easy, humble route and be honest.

I recorded a verse for Cheno Lyfe’s album. It’s dope. Its a message to the church. My brother D-MAUB is also on it!

I then walked to the grocery store and post office because Charde had the car. I love my hood because my church, job, barber shop (christian owner), grocery store, post office, fast food (though I am trying to stay away from that temptation), and so much more is on my street! I had to mail out some contracts and CDs. I went to the grocery store to buy hamburger/hot dog buns for basketball ministry.

I think played some street fighter 4 because I already worked 8 hours and Charde and Naima went out to the museum (which at the end didn’t happened…long story)!

Basketball ministry was at 6:30, so I took a shower, put on my hoop gear and walked to the gym. Some new faces were there including a few gangbangers. We are now getting our target audience 🙂 Time to give em the Gospel! It was a lil rough during bible study b/c we broke into small groups and I had to facilitate a study on Holiness. The kids were the least bit interested. I think I failed because I relied on my abilities when the adversity came instead of trusting in God. I know what to do next time.

After basketball, I came home to watch lost, but it was a repeat, so I played some more Street Fighter until wifey came home.

Now we are watching “From G’s to Gents.” Some stuff can be learned on this show! However, change without Jesus isn’t true change.

Thanks God I can breathe. Time to go to bed, and expect new things tomorrow!

Signing off!

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