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On Saturday, June 19, 2010, Rap Fest Inc presented a power panel discussion called “State of Gospel Hip Hop | Past. Present. Future.” The panelist was comprised of very influential, powerful and respected ministers in the Gospel Hip Hop Community, including:

  • Bert Bocachica (Rap Fest Inc.)
  • David Ham (Cross Roots Ministry)
  • Chris “Rock” Belmont (JahRock’n Productions)
  • John “Tonic” Wells (Cross Movement Records)
  • DJ Wade O (Wade O Radio)
  • Brother E (The Elements)
  • DJ NuMan (His Grace Music)
  • James “Trig” Rousseau (Holy Culture)
  • Gessie Thompson (Uplift Group)
  • Richie Righteous (R.I.C.H. Records)

The information that was discussed at this form was so impacting that we have packaged it to make it available to everyone and anyone looking to dig a little deeper into there Gospel Hip Hop ministry.

We trust and pray that the topics and discussions will be valuable and edifying to you and your ministry partners.

Consider this a resource guide for ministries that are just starting up as well as those that have been established for years. We can never learn too much and we will never know it all. Get your copy today.

It’s available now at

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